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MBA GD PI Preparation

GD PI WAT Rounds are directed for MBA Admissions to IIMs and other driving B-schools after the declaration of MBA selection test results. B-schools waitlist candidates in light of their admission standards and lead the Personal Assessment Round which comprises of Personal Interview, Group Discussion and Written Abilities Test. Infact it will be reasonable to say that CAT/XAT scores are just utilized for shortlisting students, while the genuine determination occurs through the GD PI WAT round.

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 Saurav Anand 24/09/2022
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MBA GD PI Preparation

GD PI WAT Rounds are directed for MBA Admissions to IIMs and other driving B-schools after the declaration of MBA selection test results. B-schools waitlist candidates in light of their admission standards and lead the Personal Assessment Round which comprises of Personal Interview, Group Discussion and Written Abilities Test. Infact it will be reasonable to say that CAT/XAT scores are just utilized for shortlisting students, while the genuine determination occurs through the GD PI WAT round. Ordinarily 10 applicants are welcomed by MBA Colleges for each admission seat. So anticipate an extreme rivalry!

Subsequent to talking in excess of 50 IIM Students and IIM Admission Chairpersons, has arranged this elite article to assist you with planning for GD PI WAT. So keep perusing to pro your own evaluation round.

1.1 What Is Personal Interview

Individual Interview (PI) is led prior to extending to you admission in a course or any employment opportunity. The Personal Interview (PI) round is the trial of your verbal correspondence expertise, good judgment and how would you present your perspectives and information skilfully to persuade the specialists who are talking with you. Individual Interview (PI) is the main piece of definite determination process for MBA Admissions to IIMs and any remaining B-schools. It conveys high weightage in definite determination process in a reach from 30 to 50 percent. Individual Interview Round is led by all the MBA universities for MBA admission after the first stage shortlisting based on composed test score. All the top MBA schools including 20 IIMS, XLRI, FMS, SPJIMR, MDI among others lead Personal Interview (PI) round for conclusive choice

1.2 How To Prepare for Personal Interviews

Each B-school leads the Personal Interview (PI) round to get the best ability in its homerooms. To find true success in this round, most likely, you must be completely ready for the volley of approaching inquiries. These are not the inquiries that are extreme or mind blowing, however your way to deal with respond to them in a clever, positive and unobtrusive way gives you an edge over your friends. One of the vital hints to break the PI round is that the further inquiries emerge out of the responses given by you.

  • Individual Interview for IIM and MBA Admission can spin around your scholastics, work insight, extra-curricular exercises, your environmental factors or recent developments. There can be a couple of inquiries on your tentative arrangements too. IIMs additionally barbecue competitors on late industry and corporate happenings. Here are top tips to get ready for Personal Interview
  • Be Careful While Writing Statement of Purpose: Your mission statement is likewise a decent wellspring of inquiries for specialists in PI round. So aside from doing part of different exercises to plan for PI round, you ought to zero in on your SoP and keep prepared your responses on the focuses that you have topped off in SoP.
  • Keep Yourself Updated: Regularly read the papers, sit in front of the TV news, diarise anything you view as significant. You should know every single thing. The main technique is to accumulate greatest that you would be able.
  • Find a way to improve On Your Academics: Go through your scholastics well and reexamine particularly the things in your specialization space.
  • Have a lot of experience with Your Native Place: Read, know and feel your local spot well. You should know about the set of experiences, Geography and every one of the significant things like renowned spots, characters, specialities about your city.
  • Dig Deep About your Work Experience: If you have a work insight, you should be very much aware about your job and the whole chain of framework wherein you contribute with your group.
  • Know yourself: Analyze and practice upon your assets and shortcomings. You should have the option to feature your assets successfully and for it should get ready well. The shortcomings shouldn’t mirror your powerlessness to accomplish the work, or to get to the next level.
  • Mindfulness Your Interests and Hobbies: You will be gotten some information about your inclinations and leisure activities, so ensure that you have a lot of familiarity with them. One of the applicants talked with at IIM Calcutta asserted that he had interest in playing Badminton. All the past, present, transport chicken weight, court-size, administration exhibition size and different things were asked, in spite of the fact that he addressed every one of them sufficiently.
  • Perhaps look for some way to improve your GK: Past and present occasions should be notable to you. Perusing isn’t sufficient, you should have an assessment outlined on it. To find actual success in PI round, most likely, you must be completely ready with the Current GK for interview as well as with the Business GK and the social GK encompassing your neighborhood for interview. These GK questions come up during the conversation immediately out of your profile, mission statement, the interests and leisure activities that you top off in the meeting form. The GK inquiries in Personal Interview are not extreme or off the charts yet your way to deal with answer them accurately in a clever, positive and unpretentious way gives you an edge.
  • Stay Positive: Even on the off chance that you have every one of the negative contemplations about some activity, strategy matters – present them in a reasonable way with a positive reasoning for future. Try not to reprimand an excessive amount of the approaches of the Government, B-schools, Corporate bodies and so forth. Assuming that you have some idea for their improvement, you can place them forward in a nutshell, whenever required.

1.3 Top Personal Interview Questions

Planning for top PI inquiries ahead of time is an effective method for guaranteeing your prosperity. The following are a couple of the past MBA Personal Interview Questions asked in IIM MBA Personal Interview adjusts.

Why MBA: This is one of the top MBA Personal Interview Questions for Admission that every now and again shows up in MBA interviews

Educate us concerning yourself: This is another exceptionally well known question that every now and again shows up in MBA Personal Interview Questions

Past Academic Questions: Your scholarly profile is a significant wellspring of top Questions asked in Personal Interview round of MBA admissions. Nikhilesh N, who scored 98.44 percentile in CAT 2020, was posed inquiries like UG specialization, how the UG foundation is connected with Business Analytics and the vital areas of scholastic premium in IIM Bangalore Personal Interview round

Past Work Experience Questions: If you have short or long work insight, it will be the main region comprising top MBA Personal Interview Questions for Admission. Shuktisindhu Mondal who scored 93.26 percentile in CAT 2019 and is an IIM Ahmedabad understudy, has a work insight of 41 months. He confronted many inquiries in regards to the idea of his work and offers, “Questions that I confronted depended on my work insight and current undertakings.” Accordingly, You are ought to likewise be prepared with a portion of the such top Questions to plan for Personal Interview.

Your City/State related question: Interviewers want to find out whether you have sympathy for your underlying foundations. So there are additionally a portion of the significant MBA Personal Interview Questions in light of your local spot

Why this B-school: This is one of the top MBA Personal Interview Questions for Admission. In the event that you are showing up in IIM Personal Interview round, it is one of the top Questions to plan for Personal Interview. On the off chance that you don’t offer a fresh and clear response, you will have a terrible impression.

Which Specialization and Why? Some B-schools maintain that their students should be clear about their profession decision post MBA. They additionally maintain that you should be clear about which specialization that you will choose in second year and why. This is a certain shot inquiry in IIM Personal Interview round, in the event that you are applying for a Specialized MBA program.

Current Affair Events and your viewpoint on them: With part of changes occurring at the public and global level, your refreshed information on current undertakings and what is your take on them is the vital region on which a couple of inquiries you make certain to look in IIM Personal Interview round. Nikita Agarwal, who scored 99.22 percentile in CAT 2019 and is an understudy of MDI Gurgaon was posed inquiries like Chandrayan-2, Cryptocurrency, Bullet trains.

Inquiries on Extra Curricular Activities: If you are a games individual, a model or an achiever in another space, the IIM MBA Interview Questions will be centered around them as well. Tanishq Diddee, a public medalist in swimming, a marathon and long distance race member who scored 99.70 percentile in CAT 2019 and changed over IIM Ahmedabad was gotten some information about how a plan of action can be made around swimming?, How will India catch the POK? Why Kenyan sprinters are great at long distance race?

  1. Group Discussions

2.1 What is A Group Discussion

GD round is a most loved part of definite determination round in top MBA universities as well as in different enlistment process like class 1 and 2 administrations, SSB, bank officials’ enrollment administrations among others. It conveys a significant weightage likewise in definite admission/choice cycle. Group Discussion rules permit you to talk successfully and pay attention to others too. The significant Group Discussion tips to win the GD round are to follow the Group Discussion abilities. One of the key winning Group Discussion abilities is to stay all around educated, listen others cautiously and not to pass up on the potential chance to give a viable discourse.

2.2 How is Group Discussion Evaluated

The essential purpose for directing Group Discussion (GD) round in the last admission process for MBA/PGDM programs in B-schools is a vital part of gathering correspondence mirroring the authority abilities and point of view of the members.

2.3 Type of GD Topics

GD Topics on Business and Economy: It remembers latest things for business and economy, significant arrangement drives, most recent business patterns, and their effect internationally and broadly.

GD Topics on Current Affairs: The GD points on Current undertakings depend on public or worldwide political turn of events, Policies and issues which are exceptionally bantered in media.

GD points on Social Issues: Top MBA Colleges are zeroing in on growing socially dependable MBAs. Thus, there is a more prominent accentuation on issues like orientation and climate responsiveness, morals and so forth.

GD Topics on Abstract Topics: You might be thinking what are theoretical GD points? These are the points which have different translations and up-and-comers can show their innovativeness and savvy thinking.

2.4 How to Prepare For a GD

Group Discussion readiness has three angles. These three Group Discussion readiness tips are:

  • Peruse and learn more on GD Topics
  • Figure out how to be a decent audience
  • Learn and practice to talk actually upheld by statistical data points
  • GD Preparation ought to start alongside your CAT/XAT arrangement. Following the composed test is finished, you ought to zero in on planning for Group Discussion round which orders high weightage in conclusive choice round.
  1. Monitoring current undertakings and issues and happenings, which influence our lives, but from a distance, shows a balanced character.
  2. As a cooperative person, your capacity to lead and play in group is estimated in the GD. Make a propensity for perusing English papers and magazines, watch fascinating narratives and profiles on TV to get a more extensive viewpoint on issues.
  3. Group Discussion points can be from many issues. It very well may be a subject on recent developments, business news, sports or anything extremely broad. The more extensive your understanding advantages, the more ready you will be to confront the gathering conversation.
  4. You ought to get ready on assortment of themes as rich and right subject information will be expected during GD round. You ought to have subject information and be very much aware of the most recent happenings around you, in India as well as around the world also. To be in a superior position, ensure that you have top to bottom information regarding the matter. Subject information is a pre-imperative while you are planning for a gathering conversation since you will then, at that point, have the ability to guide the discussion to whichever course you need to. In the event that you can retain a few pertinent information, it will be an additional benefit.
  5. On the off chance that you are a decent peruser and perused on assortment of subjects, it will help you in Group conversation round. There is no requirement for last moment arrangement. You ought to peruse a timeframe. Perusing adds as far as anyone is concerned information base, yet upgrades your jargon abilities too.
  6. Continuously pick the magazines that are content rich and not simply loaded with commercials. Frequently magazines have sections which are advancing a specific foundation and so on. Keep away from such magazines, do a few exploration and purchase the best that will be valuable for you.
  7. Set up the subjects that are Repeated. There are subjects which re-show up with minute changes and minor varieties. Know about such points well ahead of time so you have adequate chance to plan for something similar. For instance the issues of psychological oppression, orientation disparity, neediness, progression and privatization, reservations in instructive foundations and so on frequently show up as GD points. Ensure you realize these themes well and can concoct a few novel, wise focuses alongside certain information.
  8. Further develop your Communication Skills. You ought to be knowledgeable in your relational abilities. You ought to have a decent jargon and a respectable control over English. Much before your genuine gathering conversation, practice well. You can sit with a gathering of companions and pick a subject and enjoy a cordial GD. Not exclusively will this increment your insight, you will be a superior speaker when it is the ideal opportunity for your GD.
  9. Figure out how to speak with body motions. The specialists notice the manner in which you sit and respond throughout the conversation. . Body signals are vital, in light of the fact that your non-verbal communication says a ton regarding you. In a GD, sit straight, abstain from resting back on to the seat or thumping the table with pen or your fingers. Additionally, don’t get occupied without any problem.
  10. Figure out how to be a decent audience. Listening Skills are Essential for GD round, so cautiously pay attention to what others need to say. Simply talking all through the conversation doesn’t improve you. You ought to figure out how to allow others an opportunity to talk. Attempt and pay attention to other people. Assuming the speaker is visually connecting with you make sure to recognize him by gesturing your head, so the speaker knows that his audience members are paying attention to him and giving full consideration. This will likewise show that you are cautious and are a functioning member in the conversation.

2.5 Top Group Discussions Topics

Year 2021 was a memorable year, no doubt! What’s more, with sunrise of year 2022, third flood of Covid-19 has struck. Most recent Group Discussion Topics for MBA admission 2022 include:

  • Worldwide Climate Crisis: India Leadership
  • Gati Shakti Master Plan
  • Coronavirus Third Wave
  • Financial Survey 2022
  • Coal Crisis in India
  • Privatization of Public Sector in India
  • Air India Disinvestment by BJP Government and Acquisition by TATAs: Selling Family Silver or Saving Taxpayer’s Money
  • Financial plan 2022: Will it Propel Economic Growth
  • Canceling of Farm Bills
  • Are Stock Market and Economy Not Co-related?
  • India’s Semiconductor Mission – Key Facts
  • Ranchers’ Protest and MSP
  • Facebook Rebrands to Meta: What is Metaverse and Augmented Reality Cryptocurrencies and NFTs: Real Revolution or simply a Bubble?
  • Public Startup Day and Startup Boom in India: Are Unicorns Real or simply Paper Tigers? Make in India: The thought will make India an assembling center

3.0 WAT

Written Ability Test (WAT) is a significant piece of definite choice to MBA program in IIMs and other top MBA universities. Peruse beneath about the significant insights concerning how IIMs lead WAT round, What are the critical subjects to plan, How to score high in WAT and that’s just the beginning

3.1 What is WAT?

WAT is a paper-pen based composing trial of 15 to 30 minutes length directed by IIMs and other top B-schools to test your composing abilities after you are shortlisted for conclusive admission round. This test is led not long before your own Interview meeting. As a matter of fact the majority of the IIMs have supplanted Group Discussion (GD) round by WAT in the last determination round. In WAT cycle an up-and-comer can unreservedly write down his perspectives and contemplations down lucidly unafraid of getting disturbed.

Top Written Abilities Test (WAT) Topics

Composing Ability Test (WAT) theme in an IIM or other B-school can be founded on Current undertakings, Business, Economics, Finance, Social or Political issues, Sports related news or could be founded on theoretical points.

Points for WAT are painstakingly chosen to empower the possibility to communicate their intelligent perspectives and assessment, place the applicable information and different realities to enhance their composition. Since there are many changes in the economy, charge structure, number of things are going on near, the extent of WAT subjects 2021 has likewise expanded on such changes contacting the normal life. For instance, Farm Bills 2020 and Farmers’ Protests, Covid-19 effect and Vaccination, Budget 2021, National Education Policy (NEP), Recently held US Elections, Gig Economy, Demonetization, GST, Make in India, Bank Recapitalization, among others are the most recent WAT subjects 2021 and the competitors might be approached to compose on them.

Q: Please share your GD PI WAT readiness system

A: My GD PI WAT readiness system was exceptionally straightforward. I kept myself refreshed with Current Affairs and made a rundown of expected inquiries in a MBA interview which I rehearsed in mock set ups with companions and my tutors from IMS training.

Every one of my meetings occurred during Feb 2020. Key points talked about were:

  • Association Budget,
  • Brexit,
  • Province of News Media in India,
  • CAA-NRC,
  • Foundation Awards.

Different inquiries and subjects of conversations in view of my profile.

Ekansh Gupta shares how she broke GD PI WAT to get into IIM Calcutta

Q: Please share your GD PI WAT Preparation Plan for IIM Calcutta?

A: My admission interaction was predominantly focussed on Personal Interview with the exception of Bangalore where WAT was essential for the cycle and AWT for Ahmedabad.

My involvement in the Interview cycle trained me that you really want to know yourself very well your responses ought to be outlined well and you ought to have active current undertakings with conclusions on them.

A decent GD PI WAT Preparation interaction can occur inside a range of 2-3 months and requires great coaches. I found one as Arvind Shankar sir, was enlisted with him for the GDPI course with him and he helped me a great deal during the planning. Alongside this, I was likewise essential for a gathering where a few seniors from IIM C and IIM B were assisting us with interview prep.

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