Top Online Courses for MBA Students

This list of some of the top free online MBA courses highlights a variety of topics that are routinely included in utmost MBA programs throughout the United States.
Online Courses for MBA Students

Online Courses for MBA Students

This list of some of the top free online MBA courses highlights a variety of topics that are routinely included in utmost MBA programs throughout the United States. One might break and ask, what the benefit is of taking these courses. Forbes provides an composition articulating some great reasons to study MBA topics. In essence, the main reason is to distinguishing one’s self. In addition to pressing specific skills, they demonstrate a desire for self-betterment and show a willingness to expand out of a comfort zone. 

 Seminaries with online MBA programs offer further than half of the highlighted free online MBA courses in this list. Apart from the use of any skills gained through these free online MBA classes, professionals are presented with a unique occasion to get a sense for the online classroom. Specifically, scholars will get a first- hand taste of specific business seminaries and the products that they offer. Numerous of these programs indeed offer a verified certificate for a fee. 

 Current circumstances dictate that the business world changes its standard operating procedures, at least temporarily. Numerous are forced to work from home or may indeed be furloughed or unemployed. At the veritably least, this presents a unique occasion to explore and upgrade one’s professional skill set. Plus, if it can be done with no cost other than a commitment of time and energy, why not take advantage of a delicate situation. For those considering the pursuit of an online MBA, this free online MBA courses list provides an enticing first step in testing an online MBA degree.


 It’s the thing of MBA Central to produce a applicable system that aids scholars when it comes to making a decision about continuing education. Anyhow of what constitutes sources of strain when it comes to a new educational pursuit, at least some inconvenience is likely to live. The thing is to make this choice more informed by creating this free online MBA courses list. 

 This list results from the examination of free upper- position classes on leading MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses) websites, edX and Coursera. We picked the leading topics bandied in an online MBA from the top business seminaries in the country. Data points include U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of the Best Business Seminaries in the United States, as well as the U.S. News & World Report ranking of the Best Online MBA Programs. All of the online MBA courses in this list are free online MBA classes. Courses are listed in alphabetical order.

1 Accounting – University of Maryland, College Park 

 Like French is the language of France, Financial Accounting is the language of business. This free online MBA course, offered through the University of Maryland, teaches one to understand, make use of, and communicate financial information. 

 Scholars who choose to complete this free online Financial Accounting course will learn how to interpret the financial statements at the heart of any business. This triumvirate of financial data includes the income statement, the balance distance, and the cash inflow statement. Besides garnering an in- depth understanding of these core tools, scholars will learn to use this data to grow business and take on challengers. Financial account is further than mere financial documents. In his composition named The Theology of Financial Accounting, Jerry Bowyer states that financial account is a moral wisdom. It’s a system of relaying the verity to those to whom one is obliged to report. One may simplify the whole conception indeed further by stating that it’s the fine representation of moral truth. This free online MBA class provides precious tools for those with an MBA. These benefits stand out in a survey, conducted by Scofield & Walsh in 2007, on Financial Accounting. A solid understanding of financial account allows one to share in meetings with adjudicators, CFOs, and regulators more productively. Also, Financial Accounting has a direct benefit regarding particular investments, which serves to make the overall conception more applicable and exciting. 


The free online MBA course in Financial Accounting is offered through the University of Maryland. The University boasts further than scholars and 250 academic programs. USMx is an trouble started by the University System of Maryland to take advantage of online literacy. Immolations from USMx include fully online degree and instrument programs, MOOCs, and mongrel courses. In addition to the free online MBA course in Financial Accounting, UMD has numerous fresh free online immolations. Included among these are Product Management Fundamentals, Digital Transformation in Business, and Modern Product Leadership. The University of Maryland’s RobertH. Smith School of Business offers multiple duplications of its MBA degree, ranging including the traditional, online MBA, and an superintendent program in China. Since its generality in 1921, the business academy has bloomed. It includes notable alumni like Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and Kevin Plank, who’s the author and CEO of Under Armour. 

 Course Name Financial Accounting 

 Business School RobertH. Smith School of Business


2 Business Analytics – Columbia University 

 A lack of clear choices in a business environment is alleviated by using business analytics, which helps make informed opinions. Columbia University offers this course through the edX platform. 

Data, Models and Decisions in Business Analytics is a free online MBA course. The course is 12 weeks long, and it requires eight to ten hours per week of trouble. One can share in the class for free or to buy a verified certificate. Numerous business operations in the ultramodern world are different than in the history. Decision making relies heavily upon data- driven models and statistical and optimization analysis. Scholars who choose to complete this free online MBA course are exposed to areas like probability and stochastic modeling. The course moves beyond proposition and teaches these principles through application. A Forbes composition named The Age of Analytics And The Significance of Data Quality highlights useful points regarding business analytics. The composition states that “ 59 of enterprises use analytics in some capacity.” To a more significant extent, businesses use analytics to make decisions, pursue strategies, and form better connections with guests and business mates. Analytics holds the implicit to be a big boost for businesses. Companies that know how to use and manage this information have a substantial leg-up on challengers. LSU Shreveport published an composition offering perceptivity into why Business Analytics (Data Analytics) is an essential area for the MBA professional. The quantum of data available is snowballing and is outpacing the capability to keep up with it. The performing deficit is creating a tremendous need for those who have the applicable skills and knowledge. An MBA professional suitable to highlight these skills opens up numerous further possible career paths outside of former norms. 

 Columbia University offers this free online MBA course through the edX platform. The Columbia Business School is certified through the AACSB and is ranked number eight byU.S. News & World Report. The business academy is the only Ivy League business academy in New York City, giving it unique access to business leaders in a wide variety of diligence. Columbia’s Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program and Nonprofit Board Leadership Program offer scholars a solid foothold from which to launch new ventures or gain invaluable experience. Columbia University provides numerous additional free online MBA courses through the edX platform. 

Course Name Data, Models and Decisions in Business Analytics 

Business School Columbia Business School


3 Business Law – University of Chicago 

This free online MBA course delves into how the law relates to technology. The course is offered by The University of Chicago. 

This free online MBA course will focus on seven topics. It begins with the development of the particular computer and the internet. From there, the course moves to Google and its relationship with government regulations. Next, the course hits on the topic of smartphones and how they began to replace the desktop computer. The coming topic is nondiscrimination and net neutrality. The class proceeds to the relationship of music and the internet, the emergence of digital videotape, and eventually to the rise of the ebook. Scholars sharing in the free online MBA class will do so entirely online and complete the forty-six-hour course at their own pace. Gaining precious skills throughout the class, scholars will eventually have a better understanding of Intellectual Property Law, Law, Competition Law, and Market Economics. Business law is part of the fabric of both domestic and global society. The better a professional understands these business law generalities, the more effective he or she’ll be in managing both their particular and professional lives. Business law provides a position of predictability that would not be present in a state of lawlessness. An understanding of legal rights, contracts, and liabilities allow directors, possessors, and directors to run diurnal operations more effectively. 


 The University of Chicago offers this free online MBA course. Chicago’s Booth School of Business is known for The Chicago Approach. A vital aspect of this unique approach is the idea of tutoring scholars how to suppose. It goes beyond just conducting knowledge. The process teaches scholars how to estimate substantiation and how to estimate challenges in a universal way. It includes areas of study similar as psychology and sociology, in addition to more traditional classes like economics and statistics. Booth’s MBA is available in several formats that allow scholars to incorporate them into their availability in the most accessible way possible. In addition to the free online MBA course in Business Law, a vast number of open registration programs are available for directors. These programs include Leading with Data and Analytics, the Chicago Booth Approach to Finance, and Combinations and Acquisitions. 

 Course Name Internet Giants The Law and Economics of Media Platforms 

 Business School Booth School of Business


4 Business Writing – University of California, Berkeley 

 Through this free online MBA course in Business Writing, scholars will learn how to produce the most impactful writing for social media platforms. This course is offered by The University of California, Berkeley. 

 Writing for Social Media is a free online MBA course. It requires a three to five-hour commitment each week and lasts for four weeks. A verified certificate in Business Writing is available for purchase. Scholars who choose this course learn methods for writing when it comes to social media. They will learn how to hone in on purpose, content, and how to target an followership. They will learn to effectively use social media platforms to get out a communication and to overcome the difficulties essential in these largely popular mediums. Eventually, scholars will learn to engage users while spreading their company communication. Forbes offers three points that illustrate the significance of Social Media writing. Businesses need to use social media because their challengers are using iteffectively.However, also they’re putting themselves at a disadvantage, If they aren’t taking advantage of the medium. The alternate point is that numerous users are straying down from traditional media and embracing digital media. That isn’t to say that conventional should be abandoned, but the growth ofE-commerce and social media is a vital machine for growth. Incipiently, it’s easier to measure criteria involving social media. Social media allows for much more specific targeting of the public in a way that traditional media ca n’t. Plus, social media is generally much more effective. According to Forbes, business is eventually about impacting people. One of the crucial ways that people are affected by others is by the written word. As a unborn business leader, it’s easy to appreciate how business writing is an essential tool to have at the ready. 


 This offering by the University of California, Berkeley, is a free online MBA class handed in cooperation with edX. The AACSB certifies Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. The academy offers a Full- Time MBA, Evening & Weekend MBA, and an MBA for Directors, in addition to a Master of Financial Engineering.U.S. News & World Report ranks Berkeley’s Haas School of Business as the seventh-best in theU.S. Berkeley offers numerous other free online MBA classes through edX. These classes include Marketing Analytics, Creativity & Entrepreneurship, and Introduction to the Music Business. 

 Course Name Writing for Social Media 

 Business School Haas School of Business


5 Decision Making – Arizona State University 

 Decision-making is part of the fabric of business and can lead to substance or destruction. This Arizona State University course teaches scholars to make effective opinions grounded upon data. 

 Scholars and professionals have the occasion to take a free online MBA course offered by Arizona State University through edX named, Leading Digital and Data Decision Making. The content involves decision making, which is part of the fabric of business and can lead to substance or destruction. This course, in particular, will educate one how to examine data and make opinions on a global scale. From there, scholars are tutored digital ecosystems within a company. Applicable topics included are Blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and how these tools move data through an organization’s scale. As stated preliminarily, successful decision making is vital to a company’s success.Inc. says that opinions must do relatively instantly and that the absence of a decision is a decision in itself of no- decision. Decision making eventually determines the direction of a business, and it’s so crucial that one requires the best information that he can get to make that choice. As unborn business leaders, MBA graduates must learn to make effective opinions. Roger Martin points out in his paper named The 3D MBA that MBA scholars learn about a lot of different models on which to predicate sound opinions. Still, he states that occasionally those models do n’t apply to a real- world script, which may lead to poor choices. One of the reasons that he points to is that models need to evolve, and new models need to be added because the business environment is always changing. This free online MBA course offers an excellent illustration of a fairly new area that can be used to make further informed decisions grounded on an evolving business environment. 


 Arizona State University’sW.P. Carey School of Business offers a large variety of MBA and Masters programs. These include an online MBA that’s ranked byU.S. News & World Report as# 10 in theU.S. The AACSB accredited business academy is also ranked# 35 byU.S. News. Through the edX platform, ASU offers multiple other free online MBA classes similar as Microeconomic Principle, Global Leadership and Personal Development, and States Requests in the Global Economy. 

 Course Name Leading Digital and Data Decision Making 

 Business SchoolW.P. Carey School of Business


6 Economics – University of Pennsylvania 

The Rosetta Stone was vital to understanding Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and economics serves a similar function in understanding markets. The University of Pennsylvania offers this free online MBA course as a means to explore the flaws in markets and implicit fixes for those flaws. 

The content covered in the free online MBA class is named Microeconomics When Markets Fail. Microeconomics looks at profitable systems on a small scale as opposed to Macroeconomics, where entire economies and countries are examined. It focuses on, for illustration, an individual, a group, or a company. The class begins with a foundational understanding that markets aren’t perfect and don’t always withstand the test of time. The class also explores implicit causes of market failures and possible ways to overcome them. This free online MBA course equips scholars to understand the significance of the microeconomic perspective of examining economics from the bottom up. This perspective is crucial to the understanding of economies as a whole, along with the study of Macroeconomics. MBA scholars don’t have the same in- depth background in this subject matter as economics scholars, and there’s a steep learning curve. This free online MBA course allows scholars to approach the subject matter flexibly and accessibly, allowing them to get through the work at their own pace. 


 This free online MBA course is offered through the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, which is rated the number one business academy in the country byU.S. News & World Report. Honored as the first business academy in the world, Wharton counts more than 135 times since its morning. It offers a variety of MBA degrees that range from its traditional and Administrative MBAs to several common MBA degrees, similar as its MBA/ JD. Wharton also provides a vast array of online programs and instruments. Areas that are covered include Leadership, Technology, Industry-Specific courses, and Business Strategy Courses. The University of Pennsylvania offers further than one hundred online courses, and numerous are free with a paid instrument option. All of the online courses offered through Wharton Online are accredited for Continuing Education Units. Some of the well- known alumni from The Wharton School include Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States; Elon Musk, author and CEO of Paypal, SpaceX, and Tesla; Charles Butt, Chairman and CEO of HEB; and William WrigleyJr., the author and CEO of the Wrigley Company. 

 Course Name Microeconomics When Requests Fail 

 Business Academy The Wharton School

7 Entrepreneurship – Babson College 

Entrepreneurship is the conception of starting one or further businesses while taking on financial risk and hoping for a profit. Babson College offers this free online MBA course through the edX platform. 

Entrepreneurial Operations Launching a launch-up is a free online MBA class. Start-ups, examined in various industries, give the knowledge demanded to directly estimate building an operation from nothing. Several topics are explored throughout this free online MBA class. They eventually educate scholars about the part of operations in launching a launch-up, functional risks involved, and how to start a launch-up successfully. The course is free for those who don’t wish to purchase a verified certificate. There are several reasons that entrepreneurship is vital, according to an composition in the European Business Review. Entrepreneurship contributes to business invention and effectiveness, as well as a noteworthy donation to GDP. They’re a significant contributor to job growth. They’re responsible for new products and services that frequently lead to social change. Incipiently, entrepreneurship promotes research and development. A Forbes article speaks to a implicit benefit of entrepreneurship as part of an MBA. The composition states that the tech industry is the new hot industry and that the mindset of someone with a traditional MBA might not fit with a new launch-up company. A robust study of Entrepreneurship is a way to bridge this gap and demonstrate a knowledge of out-of-the-box thinking and invention. 


 The free online MBA course is offered through the edX platform and Babson College. Babson is the number one rated MBA for entrepreneurship in the country byU.S. News & World Report. It’s also rated the# 72 best business academy and the# 31 online MBA. Babson’s entrepreneurial spirit runs through all of its MBA programs, and its network of more than alumni in 120 countries and every state in theU.S. is largely respectable. Babson offers a variety of full- time and part- time offerings that include an MBA, an MS in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership, MS in Finance, and an MS in Business Analytics. Fresh free online MBA courses offered through the edX program by Babson include Financial Accounting Made Fun, Analytics for Decision Making, Customer-Centric Marketing for Entrepreneurs, and Rise to Leadership Come a CEO. 

 Course Name Entrepreneurial Operations Launching a Startup 

 Business AcademyF.W. Olin Graduate School of Business


8 Ethics – University of Virginia 

This course teaches that people are ethical, and it highlights ways for scholars to act according to their values effectively. This course is available through the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. 

This free online MBA course is about ethics. The course, named Ethical Leadership Through Giving Voice to Values, requires about 11 hours and four weeks to complete. Scholars have the option of purchasing a instrument which may be published out or attached to a LinkedIn profile. Grounded on a conception created by its educator, Mary Gentile, this free online MBA course explores ethics through a new approach. This approach is called Giving Voice to Values (GVV). It applies to the workplace, education, and life in general. The premise is that people do n’t need persuasion to act further immorally. Ethical decision making is commodity that one naturally gravitates toward as long as he has a reasonable expectation of doing so effectively. Scholars sharing in this ethics course will walk down with a toolkit and skills that give them lesser confidence and allow them to communicate more effectively. Forbes points out that several factors make ethics a further apparent concern moment than they were a couple of decades ago. Among these factors are the availability of information and increased competition. Eventually, a company that seeks to attract the stylish workers must go beyond an excellent incentive package and demonstrate its ethics. The Economist highlights the change in business practices from the days of Gordon Gekko, where “ Greed is good.” Moment’s MBA programs educate the need for ethics when prostrating challenges because there’s a lesser societal mindfulness of the impact that businesses have on the planet. 


 This free online MBA course is offered through the University of West Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Since its beginning in 1955, the Darden School of Business seeks to inspire leadership and responsibility in its scholars.U.S. News & World Report ranks the Darden School at the# 11 best in the country. This free online MBA ethics course makes up only a small part of Darden’s offerings, which presently reach further than two million online learners. In addition to the MBA, scholars of Darden may pursue an MS in Business Analytics and aPh.D. Numerous open programs are also tutored online. 

 Course Name Ethical Leadership Through Giving Voice to Values 

 Business Academy Darden School of Business


9 Finance – Duke University 

This free online MBA course teaches scholars to recognize decision- making errors ingrained within us, and it prepares scholars to overcome them and make further productive financial opinions. Duke University offers this course and presently serves roughly graduate and undergraduate scholars. 

Behavioral Finance is a free online MBA course offered through Duke University. Upon reading the description of this offering, it’s clear that this study provides a professional benefit and a particular benefit. The premise of the class is that people have a natural predilection toward making opinions that aren’t in their best interest. The choices range from deciding what to have for lunch. These opinions also apply to financial areas. Should one share in the company withdrawal plan? The ultimate thing of this free online MBA class is to prop in making better financial choices, indeed when they go against the grain. The course is completed in three weeks and requires a five-hour investment. Businesses track a lot of precious data because it helps determine what’s going well and what’s not. Still, according to a Forbes composition, one thing that isn’t tracked is decision-making. Eventually, due to a variety of reasons, utmost individualities make poor opinions. Because the choices aren’t tracked, there’s an assumption that they were the right opinions indeed when that isn’t the case. Geared to someone who strives to be a management professional or business owner, an MBA needs to arm its scholars with the tools that they need to succeed. A composition from the Graziadio Business Review points out what makes a great leader, and a crucial factor is the capability to make opinions. 


 Offered through Duke University, this free online MBA course, tutored by Emma Rasiel, credits further than learners among its species. The business academy at Duke, The Fuqua School of Business, has a network of further than alumni. The academy maintains eleven-degree programs and seven-degree programs with rough scholars per time. The academy offers numerous worldwide learning openings. The Fuqua School of Business is recognized as the# 12 Business academy in the country byU.S. News & World Report, and it offers a mongrel Global Executive MBA program. Scholars of Duke’s business academy may pursue several administrative learning openings both in-person and online. 

 Course Name Behavioral Finance 

 Business Academy Fuqua School of Business



Q: Can you get a job after getting an MBA?

A: Yes, an  MBA can lead to a variety of job prospects. However, it is dependent on the MBA college and programme that you choose. An  MBA from a reputable college can help you advance in your career and earn a higher pay as well as a senior position.

Q: What’s the difference between an online MBA and a distance MBA?

A: The main difference between a distance MBA and an online MBA is that in the former, self-study materials are usually mailed to candidates or picked up from designated study centres, whereas in the latter, study materials are available online and classes are held using a Learning Management System (LMS).

Q: What should I consider when looking for an online MBA programme?

A: When selecting an online MBA programme, consider the course curriculum, college accreditation, learning system and pedagogy, course fees, and class and project submission flexibility.

Q: What are the IIMs’ online MBA programmes like?

A: About five IIMs offer mixed online MBA programmes. Executive Post Graduate Programmes (EPGP), PGP (Working Executive), EPGPX, and e-MBA are among the programmes available.

Q: What is the cost of an online MBA programme?

A: Private institutes charge a higher course fee, whilst government institutes charge a cheaper course fee. The typical cost of an online MBA programme ranges from INR 50, 000 to INR 100, 000

Q: What are the requirements for admission to an Online MBA programme?

A: MBA entrance exams such as the Common Admission Test (CAT), Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT), Common Management Admission Test (CMAT), Management Aptitude Test (MAT), Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP), and others are taken into account by some colleges. Only a few MBA programmes have their own admissions tests.

Q: What types of jobs are available to online MBA graduates?

HR Managers, Project Managers, IT Managers, Business Development Managers, ERP Consultants, and Operations Research Analysts are among the career possibilities available to online MBA graduates.

Q: What specialisations are offered in online MBA programmes?

A: Sales & Marketing, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Data Science, and Supply Chain are some of the specialisations accessible in an online MBA.

IT & Systems, Human Resources, Finance, Retail, and other related fields

Q: What is the procedure for applying for an online MBA programme?

A: Some online MBA programmes offer direct admission based on applicants’ academic backgrounds, while others choose candidates based on their entrance exam scores.

Q: Is it required to have prior work experience before enrolling in an online MBA programme?

A: Prior work experience is not required, although it will be beneficial to the participant if he or she has three to five years of experience. Many Tier 1 universities that offer online MBA programmes search for individuals who have prior work experience.

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