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Best Online MBA Programs in USA in 2022 upGrad

MBA degrees are among the most prestigious and prestigious educational programs in the US, and for good reason. MBA degrees provide endless career prospects across a wide range of industries, from academia and business to healthcare and IT.

 Saurav Anand 27/12/2021
Best Online MBA Programs in USA in 2022 upGrad
Best Online MBA Programs in USA in 2022 upGrad

How To Choose The Right Online MBA Course?

Online MBA programs in the US are gradually eroding the stereotypes and reservations associated with them, so here are ten things you should keep in mind before choosing one


The most important factor to consider when choosing an online MBA program is accreditation. MBA programs accredited and recognized by established universities and national/international business schools are highly recommended.

AACSB International or the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business usually accredit courses. These accreditations prove that the MBA program complies with global MBA guidelines and standards. The coursework and education provided are of the highest quality, which reassures aspirants.


To determine which online MBA programs are best suited for you, you should study the course curriculum of your shortlist. MBA courses typically cover six core areas – finance, accounting, marketing, economic statistics & operations, leadership & teamwork, and accountability & ethics.

Examine the curricula of online and on-campus MBA programs from reputable institutes/schools to get a good idea of what the MBA curriculum typically looks like. Even if all modules are different, all courses should cover these major specialization areas as well as additional interests like business development, operations management, human resources, and entrepreneurship.

These criteria should be met by identifying your MBA goals and interest areas, and then looking for courses that align with them. 

Program Cost & ROI

While online MBA programs are cheaper (more affordable) than on-campus options, you must weigh the cost of the program (tuition, learning materials, etc.) against the ROI it promises.

You should not calculate the program’s cost based on the value that it offers. Since there are many options for online MBA programs in the US, you must consider the course’s overall value – just because one is cheaper than the others does not mean it’s the best choice for you.

Ultimately, a degree in MBA isn’t worth much if the return on investment (ROI) is low after you finish the course! 

Financing choices

Aspirants who wish to pursue an MBA should consider this criterion particularly careful when applying for financial aid. When selecting an institution, it is vital to know whether it accepts and acknowledges financing options like education loans, grants, and national scholarships.

The institutions that offer online courses usually have their own unique grants and scholarships available for deserving students. You may also be able to qualify for internal grants/scholarships if you learn how to avail yourself of this option. It is also helpful if the institution you prefer offers flexible payment methods like EMIs.

Academic Support

You must look as deeply as you can into the academic support that your preferred online programs promise to their students. No matter how the education is delivered (online or off), every MBA program must disclose the names, qualifications, and experience of its instructors and mentors.

Furthermore, knowing if the institution is willing to assist students is important when choosing an online learning platform. 

Placement Assistance

In addition to placement assistance, online MBA programs also provide students with career guidance to help them advance their careers. The benefit of this is that after completing the course, you will be able to land a great job with a normal salary package.

If you shortlist schools or institutes that offer placement support for their online MBA programs, you can narrow your search. As part of these programs, students are also encouraged to build their resumes, participate in mock interviews, and attend offline networking events.

Recruiter’s Recommendation

Recruiters and potential employers are typically the best people to seek advice from. MBA graduates from certain B-schools are often preferred by many companies.

Contact recruiters or HR professionals who work primarily with MBA graduates and ask them about the best schools and institutions employers tend to prefer. Avoid those that are less important to recruiters. Using their recommendations, you will be able to determine which institutions deliver the highest level of education and value for money. This will allow you to make an informed decision.


There is nothing better than getting firsthand feedback from current or past students of schools offering online MBA courses. Using this method, you get the chance to learn about their personal experiences as well as learn all the information about the school (e.g., how they support and place their students, what the learning material is like, how competent the faculty is, etc.).

Additionally, you can find testimonials on the websites of various institutions. This type of review isn’t the only determining factor, but it does make the selection process easier.

Top MBA Specializations In The US

If you’re looking to pursue your MBA education in the US, here are the top ten specializations to consider

General Management

MBAs with a general management concentration are one of the most sought-after specializations in business history.   Through this program, students learn valuable skills like critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving mindsets, and risk management, which are relevant to a variety of administrative and managerial jobs.

Among the topics covered in this course are Business Analytics, Thought Leadership, Professional Development, Project Management, Marketing Management, and Organizational Behavior.

International Management

A MBA in International Management is recommended for candidates who want to work in multinational corporations or abroad. Students are trained in various domains, including finance, business strategy, operations management, and international business. This course will equip you with the skills you need to do business with people and organizations on the global stage. 


An MBA in Marketing is the perfect choice for aspirants who wish to scale up to managerial or senior executive positions. The subjects covered in this course are Product Development, Marketing Research, Branding, Advertising Management, Digital Marketing, etc.

Students learn how to strategize on product development, promote products/services, plan and implement marketing campaigns, and communicate with customers. These skills are relevant to both B2B and B2C companies. 

HR Management

Human Resource Management is designed to help learners take their interpersonal and people skills to the next level. It focuses on teaching students how to deal with matters of business administration and people management.

The course curriculum includes Organisational Behaviour, Business Law, Managerial Finance, Management Principles, etc. HR skills are versatile since they apply to all sectors. 

Management Consulting

Management Consulting focuses on training students to improve the performance of organizations. There are a variety of subjects offered to students, including Marketing, Consulting & People Skills, Enterprise Resource Planning, Leadership & Managing Change, Managing People & Organizations, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Managerial Economics. Candidates who possess the ability to communicate well and influence others positively will benefit from this course.


MBA candidates with a passion for numbers and analytical skills will benefit from an MBA in Finance. This course will teach you how to manage portfolios, business budgets, analyze investments, and manage funds. With an MBA in Finance, you can become a financial advisor, a finance manager, a financial controller, or even a chief financial officer.


Entrepreneurship MBAs are designed for aspirants passionate about starting their own businesses and becoming their own bosses. A variety of topics are covered, including Product Design, Marketing, Business Innovation, Business Development, Venture Feasibility, Resource Management, and Entrepreneurial Strategies. 

Operations Management

Operations Management courses are designed to plan, organize, manage, and optimize business operations and production activities in order to maximize efficiency. Through the use of statistical models, students learn how to improve systems performance, enhance product quality, and minimize production costs.

Business Strategy

Students who enroll in a Business Strategy program can learn to diagnose business challenges and develop solutions to them. The course introduces students to business planning & development, risk management, consulting, and making actionable business decisions. Students will study Business Policies & Strategic Management, Modern Business Organization and Management, Accounting & Financial Management, Strategic Marketing Management, and Strategic Human Resources Management.

IT Management

Aspirants who are passionate about technology are best suited for IT Management. Courses on System Analysis and Design, Strategic Management of Information Technology, Strategic Analysis, Managing IT-Enabled Services, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Communication, and Information Technology Management will be covered. Candidates’ knowledge in these areas can help them find innovative IT solutions to help companies stand out in the market.

Study MBA Online in the USA: The UpGrad Advantage

Particularly for working professionals, online MBA programs are becoming increasingly popular because they are affordable, flexible, and globally recognized. The advantage of online MBA courses is that they allow you to balance your work and education commitments while upskilling at the same time. Studying an MBA specialization online doesn’t mean sacrificing your career or personal life.

The following online MBA programs are worth considering if you’re looking for the perfect upGrad program

MBA (Global), Deakin Business School (DBS)

The Global MBA program is offered in collaboration with Deakin Business School and IMT Ghaziabad. Course topics include Business Growth Strategies, Financing Strategies, Design Thinking, Change Management, and International Business.

This program prepares you for leadership roles in Business Development/Strategy, Management Consulting, Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources. Applicants can expect 360-degree placement assistance from upGrad.

MBA, Liverpool Business School (LBS)

Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad are offering this 20-month MBA program together. Six specializations are available – Finance, Operations, Marketing, Business Analytics, and Strategy & Leadership.

Different subjects are covered, including Business Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Digital Business Innovation, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Risk Management, and Project Management. Additionally, learners take part in a week-long immersion program on the university’s campus (LBS). IMT Ghaziabad offers a PMP in Management course that students can complete with an MBA from LBS.

MBA (Business Analytics), NMIMS Global Access School

A Business Analytics Executive MBA is offered here. The 15-month program includes coursework in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Supply Chain. In addition to learning how to leverage Big Data and Machine Learning technologies, learners also develop fundamental management skills across these domains. Candidates who hold this certification can assume positions in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Management Consulting, Business Development, and Business Analytics.

MBA in Digital Finance & Banking, Jindal Global University

Aspirants who complete this MBA in Digital Finance & Banking will be able to build a successful careers in the financial services industry. It is a 24-month program. The course was developed in partnership with O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) – a world-renowned institute of eminence.

Among the topics covered in the course are Financial Management, Fintech Ecosystems Management, Data Visualization in Finance, Design Thinking, Business Leadership, Artificial Intelligence in Business, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, and Digital Fraud & Risk Analytics. 

In conclusion, designed with global MBA standards in mind, each of these online MBA courses follows international standards. The student's complete case studies, work on real-world projects and participate in live discussions, mock interviews, resume-building sessions, and offline networking events. Students are groomed and prepared to step into the job market by the end of the course.

UpGrad’s Global MBA Program at Deakin Business School can help you advance your career. The program is designed to compete with the best on-campus MBA programs around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I do an online MBA from the USA?

Ans. The MBA program is often offered online or part-time to allow students with demanding careers and families to further their education. Students can choose from a wide variety of study options, allowing them to customize their education.

Q. How much it will cost to study MBA in the USA?

Ans. Tuition fees for MBA in the USA are around 50 lakh rupees per year for Indian students. Living expenses, which are around 15 lakhs annually, also increase this cost. MBAs in the USA are the most expensive, but they are worth every penny.

Q. Is an MBA from UpGrad worth it?

Ans. ‘MBA from UpGrad’ has been the biggest sensation among working professionals, mainly among the early birds. Through various online courses, most of the processes effectively used the opportunities for knowledge and career upgrading during the global pandemic.

Q. Which MBA is best in upGrad? (upGrad online MBA)

Ans. This program is offered through Deakin Business School in partnership with the Australian business school DBS and the Indian business school IMT Ghaziabad. Furthermore, Deakin is among the top 1% of B-schools in the world, and this course offers you both an MBA degree from DBS and a PGPM degree from IMT.

Q. Is an online MBA accepted?

Ans. If you receive your degree from an accredited and reputed institution, then the online MBA programs are recognized by companies. Moreover, the students should have achieved good grades or marks in the program to advance their careers.

Q. Is a virtual MBA worth it?

Ans. Students who want to work while earning a degree can’t take daytime classes in many traditional MBA programs. With the ability to work while earning an MBA, an online MBA is a very good investment for professionals who receive MBA funding from their employers.

Q. Is upGrad UGC approved? (upGrad online MBA)

Ans. To provide young Indians with a 360-degree university experience online, we have partnered with universities to provide them with degree courses recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and World Education Services (WES).

Q. Is it worth doing a global MBA?

Ans. An MBA can help you broaden your career opportunities by opening doors to a range of exciting job prospects. MBA is an internationally recognized postgraduate program, so acquiring one from a renowned institute can add value to your portfolio.

Q. How hard is it to get an online MBA?

Ans. Online MBA programs are almost certainly easier to get into than traditional MBA programs. A 2012 study by the Graduate Management Admission Council found that conventional MBA programs had a higher median acceptance rate than full-time MBA programs at 45 percent.

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