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Master in International Management (MIM) UpGrad Abroad Germany 2022
Master in International Management (MIM) UpGrad Abroad Germany 2022

Master in International Management (MIM) UpGrad Abroad Germany 2022

MIM in Germany, UpGrad degrees provide students with general business and management knowledge for graduates with little or no work experience.

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 Saurav Anand 03/01/2022
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Key Highlight of the program: MIM in Germany

  • Customizable curriculum- IMT Ghaziabad offers six elective options and IU Germany offers two specialization options
  • Student Support- Students can contact support by email or by calling back within 2 working hours, which is available from 09 AM to 09 PM IST.
  • End-to-end counseling and Visa support- upGrad’s team will assist you with applying to IU Germany, securing a confirmed offer letter, and supporting your German visa application.

UpGrad study Abroad Programme Overview

Key Highlights

  • The IU Germany campus offers 12 months of on-campus study
  • After graduation, you will be eligible to apply for Post Study Work visas for 18 months
  • Research in Europe’s most resilient economy
  • Graduate students do not need IELTS to study in Germany
  • 10 Industrial Case Studies
  • For queries, support is available daily from 9 AM to 9 PM IST
  • Build your GitHub profile
  • Certificate from IMT in Ghaziabad and Master in International Management from IU, Germany
  • After graduation in Germany, you will be eligible for an 18-month post-study work visa
  • These modules are dedicated to preparing you for success in Germany
  • IMT Ghaziabad & IU, Germany Alumni Status
  • Within six months of graduation, 94% of IU graduates receive confirmed job offers
  • No-Cost EMI Option

Top Skills You Will Learn with UpGrad Study Abroad

Business Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Leadership, Teamwork, Structured Thinking and Problem solving, Adaptability to change, Interpersonal and communication skills, Strategic thinking and Planning abilities, Time Management, and Project Management skills.

Job Opportunities

Leadership Roles in Business Development and Sales, Marketing, Growth, Strategy, and Management Consulting.

Who Is This Program For?

Marketing and Sales Executives looking for in-depth knowledge of leadership and management, IT professionals interested in switching industries.

Minimum Eligibility

Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 50% marks

Program Fee

1st Year- USD 3,999

2nd Year- USD 18,111

PG Programme in IMT Ghaziabad

You can join the 10,000+ community of management leaders with IMT Ghaziabad alumni status

  • Become a certified executive from one of the top business schools in India
  • Join a network of 10,000+ alumni
  • Gain industry-relevant skills and advance your career

Industry Projects

Become familiar with real-world industry projects sponsored by leading companies

  • Collaborate with students and mentors on collaborative projects
  • Learn from expert mentors in person
  • Improve your work with personalized subjective feedback

The UpGrad Abroad Advantage

Learning Support

Industry Mentors

  • Experience unparalleled guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders
  • Get personalized feedback on submissions and receive one-to-one feedback on improvements

Student Support

  • Available 9 AM – 9 PM IST every day.
  • You can call back on the platform if you have an urgent query.

Doubt Resolution

Q&A Forum

  • Experts and peers resolve doubts in a timely manner
  • Ensure quality learning by verifying 100% of responses with experts

Expert Feedback

  • Personalized expert feedback for assignments and projects
  • To clarify doubts related to concepts, regular live sessions will be held by experts


Base Camp

  • Career-building workshops packed with information and fun
  • Sessions by industry professionals and professors
  • Group activities you can do with your peers

Industry Networking

  • Experts present live sessions on a variety of industry topics
  • Group discussions
  • One-on-one sessions with industry mentors

Admission Process

Online applications are the only way to apply. The application process consists of the following steps:

The first step is to apply for the UpGrad degree program on upGrad’s website. Your educational background and professional experience will be requested on the application form.

Following your application, upGrad’s and IMT-Ghaziabad’s admission counselor team will evaluate the suitability of your profile. If approved, you will be shortlisted for the program.

The final step of the application process is for shortlisted candidates to be offered provisional admission. Once the program fee is paid in full and all required documents have been submitted, the final admissions offer will be made.

UpGrad Abroad Course Curriculum

  • If you are seeking a career in management with an international scope & to build a professional network around the world, a Master’s degree is an ideal degree. As part of this program, the student will receive a PG degree from IMT Ghaziabad and a master’s degree from IU, Germany.
  • After successful completion of the program, a Master's degree in International Management will be awarded by IU, Germany along with a PG program in Management from IMT Ghaziabad.
  • In order to create a superior learning experience for participants who want to be on the cutting edge of in-house management, the program will be delivered on a new technology platform. Together, IMTG and IU seek to develop the next generation of leaders with this program. Participants will learn about
  • In order to create a superior learning experience for participants who want to be on the cutting edge of in-house management, the program will be delivered on a new technology platform. Together, IMTG and IU seek to develop the next generation of leaders with this program. Participants will learn about

Business Communications, Accounting & Finance, Decision Sciences, Business Economics, OB, Human Resource Management, Ethics & Legal, Sales & Distribution Management, Business Strategy, Operations & Supply Chain Management.

Students will spend 2 semesters in Germany studying 2 majors (Finance and Accounting or International Marketing) with 2 electives each and completing their master thesis and colloquium.

There will be a mixture of interactive lectures from industry leaders as well as lectures from world-renowned faculty. Additionally, the program offers live lectures or hangout sessions dedicated to answering academic questions and reinforcing learning. The on-campus curriculum emphasizes classroom instruction as well as thesis writing during the last semester.

About IU Germany

In terms of GDP, Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world, as well as the largest economy in Europe. The country is known for its high-quality education worldwide because of its 109 Nobel laureates. In Germany, there are more jobs than skilled workers, so unemployment is the lowest at 5%. There are over 100,000 vacancies for IT jobs in Germany, according to a news report. The startup Capital of the World, Berlin offers unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurship and start-up jobs. In order to contribute to the German economy’s growth, Germany offers international students 18 months of job search eligibility after completing the program.

IU Germany was established in 1998 and has more than 17 campuses in Germany. It was previously known as IUBH and is a highly regarded institution here. Their innovative, international, English-based German Masters's programs aim to redefine the goal of what it takes to be a manager, as they have more than 3500 recruiting partners. Ninety-four percent of their graduates have received job offers within six months of graduation. Their students gain an edge over public university students due to the in-depth, subject-specific knowledge taught by IU’s highly experienced faculty members, as well as the practical experience they are exposed to while studying.

Best university in Germany for masters

  • University of Munich
  • Heidelberg University
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • University of Hamburg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is MIM good in Germany?

Ans. Due to Germany’s booming job market, MSc and MiM graduates often stay in the country after graduation, especially since the country has a low birth rate and an aging population. These factors have made Germany a great place to study and work.

Q. How is Germany for MiM?

Ans. The German Master’s in Management programs are increasingly in demand for international students due to their open visa policies and availability of English-language courses. MLM programs as well as other business master’s degrees are available in English for international students.

Q. Can I study abroad in Germany?

Ans. Studying abroad in Germany is a popular choice for many students. With a study abroad program in Germany, you can learn or improve your German skills or get experience in international business with an internship or job at a startup.

Q. Are German degrees recognized worldwide?

Ans. University degrees from German universities are highly respected internationally, giving you a great start in international careers! As a result of the knowledge and experience you gain from working for a company or in research, you can always give back to your home country.

Q. Is a UK degree valid in Germany?

Ans. Germany recognizes degree awards from the UK
Universities that are recognized by the UK can still award degrees in Germany. Those degrees are therefore considered to be non-UK degrees.

Q. Is it better to study in Germany or Canada?

Ans. Canada vs Germany for Indian Students
Healthcare in Canada is excellent, permanent residency applications are easier and the public health system is fantastic. Germany offers an excellent education at a low cost, as well as great weather, good healthcare, and affordable living costs.

Q. Is Germany better than Canada?

Ans. Canada is slightly outranked by the former on this count according to global studies. Public education, weather, healthcare, lower living costs, and employment opportunities in Germany are superior. The Canadian healthcare system is robust, permanent residency applications are easier, and public facilities are good.

Q. Can I work in Germany after my master's?

Ans. Yes. During the time you are looking for a job in Germany, you can stay in Germany after your studies are completed. While searching for a job in Germany, students from non-EU and non-EEA countries can apply to have their residence permit extended for another 18 months.

Q. Which job is in demand in Germany?

Ans. Germany’s most in-demand jobs are software developers, architects, and programmers, according to Also in demand are electronics engineers, electricians, and electrical fitters.

Q. Which course is best in Germany?

Top programs to study in Germany

No.Top coursesNo. Of students
2Business Management52,168
4Maths and Computer Sciences29,748
5Fine and Applied Arts24,412

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