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Distance/Online BBA from IGNOU

Distance/Online BBA from IGNOU

BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) is an undergrad program for students who wish to concentrate on a more profound information on administration instruction. The course is really well known among students who passed out twelfth.

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 Saurav Anand 23/04/2022
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Online BBA from IGNOU

BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) is an undergrad program for students who wish to concentrate on a more profound information on administration instruction. The course is really well known among students who passed out twelfth.

Online/Distance BBA is a course that makes a way for various vocation choices in the finance, management, sales, and accounting. The course improves the administration and authority abilities and trains them for better administrative and business venture jobs.

After the fulfillment of BBA, one can go for some future choices; the first and most ideal choice is to seek after MBA to update your capability and secure most appropriate position choices for yourself. Another choice is to go for acquiring work insight; this will assist you with investigating the working environment climate.

What Are the Benefits of Doing BBA from IGNOU through Online/Distance Education Mode?

Indira Gandhi National Open University; IGNOU is an administration establishment known for giving Online/Distance learning instruction. The college was begun by the Act of Parliament in the year 1985.

The college works for Open and Online/Distance Learning and offers practically 200+ courses all through India at 21 focuses of examining. The college is perceived and eminent by the public authority and consequently, the degree from IGNOU holds a specific legitimacy and acknowledgment.

The college additionally offers Online/Distance BBA for students who battle to bear nearby because of some or different reasons. Additionally, the people who wish to work alongside study, Online/Distance learning is the most ideal choice for them.

There are a few advantages in order to why one ought to decide on BBA from IGNOU.

  • IGNOU is one of the highest Online/Distance learning foundations followed up on by the public authority.
  • Taking into account that it is perceived, the degree got from it will hold a similar believability as some other standard learning foundation.
  • The college offers a magnificent staff and has its provincial habitats spread over in 67 local regions.
  • IGNOU additionally holds a specific advantage with regards to positions and occupation choices.
  • The college offers a considerable measure of situation choices for BBA students who wish to expertly work.
  • IGNOU has its own Campus Placement Cell and offers a decent lot of choices to the qualified students. Also, Online/Distance learning in itself is a valuable choice for the individuals who wish to work or concentrate alongside a college degree.

IGNOU Online/Distance BBA Syllabus

Online/Distance BBA is a 3 drawn out college class that accompanies 6 semesters. The division of six semesters has various subjects each semester. Following is the plain conveyance of the prospectus that you will cover in every semester of BBA:-Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

Semester 1Semester 2
Fundamental of ManagementFoundations of Services Management
Basics of MarketingFocus on the Customer
Written Communication SkillsUnderstanding Customer Requirements
Basic IT SkillsCommunication and Soft Skills
Internship Report (Workbook)Internship Report (Workbook)
Semester 3Semester 4
Understanding Human BehaviourIntroduction to Service Operations
Basic Quantitative TechniquesService Design
Environmental StudiesService Quality and Improvement
Advanced IT SkillsAdvanced IT Skills

Showing 1 to 10 of 17 entries


These are the subjects that one will get related with on the off chance that he/she goes for BBA after the twelfth. Assuming you think you have specific administration abilities with a touch of authority characteristics, this course can do ponders for you in various ways.

The executives Courses Offered by IGNOU Online/Distance Education

There are not a few specializations presented under BBA by IGNOU. BBA accompanies the investigation of a ton of region of the corporate world, nonetheless, IGNOU simply offers the specialization in Retailing.

IGNOU appears to offer the best BBA in Retailing course from the top colleges. The college furnishes adequate review material alongside a smooth staff.

BBA in Retailing or Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Retail Management is a course explicitly made for the investigation of retail showcasing and exchanging.

It includes the comprehension and investigation of retail the board, advertising, exchanging, promoting, finance, bookkeeping, activities, etc. The course generally opens numerous areas of investigation and subsequently, is the most ideal if you need to get into the retail business.

IGNOU Online/Distance BBA Fees Structure 2022

IGNOU is a Online/Distance learning establishment which naturally makes it considerably more solid and reasonable than the nearby colleges.

BBA is known to be a piece costly course; yet when you select it in the internet based mode, it consequently turns out to be actually reasonable for each individual.

A great deal of times, students can’t go for nearby courses due to the high charge structure. IGNOU, be that as it may, has come up to help such students.

The charge structure for BBA at IGNOU is INR 27, 000 by and large for every one of the 6 semesters which is relatively especially reasonable than other nearby courses.

IGNOU Online/Distance BBA Study Material

IGNOU is known for its splendid workforce. The college ensures that students need to confront no difficulty with regards to contemplating.

The college gives the review material on its fundamental site, from that point the students can see or download the review material at no expense.

The college offers both on the web and disconnected concentrate on material to the students when they get signed up for the Online/Distance BBA course.

The college additionally offers classes that are certainly not required to take, however the tasks given by the individual division are obligatory to be submitted.

The college additionally has its own application structure where the students can get the review material and admittance to the classes. Other than that there are a few reference books that you can go for while concentrating on BBA from IGNOU.

There are different internet based stages where IGNOU puts together its virtual classes, like eGyanKosh and Education Broadcast.

IGNOU Online/Distance BBA Prospectus 2022

IGNOU has a typical entry where the entire outline of the college is accessible with all the necessary data for the students. The students simply need to proceed to visit the principle site and they will track down the outline for 2022 accessible there.

The plan will incorporate nitty gritty data for every one of the courses accessible at the college with the qualification measures, charge structure, staff, schedule, and so forth. It becomes more straightforward for students to have all the essential data about the course and the college before they apply for admissions.

How to Apply for Online/Distance BBA at IGNOU? – Admission Procedure 2022

The confirmations at IGNOU are done straightforwardly on the application premise after the qualification standards get satisfied. There is no arrangement of selection test for Online/Distance BBA at IGNOU and henceforth, the students can apply with the sensible fulfillment of the qualification models after the twelfth.

The confirmations are done online by filling the application structure. The structures are accessible on the Admissions site of the college. Likewise, IGNOU admissions happen just in the long stretches of January and July based on up-and-comers who are qualifying the total qualification standards.

There is an ostensible expense of INR 200 charged as the enlistment charges for each program alongside the confirmation expenses of the program you have settled on.

What is the Eligibility for IGNOU Online/Distance BBA Courses?

The main qualification necessity for BBA at IGNOU is to have a passing testament in any of the applicable floods of your 10+2 from any perceived board, with the base total percentile.

There could be no other prerequisite to be qualified for Online/Distance BBA at IGNOU. Additionally, the confirmation is likewise exceptionally less feverish similarly as the qualification models.

In this way, the students with an interest in investigating the administration field and making a profession in the either administrative or innovative division, Online/Distance BBA is effectively accessible for you at one of the most amazing Online/Distance and internet learning colleges named, IGNOU.

Course Details of Online/Distance BBA at IGNOU

Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

Full-FormOnline/Distance BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration)
DurationDuration of the course is up to 3 years minimum and 6 years maximum
AgeNo age limit specifically
Fees StructureINR 27, 000

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The previously mentioned are the concise course subtleties of BBA at IGNOU. The course is ostensible and is effectively accessible for the students battling with the nearby classes. Neither the charge structure nor the confirmation technique is perplexing at IGNOU for BBA.

IGNOU Online/Distance BBA Placement

There is a ton to investigate to conclude what one ought to seek after the culmination of their BBA degree. BBA opens a plentiful measure of occupation choices for one in various areas of the corporate world. BBA is quite possibly the most popular courses in India and taking into account that it ha a wide extension on the lookout.

  • IGNOU has its own Campus Placement Cell (CPC) considerably made for dealing with and offering positions.
  • This situation cell was started in the year 2005 with the point of view to assist the students with the arrangements and furnish them with more work choices.
  • The arrangement cell helps the students by getting sorted out situation drives and a task fair for themselves and consequently, improving position choices for them.
  • The course has a hold over the administration, correspondence and authority abilities.
  • The students get the amazing chance to investigate the modern world through entry level positions and get to investigate and recognize their inclinations.
  • After the fulfillment of BBA, one can go for profession choices, for example, Marketing Executive, Business Development Executive, Sales Executive, Human Resource Manager, Market Research Analyst, and some more.
  • BBA opens a wide scope of choices in the advertising, finance, bookkeeping, the board, financial aspects and business regions.
  • Additionally, the students can likewise settle on MBA and PGDM after the finishing of BBA.
  • Frequently, students wish to have a work space insight alongside concentrating on more into the specific area they are related with. For such conditions, the students go for more significant level instruction alongside acquiring some work insight.

The more you get into Business Administration, the more you upgrade your insight and comprehension of business. Henceforth, BBA is positively a course made for improving one’s abilities and preparing them to enter the market and the corporate world.


The abilities to lead a group and deal with the entire division are remarkable and not every person is splendid with them. The smallest of such capacities can be celebrated and improved in the event that one goes for concentrating on BBA.

It adds a flash to your character as well as makes a superior future for you. Online/Distance BBA from IGNOU can be the most ideal choice for the ones who face inconvenience bearing the cost of the nearby classes.

Additionally, in the developing seasons of pandemic, Online/Distance and web based learning have proactively taken the front seat. Consequently, Online/Distance BBA from IGNOU ends up being the most ideal choice for you in the event that you actually feel far fetched.

IGNOU Online/Distance BBA (FAQs)

1. What is the qualification measures for BBA at IGNOU?

Ans. The prerequisite to be qualified for BBA at IGNOU is to have a passing authentication of 10+2 with a base total percentile from a perceived board.

2. Does IGNOU give arrangements?

Ans. IGNOU has its own arrangement cell known as Campus Placement Cell (CPC) and hence, it gives position valuable open doors to the students

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