Importance of Gesture in Student’s Life

Gesture is a medium of communication by which a person interacts or conveys his or her message to others. Gesture can be a positive or a negative energy in which a person shows his or her anger , happiness , or sorrow which gets understood by others.
Importance of Gesture in Student's Life

Importance of Gesture in Student’s Life

Importance of Gesture, How it Can Help Students

Gesture is a medium of communication by which a person interacts or conveys his or her message to others. Gesture can be a positive or a negative energy in which a person shows his or her anger , happiness , or sorrow which gets understood by others. When an individual is capable enough to express their thoughts and energy without saying any specific thing about it , that’s known as Expression of gesture. It can be of different types by which people communicate to one another without saying much to each other. Somehow it is a universal language of communicating to each other without speaking much. By the gesture of an individual you can acknowledge how attentive they are towards you.

Like during an interview session the body language of an individual says a lot about their personality like if they are paying proper attention , giving appropriate answers as per requirement , behaving decently to the interviewer and not behaving aggressively without any reason. The gesture which an individual gives to others speaks a lot about their personality as if a person is a way to rest less, it simply means they are going through some hard time which is unbearable to them but they can’t communicate about it to others.

That’s why children/students should learn about gestures or body language by which they can express their intelligence or feelings without any hesitation. When a child gets to learn body language gestures at an early age he or she can also represent their intelligence before even speaking them. In Japan small children are taught how to behave nice to others not only because they are receiving any kind of service , any kind value but teachers are making them aware of the fact that kindness is the only language that will heal and improve another person’s day.

Gesture language is as equivalent as body language deals with a person’s identity and personality which he or she is trying to convey to others. Positive body language is key to success. Nobody wants to interact with a person having Harsh body language or having bad tongue. A person should be polite to others whether he knows them or not.

There are many people who you don’t understand or are incapable of speaking or listening to others, they communicate to one another with the language of hand gesture. The utilisation of hand gestures have become worldwide across peoples who are incapable of speaking and listening to others by birth. Using the language of hand gestures they can communicate with their family, friends and mates way easier than earlier possible.

In many country’s there are schools and association for deaf and dumb students who can learn read and listen to music by the language of gesture. The association provides student facilities for studying and  job opportunities with special abilities.

How does a child’s use of gesture affect the learner? 

At a very early age small children should learn how to express their emotions and feelings even without expressing them to others without explaining much. When a child is completely able to use gestures instead of words he or she looks much more intelligent than others. Parents also teach children about good touch and bad touch which is very much more important than any other thing for an innocent child. Who is just new to this world and unaware of the things he or she is surrounded with.

When a child comes across to learn gestures he can express his unspoken words to the learner. The learner can acknowledge how special the child is who has learned the universal language of expression faster.

We have seen that small children’s parents come to understand their children by their gestures only. When a small child starts crying his or her parents are not aware why he is crying, checking whether he has any kind of problem that needs to be cleaned by the parents. Even at the toddler age parents should make their children aware of good and bad gestures also so they will be aware about that without getting any harm from any stranger.

Why are gestures so important? 

Gestures are important in an interview or in a classroom where body posture and gesture make your appearance in front of people. Gestures can be of different types, some are positive gestures and some are negative gestures. Positive gestures are like thumbs up, blinking, smiling and hugging. Meanwhile negative just like flip off , thumbs down , making faces to others ,mocking others etc. Uses of good and bad body language also fall under gesture, bad body language can implement a bad image on someone’s mind about others which de create a negative image of others.

Gestures are important to make one understand what another person is feeling. Sometimes people keep on speaking Harsh or hurtful words, without realising that another person is also feeling out of the words which have been said to them in the heat of a moment. At certain Times people should pause and think about what they are saying to each other in the heat of a moment or out of misunderstanding which may have created conflict between them.

In These kinds of circumstances one can look out or wait for a while to cool down the movement and show the gesture of understanding and standing back not responding to each other aggressively.

How can gestures help us teach? 

The language of gesture should be taught to an individual at a very early stage by which an individual can help their own self to be communicative to others. Some people out there I like keeping things only up with them who are unable to ask for help from others even though they are having a rough time to deal with that but they can’t communicate to others about it.

When an individual comes to learn gestures their facial expressions are way much more expressive and louder than anything else.

The verbal representation of words attracts children to learn way much more quickly than earlier or usual because they come to see words which they can only use to listen. By listening and saying words it’s become much easier and quicker to be efficient for children for their studies and to learn it way much more quickly than earlier. 

How do the gestures help make student thinking more visible?

When students come to learn with a much more efficient teacher, who believes in showing hand gestures in front of students to make them learn every word she speaks. These kinds of gestures make students way more attentive to learn what she has been speaking. By using hand gestures while speaking this creates more attention in the brain cells of a student, this is known as Co-speech gestures. Which helps students to learn and see the words the teacher is trying to convey them.

By seeing someone making faces make them understand that that person might be in any kind of pain or problem like in pain people twitch their eyebrows, it makes them understand that they might be having some hard time to deal with so can go and ask someone for help when they need it.

 What are the 4 types of gestures? 

There are four main types which helps an individual to understand what other is trying to say :

  1. Iconic

    An iconic gesture represents the attributes, relationships, and actions of an object. If you were describing tall people or a wide river, for example, think how you would describe them gesturally.

2. Deictic, or pointing

    A slight gesture connects speech with another idea, namely location. For example, if you pointed out someone across the room, you might make your interlocutor aware of their presence.

3. Metaphoric

    It can be said that metaphors translate abstract ideas into more literal and concrete forms. You might indicate your affection for someone by placing your hands in the shape of a heart on your chest.

4. Beat gestures

    There is no explicit semantic content conveyed in them, they are simply a rhythm of speech

What are examples of gestures? 

  • Arms Crossed Across The Chest

This gesture is commonly done by us when we are waiting or being angry at someone for being late and not being on time , which is the biggest drawback. Of showing the gesture of late and not being present on time.

  • Tapping Your Fingers

Finger moves show that we are being bored or not feeling attentive to attend particular lectures or classes and getting zone out of the movement.

  • Smile

The kind of language in mankind is known as smile. Every individual can understand the language, it shows happiness and assures people that everything is going to be ok for a certain period of time.

  • Crossing Your Legs

This is mostly done while we are sitting and playing with our own legs

  • Steeping Your Fingers
  • Tilting Your Head to One Side

This is the gesture of showing bored, feelings zoning out of the session

  • Putting Your Head In Your Hands

Putting your head on your hand it’s a gesture of showing that you are being sleepy and ready-to-go bed anytime possible as quick as one can.

  • Pulling Your Ear

This is a friendly gesture which we have gone through in our childhoods by our parents.

  • Standing Up Straight

Standing up straight means that one have been sitting for too long and he is or her back is paining now because of sitting way to longer then required

  • Gesturing with Your Hands Open and Palms Up

This is a gesture positive gesture of showing good luck all the best to an individual before going to any kind of examination or any kind of interview which will make them bring luck  high marks in the exam to make good impression in front of interviewer

  • Eye Contact

Eye contacts make people look way more attentive and make them look confident in the eye of the interviewer which creates a positive impression to them.

  • Looking Down

This gesture is mostly done by peoples when they have done something wrong or speak in something wrong to other out of anger or miss understanding and feeling guilty after that

  • Rubbing Your Hands Together

rubbing hands together means when we feel cold we rub hands together to heat it up so our body doesn’t feel cold anymore.

  • Twisting Your Hair

Twisting here is a gesture of just being playful around this is mostly done by people when they are having a conversation and having good interest in each other.

  • Micro expressions

Micro expressions are those which we all have done like making faces winking eyes mocking someone doing thumbs Up and thumbs down.

  • Walking Briskly
  • Placing Your Hand On Your Cheek

being bored of doing task which doesn’t make you feel you energetic or getting zone out rather than being attentive to the class which they are supposed to attend

  • Rubbing Your Eye

This happens when an individual is feeling sleepy and the gesture of rubbing ice indicates that they are feeling sleepy or something has entered their eyes, poking them for creating itchiness in their eyes.

  • Standing With Your Hands On Your Hips

Standing with your hands on your help means you are done with your task and now you can move over to another task so you can finish it before the time.

  • Pinching The Bridge
  •  Standing with Hands Clasped Behind Your Back
  • Rubbing Or Touching Your Nose

These are the possible gestures which we all do every now and then but never come to recognise until another for the before this that we have done so many sorts of gesture in our day to day life.

What are beat gestures? 

Gestures that carry no speech content are called beat gestures. The non-narrative content and rhythm of speech are more present in their delivery. In that sense, a beat gesture emphasizes a topic without specifically mentioning it. And during speech, it emphasizes certain words and phrases.

Beat Gesture helps an individual to see the words which are not even spoken. This gesture is not even spoken but follows the rhythm by which people come to understand this. 

Importance of Body Language

Body language of an individual depends upon the characteristics that he or she has been doing if any of the professional grounds where that looks unprofessional or unethical. Meanwhile, maintaining body language is not mandatory to maintain 24×7. But in professional areas or in educational institutes one has to maintain the absolute rulebook which has been provided to them to improve their characteristics. Likewise in a school 1 should be attentive and creative as well as should maintain and respect the rules of the school. 

The same goes with adults too when an adult goes to an interview he or she must try to behave decently and polite to their interviewers which is one of the most important characteristics to be followed. Being confident is the key of body language but being confident must not sound arrogant at times. 

Plenty of people out there sound arrogant which makes them look and appears rude to others. Being kind to an individual is the universal language which cannot be changed or imposed on any individual until and unless they try it on their own.

With good body language creating an impression is very much easier than having a fluctuating or improper body language. To have proper body language one has to look attentive and have to answer the questions completely in front of the interviewer to present himself or herself wholly and show them how energetic and enthusiastic they are toward their work which they have arrived for in an interview.

The body language of person convey a lot about them when a patient gets admitted in hospital the nurses and doctors are the only one who are supposed to take care of him or her if the patient gets to deal with bad body language or Harsh body language then it will be very unsound full to the patient to deal with. So far this season the nurses and the doctors are always polite to their patients which will help them to improve their health As quick As possible.

Science behind the gesture of being kind is that the healing power of a kind gesture is much higher than anything possible. Even when the medical treatment comes to an end, the doctor suggests the patient to meditate or to go out on trips or vacation to give peace of mind.

As there are many people in this world who are unable to communicate or speak, they use the language of gestures by which they talk to others in an absolute manner and have proper conversation as normal people do.

Medical science behind gestures is way too vast. Language is pretty much hard to understand for people who are not properly acknowledged , but when one comes to know it at some point it becomes easier for one to communicate with another. 

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