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MDI Murshidabad Average Package & Highest Package
MDI-Murshidabad-Average-Package-&- Highest-Package

MDI Murshidabad Average Package & Highest Package

Management Development Institute Murshidabad placement2021/2022 drive. During the MDI Murshidabad placement2022/2021 drive, this time the college witnessed an increase in recruiters visiting the lot. 

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 11/01/2022
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MDI Murshidabad Average Package

Management Development Institute Murshidabad placement2021/2022 drive. During the MDI Murshidabad placement2022/2021 drive, this time the college witnessed an increase in recruiters visiting the lot.

The final placement report of MDI Murshidabad Placements2021/2022 is released. CTC was26.42 LPA for scholars in the report. The MDI Murshidabad average placement 2022/.2021 package CTC stood at INR10.5 LPA.

MDI Murshidabad summer externship placement drive 2020-22 batch was successfully conducted. The Summer Externship Placement report for batch 2022 has been released, and the loftiest paycheck was INR1.2 lakhs per month, whereas the average paycheck was INR 30 k per month.

At the MDI Murshidabad lot, recruiters from the Aditya Birla Group, Asian Maquillages, BYJU’s, Collegedunia , KPMGLindeInternshala, etc shared in the placement drive.

MDI Murshidabad placement 2020 Highlights

Recruiters at MDI Murshidabad tripled with the increased batch size of the PGPM 2018-20 course. A variety of places were available across several different disciplines, including marketing, operations, finance, mortal coffers, analytics,etc.

MDI Murshidabad placement Placements100%
MDI Murshidabad Highest Package21 LPA
MDI Murshidabad average package CTC10.5 LPA
MDI Murshidabad Median CTC11.1 LPA
MDI Murshidabad placement Increase In Recruiters42

The placement rate at MDI Murshidabad was 100 percent. This time, the topmost package given by MDI Murshidabad was 21 LPA; the average CTC offered by MDI Murshidabad was10.5 LPA; and the standard Package CTC offered by MDI Murshidabad was11.2 LPA. New recruits reckoned for 42 of the aggregate.

MDI Murshidabad Placements 2020 attracted recruiters substantially from the BFSI, Consulting, and IT Services diligence, as well as Logistics & Supply Chain. Babe from Manufacturing, Media & Communication, Real Estate, and Manufacturing were also present throughout the placement season.

It’s good to see such a huge development in the area.

Since the opening of MDI Murshidabad, the number of recruiters eager to work with MDI has expanded vastly.

Report on the MDI Murshidabad Summer Internship 2020

In 2020, there were 66 recruiters visiting MDI Murshidabad, offering employment in marketing, mortal coffers, operations, finance, and data analytics.

The employment request was dominated by advisers, real estate agents, IT services, media, hostel, and health care help, as well as BFSI and retail babe.

Stipend highest1.8 L
Stipend on average57 K
Stipend median35 K
Number of recruiters66

Scholars at MDI Murshidabad were named from 66 recruiters for the Summer Internships at a rate of 100, with a Highest-Paid Internship of1.8 L and 57K on average. Median Pay was 35K.

Placement Season 2019-21

Recruiters from BFSI, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Logistics, Services, IT,E-commerce, and Retail visited MDI Murshidabad. Management Consulting and BFSI associations’ incremental engagement is boosting MDI Murshidabad’s talent. Reclamation has increased across all diligence, withe-commerce and retail making their debuts this time.

In the Final Placement, former recruiters handed 54 percent of the offers, while new recruiters handed the remaining 36 percent. As a result, previous recruiters’ sustained conviction in the gift is apparent, as is the magnet of new recruiters. The scholars have launched on a professional path that will be mutually salutary and will help them make near connections with babe. We look forward to continuing mutually salutary connections with our current babe and new babe as we go- ahead to form fresh business alliances.

MDI Murshidabad Summer Internship 2021

MDI Murshidabad is pleased to welcome the appearance of its seventh batch of PGDM alumni into the commercial sector. MDI Murshidabad seeks to guarantee variety in batch biographies while offering great in- house preceptors, in addition to furnishing a awful range of structure and other amenities. We’ve guest preceptors from famed B- Seminaries similar as MDI Gurgaon, IIM Calcutta, ISI Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur, and IIFT Kolkata who engage with scholars on a regular base to help them come complete and comfortable in a dynamic business terrain. Since its commencement seven times agone, MDI Murshidabad has developed to come a prominent party in multitudinous diligence, living up to MDI’s tradition. MDI Murshidabad provides a Summer Externship Program as part of the PGDM Programme.

With the launch of the Summer Placement Session at MDI Murshidabad 2020-22, the externship allows scholars to gain a better knowledge of businesses and operation processes via professional backing. We’re agitated to make on the faith that our current recruiters have put in us and to establish new hookups with the most prominent and significant business associations. We look forward to developing long- term, mutually salutary collaborations with prestigious companies with a different group of newcomers and educated scholars. We’re agitated to give scholars with fresh views and ideas.

Batch Academic & Work Experience Profile

B.Tech | BE4634

MDI Murshidabad Summer Internship 2020 Sector Wise Segmentation

In addition to consulting, real estate, IT services, media & communications, hospitality & health care, and BFSI and retail, MDI saw recruiters from a variety of diligence.

Murshidabad MDI Scholarships

Vidya Lakshmi Education Loan & Scholarships are available at Management Development Institute. Together with the Department of High Education and the Department of Financial Services, the Indian Banks Association came up with this scheme.

In this scheme, the banks are Axis, IOB, RBL, Bank of Baroda, Dena, HDFC, IDBI, Syndicate, SBI, Canara, Bank of India, Corporation Bank, etc.

MDI Murshidabad Facilities

Library at MDI Murshidabad (CHAITANYA) MDI M’s Central Library is completely automated, with over volumes largely linked to the management and confederated topics. The Library has a large collection of published and electronic resources, including books, eBooks, journals, databases, audio-visual accoutrements, ande-journals.

The Library, with its current collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services, is critical to the intellectual conditioning of the academic community. MDI M’s library employs slice- edge technology and is state-of-the- art. The RFID technology and the KOHA software are used. On the Institute’s network, a real- time database hunt is enabled for all of the Library’s effects. Druggies may explore the online library roster and find out what materials are accessible using their user interface. Our Library provides a wide variety of skillfully named information immolations.

MDI Murshidabad Students Hostel Facility

  • Nearly 300 scholars are accommodated in the ultramodern and commodious hostel
  • Attached are sundecks in each room
  • Wifi and TV installations
  • Pressing and washing installations
  • Services handed by biddies
  • Clinic
  • Installations handed to foreign scholars at the lot
  • MDI Murshidabad Computer Centre (ARYABHATTA)
  • MDIM provides a state-of-the- art computing structure containing 251 PCs/ laptops, two waiters, and a Gigabit Ethernet Network using Fiber Optics and UTP technology in a distributed Windows and Linux terrain.
  • Colourful places throughout the lot have been equipped with Wi-Fi outfit to give inflexibility and convenience for penetrating network coffers. There are also out-of-door locales of the lot, similar as the Boys’Hostel, Girls’Hostel, Board Room, Director’s Office, Executive Hostel, Cafeteria,etc.
  • The lot is equipped with a convenience store to meet diurnal requirements. MDI M has Digital Signage installed in colourful locales throughout the lot, which informs scholars and staff of the rearmost information about MDI M events, the commercial movie of MDI M, etc.

Convenience Store- Several convenience stores are available on the Lot so that diurnal requirements can be met.

Digital Signage- There are colorful digital signages installed around the lot that display information about MDI M, including events, commercial vids, etc.

Lot Amenities

  • ATM
  • Gymnasium
  • Theatre style air- conditioned classrooms
  • Ample avenues for Sports installations
  • Medical installations
  • Ambulance Service
  • Swimming pool
  • Cafeteria
  • Hostel Executive (SIRAJ).
  • The dining hall and all ultramodern Kitchen accessories are well- equipped at the Canteen of AAHAR.

Murshidabad MDI Academic Clubs & Panels

  • MarKrone

A capability to speak with creative faculty, a knack for strategy, and a creative bubble. You combine all of these points in the environment of perspective to come a marketing megastar.

MDI Murshidabad’s Marketing Club, MarKrone, provides unborn leaders and change masters with the slice- edge marketing chops they need to succeed in our competitive terrain.

The MarKrone platoon strives to inform, entertain and inspire marketing suckers through social media and marketing events to express and unite, as well as to develop their creative and critical thinking capabilities.

  • HR Udbhav

Through the HR club, MDI M offers an occasion to scholars to learn introductory generalities and the rearmost trends in mortal coffers. This is done through a practical approach with several effective tools, including part modeling, HR summits, management games, and guest lectures.

A number of ideas and hard work from scholars led to the creation of this HR club. Club members are trained in all the introductory HR chops not only for those in HR but for everyone involved in the field.

  • Finartha The Finance Club

Fiscal marketing and career advancement openings are available through the Finance Club of MDI M. Membership includes those interested in investment banking, deals and trading, private wealth operation, and commercial finance. The purpose of the commission is to promote interest in Finance among MDI M scholars and to help them in better understanding the subject.

  • Entrepreneurship & Startup Center

The Entrepreneurship Cell at MDI M encourages scholars to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and live their dreams through the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Start-ups.

Experts present their experience in this area with their perceptivity on what entrepreneurs need to know. A factory is listed where expiring entrepreneurs can get their business ideas guided by seasoned directors who have experience in the field.

  • Ecominds The Economics Club

The original frugality may read the future of an area, a lineage, or indeed an existent. The history of a country is an interesting point that explains both its internal growth and the breadth of its ties with other countries throughout the globe. MDI M’s Ecominds club encourages scholars to take a formative station to understand the profitable terrain for their profit- making enterprises.

Likewise, rather than a brainstorming exercise in math, the class seeks to make the content more pupil-friendly. Our pool of conditioning helps scholars to have a better understanding of the information, including their frequent packed games, papers with abecedarian data, guest lectures, and so much further to help them do so in a affable and instigative way. On a diurnal base, the establishment monitors both the Indian and worldwide husbandry.

  • Aakritians The Cultural Committee

“ Aakritians,” MDI-M’s Cultural Committee, combines culture and gift so all and every pupil feels like he’s a part of a family. Nearly all Indian societies are represented at the council. A pupil- driven commission was thus formed to link all the scholars. Piecemeal from this, Aakritians also play an important part during Campxotica (MDI-M’s intercollege jubilee) when it’s responsible for organizing artistic events throughout the time frame. It provides scholars with openings to showcase their bents and undertakes several conditioning to lighten the mood in the council. By sharing in trades-affiliated events across several B Seminaries in India, the council is represented. Its end is to encourage scholars to show their retired bents and expose them to all the different societies of India.

  • Syndekon The PR Media Committee

Syndekon is a pupil- led group devoted to expanding, conserving, and enhancing the MDI Murshidabad brand among current scholars, applicants, graduates, and commercial recruiters. It includes, among other effects, Conclaves, Guest Lectures, Workshops, and other interactive events that aid in the end of Commercial and Academic Connect.

We pass over our social media handles, similar as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora, to Syndekon along with the website.


  • Additions the Alumni Relations Committee

Nothing beats an alumni for any educational institution in the globe. Anyhow of the size of its alumni group, every prestigious business academy makes a combined trouble to keep it complete and active.

Supplements – The MDIM Alumni Relations Committee was formed in 2018 to maintain ties with graduates and work for a tighter relationship. Alumni data is kept up to date, alumni meetings are held, and alumni are encouraged to share in guest sessions, allowing the academy and its stakeholders to work together effectively.

  • Opcellence -The Operations Club

MDI Murshidabad’s operation club enables scholars to harness their eventuality in Operations Management. Our name comes from our thing, which is excellence in operations. Excellence fosters the emergence of innovative ideas and nurtures them through to prosecution. We conduct brainstorming sessions, case conversations, simulation games, publications, quizzes,etc. throughout the time to inseminate interest in the field of operations exploration and operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are placements at MDI Murshidabad?

Ans. Placements at MDI Murshidabad Trends by Year Marketing and deals remained the most popular disciplines this time as well. The maximum CTC of INR26.42 LPA, the average CTC of INR9.09 LPA, and the median CTC of INR 8 LPA were handed during the placement drive.

Q. Is MDI Murshidabad a good council?

Ans. Placements at MDI Murshidabad Management Development Institute (MDIM) is one of the topmost sodalities in eastern India, with one of the stylish state-of-the- art architectures in the country. It’s also a family lot of MDI Gurgaon, with a awful name heritage. MDI-M is positioned in Murshidabad, West Bengal. The council’s structure is first- rate.

Q. Is MDI Murshidabad part of MDI Gurgaon?

Ans. MURSHIDABAD Management Development Institute The lot is an extension of MDI’s end to develop and promote original gift and entrepreneurship.

Q. Does MDI Murshidabad accept XAT?

Ans. MDI Murshidabad solely accepts CAT results and doesn’t accept any other MBA entrance test. The institute’s estimated CAT threshold is 80-85 percentile.

Q. Which is better MDI Gurgaon or MDI Murshidabad?

Ans. MDI Gurgaon has continuously been regarded as India’s Top 10 business academy, although MDI Murshidabad ranks far lower. There’s no similarity, and one shouldn’t indeed essay to compare the two premises.

Q. Is it worth doing MBA from MDI Murshidabad?

Ans. As the graph below shows, the answer is emphatically no. The loftiest CTC for the 113-strong PGPM Class of 2020 at MDI Murshidabad was lower than the median CTC for the whole batch at MDI Gurgaon.

Q. Is IMT Hyderabad good for finance?

Ans. Stats on placements, ROI, and the average package IMT Hyderabad has released the final placement results for the 2016-18 class. The average pay in Finance is INR7.1 LPA. IMT Hyderabad is an excellent choice for PGDM programs in finance, operations, marketing, and other areas.

Q. Does MDI Murshidabad accept CMAT?

Ans. Will MAT and CMAT results be accepted at MDI-Murshidabad? The institution you’re interested in admits aspirants who have taken the CAT. Though CMAT and MAT are also respectable, CAT takes priority.

Q. Is the MAT score accepted by MDI?

Ans. No, MAT scores aren’t accepted at MDI-Gurgaon. To apply for the normal 2- time post-graduate program at MDI-Gurgaon, you must take the CAT.

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