Best MBA Colleges in India

Indian universities have always been a hub for students aspiring to enter the world of business administration. With the increasing globalization of education and an ever-rising demand in business administration education, there are now more and more institutes that have started offering Masters in Business Administration (MBA).
Best MBA Colleges in India

Best MBA Colleges in India

Indian universities have always been a hub for students aspiring to enter the world of business administration. With the increasing globalization of education and an ever-rising demand in business administration education, there are now more and more institutes that have started offering Masters in Business Administration (MBA). 

Best MBA Colleges in India are usually found in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune etc., where there are more top-notch educational institutions to choose from. The high cost of such institutes is also offset by their excellent reputation which attracts many students from various parts of the country.

Here we will briefly discuss about Best MBA Colleges in India 2022. In India now more than 3000 MBA colleges make their own identity with their Rankings, Fees Structure, and Placement reports. So, in this competitive field many MBA colleges make their place in the list of Top MBA Colleges in India 2022

According to the MHRD-NIRF rankings 2021, the top MBA colleges in India are IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Kozhikode, and IIM Indore. Other popular B-Schools include XLRI Jamshedpur, IMI, IMT, MDI Gurgaon, VIT, Fore School of Management, SPJIMR, and the Department of Management Studies of the IITs, which are ranked among the top MBA colleges in India NIRF Rankings as well as other B-school surveys conducted by India Today, Outlook, and Business Today. Top MBA Colleges in India with fees structure belong in between Rs. 10 lakhs (Annual fees). we gathers all information which you help you to find out all the information about Top MBA colleges in India such as Top 10 MBA Colleges in India, Top MBA Colleges in India with Fees Structure, Top MBA colleges in India with NIRF rankings, Top MBA colleges in India Placement wise and more.

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Highlights: Best MBA Colleges in India 2022

ParametersParticulars/ Statistics
No. of MBA Colleges in India5,000 (Approximately)
Fees-Annual fee < Rs 10 lakh: 6%
- Annual fee >Rs 10 lakh: 94%
Top SpecialisationsGeneral Management, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Business Analytics, Human Resources, Finance, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Event Management & PR and Travel & Tourism
Admission ProcessEntrance-based: CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, NMAT, ATMA, SNAP
Top MBA Colleges in IndiaIIMs, SPJIMR, XLRI, MDI, IMT, IIT-DoMs, SIBM, etc.

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The two-year MBA programme provides access to a wide range of job and entrepreneurial opportunities. This course provides knowledge and training in business administration and operations, both of which are necessary for running a business. The MBA programme also improves an individual’s communication skills and leadership abilities.

MBA programmes are open to students from all disciplines, including science, business, and humanities. The most popular option is the full-time MBA, which includes theory classes, practical projects, and internships. A full-time MBA is preferred by recent graduates as well as candidates with a few years of work experience. In India, there are over 5,000  Top MBA colleges that offer the course in a variety of specialisations. Some B-Schools provide an MBA degree, while others provide a PG diploma (PGDM/PGPM).

Short Notes About pursuing MBA in India

Do you intend to pursue an MBA in India? Then you must be aware of the following. India is a multi-cultural country with top MBA institutions. Master of Business Administration is a two-year program that gives students a deeper understanding of business processes. In terms of specialty, it offers theoretical, conceptual, and practical training in several parts of business such as operations marketing, economics, corporate finance, basic accounting, and so on.

MBA programs are in high demand these days. Many businesses want to recruit highly qualified MBA graduates to help them grow. Every year, a large number of applicants from other countries apply to prestigious institutions. Many business people will benefit from an MBA.

People also ask –

1. Which is the top MBA college in India?

Ans. The top MBA college in India as per the latest NIRF MBA ranking is IIM Ahmedabad. It is followed by IIM Bangalore on Number 2, IIM Calcutta on Number 3, IIT-Delhi-DoMS on Number 4 and IIM Kozhikode is on Number 5.

2. How can I decide which is the best college for MBA?

Ans. The candidates must keep in mind the following while choosing an MBA college – government recognition, degree/diploma, curriculum and pedagogy, infrastructure, ranking, location, fees and placement record.

3. Which is the No 1 MBA college in India?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad leads the list of the top MBA colleges in India followed by IIM Bangalore, then IIM Kolkata and so on. NIRF rankings showcasing the top MBA colleges in India 2021 include the above three and IIM Kozhikode, IITs like IIT Delhi, XLRI MDI Gurgaon to name a few.

4. Which is the best MBA in India?

Ans. MBA in India – Top colleges in 2022

Sr.noNIRF 2021 RankingTop MBA Colleges in India
12IIM Bangalore
23IIM Calcutta
3NAIndian School of Business (ISB)
47IIM Lucknow

5. Which MBA college has the best placement?

Ans. The List of MBA Colleges that offers the best placement in the industry are:

MBA CollegesPlacement 2022: Average SalaryPlacement 2021: Average Salary
XLRI, Jamshedpur30.00 LPA25.08 LPA
IIM Indore25.01 LPA23.60 LPA
MDI Gurgaon26.07 LPA23.15 LPA
JBIMS Mumbai27.63 LPA23.16 LPA

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6. Which type of MBA is best?

Ans. 6 MBA Specializations to Enhance Your Professional Career

  • MBA in Accounting. An MBA in Accounting prepares graduates to measure, analyze, interpret, and communicate economic data.
  • MBA in Analytics Intelligence.
  • MBA in Healthcare Management.
  • MBA in Human Resources Management.
  • MBA in Management.
  • MBA in Marketing.

7. Is CAT compulsory for MBA?

Ans. No, CAT or CMAT exam is not compulsory for MBA. There are a host of other MBA entrance exams similar/euivalent to CAT like XAT. Several institutes have their own entrance exams like NMAT for NMIMS, TISS, SNAP for Symbiosis, IIFT, CET for Maharashtra institutes, MICA, etc.


To gain admission to the best MBA institutions in India, you must first pass the entrance test. A qualifying examination used to select prospective students for admission is known as an entrance examination. In today’s competitive study market, the admission test assesses a student’s aptitude, knowledge, sharpness, and so on. The admission examination assesses skill level. There are around 50 admission tests to get into a business school for the master of business administration. Here are some of the most popular and crucial examinations to get you into India’s top MBA programs.

CATCommon Admission Test
IIFTIndian Institute of Foreign Trade
XATXavier Aptitude Test
IBSATICFAI Business School Aptitude Test
SNAPSymbiosis National Aptitude Test
TISSNETComputer Based Test
NMATcandidate friendly exam
KMATKarnataka Management Aptitude Test

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The tests are held in three levels: entrance test, group discussion, and personal interview. After scoring the cut-off mark on the entrance tests then you’ll be invited to a group discussion as well as a personal interview.

TOP MBA Colleges in India:

Inform you about Top MBA colleges in India. Below are a few lists of schools. They include: IITs VIT, IIMs, NMIMS, SIBM, SPJMIR and these colleges offer fantastic opportunities for placement at top firms. Some employers hire skilled employees, while some do not.

8. Why should you pursue an MBA IN India?


The quality of education

Recently, most prestigious B-schools from India have upgraded their curriculum, syllabus and teaching method to match the international standards. Candidates should know that not every university provides the same level of education. When choosing the right college you need to be interested in ensuring that you learn the skills and be successful in the field.

The aspirant’s plan:

When choosing to study for an MBA Students must take into consideration factors such as the long-term strategy. The candidate should be clear on what they intend to do with their work and where they’d like to settle. Each country has its own approaches and work styles, so take into account the market when choosing the MBA schools.

Cost of MBA program:

When you decide to pursue the MBA in India the cost is among the main things to think about. The price can vary based on the school you choose. Every aspect, including costs for living, food, and travel costs, should be considered. The educational loan is a crucial element that reduces the financial burden of students.

Placement opportunities:

Choose the college that provides possibility of a placement. This reduces stress and allows you to have an interview with top companies located on campus. The top students at the B-school will receive numerous offers. The best B-schools can guarantee the job of their graduates, however, in the interview process, the process plays differently. Candidates should make every effort to meet with most desirable companies to secure the perfect job.


If you are applying for schools in India and abroad, you must conduct a bit of research before you can study at the top universities. If applicants wish to pursue an MBA and are unable to complete the first degree of a bachelor’s degree. It could be the equivalent of a B.A,, engineering degree or another discipline. In order to apply for the degree, you should submit all marks for each semester that you’ve completed during your course.


Candidates who study MBAs become well-versed in their professions. In addition to acquiring knowledge, they acquire the skills they need to keep up with other employees. Your skills will be improved efficiently through the study program:

  • Leadership and management skills should be improved
  • Services and products are advertised and sold efficiently
  • Connecting with business networks
  • Be able to manage critical situations (e.g. financial crisis, public scandal)
  • Ensure that the company’s finances are in good standing
  • Ensure that the company’s image is maintained and promoted
  • Data collection and interpretation for the industry
  • Retain skilled employees by hiring skilled employees
  • Ensure that the company thrives by creating an efficient strategy
  • Decide when it’s right to make tough decisions


Top 50 MBA Colleges in India

These Top 50 MBA Colleges in India Rankings are based on historical performance as well as a side-by-side comparison to their counterparts. While rankings provide insight into upward and downward mobility, they also provide insight into brand dependability and consensus. The year 2020 has been a gamble, but it has echoed the adaptability of the best MBA colleges in India and their ability to respond and invent in the face of distractions and uncertainties.

Here is the list of Top 50 MBA Colleges in India:

National Cluster Rank*MBA Colleges"Weighted Index (Out Of 1000)
1Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad909.4
Indian Institute Of Management, Kolkata905.5
Indian Institute Of Management, Bengaluru903.3
Faculty Of Management Studies, University Of Delhi, Delhi894.4
2Indian School Of Business, Hyderabad890.5
Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi877.7
Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow875
Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur873
Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon865.3
3S P Jain Institute Of Management And Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai855.7
Indian Institute Of Management, Indore854.5
Indian Institute Of Management, Kozhikode851.9
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies, Mumbai850.3
4Shailesh J Mehta School Of Management, (IIT Mumbai), Mumbai841.2
Dept. Of Management Studies, (IIT Delhi), New Delhi840
Indian Institute Of Technology, (IIT) Kharagpur839.5
Indian Institute Of Management, Ranchi837.2
Indian Institute Of Management, Tiruchirappalli833.6
Indian Institute Of Management, Udaipur833.1
5Symbiosis Centre For Human Resource Deveopment (SCMHRD), Pune824.1
Mudra Insitute Of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad820.6
Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Pune816.3
Indian Institute Of Management, Rohtak812.2
Indian Institute Of Management, Raipur807.7
6NMIMS School Of Business Management, Mumbai799.9
Indian Institute Of Management, Visakhapatnam796.4
Indian Institute Of Management, Kashipur795.7
Indian Institute Of Management, Nagpur793.2
University Business School (UBS), Punjab University, Chandigarh792.8
Department Of Business Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi791.8
7MHRM Department Of Humanities And Social Science, (IIT Kharagpur), Kharagpur785
Dept. Of Management Studies (IIT Roorkee), Roorkee784.9
Indian Institute Of Management, Shillong784.1
Instutite Of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad777.2
International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi776.6
Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar773.4
Sydenham Institute Of Management (SIMSREE), Mumbai771
8Indian Institute Of Management, Jammu766.5
Indian Institute Of Management, Sambalpur764
Goa Institute Of Management (GIM), Goa762.2
Great Lakes Institute Of Management, Chennai761.2
Indian Institute Of Management, Bodh Gaya761.1
FORE School Of Management, New Delhi758.3
WOXSEN School Of Business, Hyderabad758.1
Management Development Institute (MDI), Murshidabad757.7
Institute Of Management Technology (IMT), Nagpur757.3
International Management Institute (IMI), Kolkata757.1
International Management Institute (IMI), Bhubaneswar755
9Atal Bihari Vajpayee-Indian Institute Of Information Technology And Management (ABV-IIITM), Gwalior749.7
National Institute Of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai747.5
Indian Institute Of Management, Amritsar743.7
Indian Institute Of Management, Sirmaur741.8
T.A.PAI Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal738.6
Dept. Of Management Studies, Indian Insititute Of Technology (IIT-ISM), Dhanbad735
10Institute Of Management Studies, BHU, Varanasi730.3
Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology, Pune728.2
Birla Institute Of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida725.2
IFIM Business School/Jagdish Sheth School Of Management, Bengaluru724.8
Institute Of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad719.6
Loyola Institute Of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai715.1
Indian Insitute Of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata702.8
VIT Business School, Vellore701.9
Amrita School Of Business, Coimbatore691.9
11NIRMA University (Institute Of Management), Ahmedabad690.3
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute Of Management, New Delhi685.5
Bharati Vidyapeeth University Institute Of Management And Research (BVIMR), New Delhi684.9
CHITKARA Business School, Rajpura-Patiala684.6
Jindal Global Business School (JGBS), Sonipat681
University School Of Business (USB), Chandigarh University, Mohali679.5
12Institute Of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad675.3
Institute Of Management And Entrepreneurship Development (IMED), Pune673.5
Bharath Institute Of Higher Education And Research (BIHER), Chennai671.1
ICFAI Business School(IBS), Hyderabad669.1
Amity Global Business School, Noida668.7
Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida662.4
Institute Of Rural Management, Anand662.1
13KIIT University-School Of Management, Bhubaneswar661.4
Dr. MGR Educational And Research Institute, Chennai661
14AIMS Institute, Bengaluru660.7
SDM Institute For Management Development (SDMIMD), Mysuru658.9
15Manipal Institute Of Management/Manipal University, Manipal658.6
16Meenakshi Academy Of Higher Education And Research (MAHER), Chennai655.1
ABBS School Of Management, Bengaluru655.1
17REVA University(School Of Management Studies), Bengaluru654.3
18International School Of Business And Media, Pune654.2
Institute Of Management Studies (IMS), Ghaziabad651.1
19Institute For Technology And Management, Mumbai650.5
20Indian Institute Of Forest Management, Bhopal649.7
School Of Management And Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida647
21PES University, Bengaluru646.3
Symbiosis Institute Of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune642.3
22Jagan Institute Of Management Studies (JIMS), Rohini/Delhi633.7
MIT School Of Business, Pune628.4
23ARMy Institute Of Management, Kolkata627.7
Justice KS Hegde Institute Of Management, NITTE/ Udupi625.4
24K.J. Somaiya Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai622.2
Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Bengaluru621.1
25RV Institute Of Management, Bengaluru617.5
26Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai617.1
27Xavier Institute Of Social Services (XISS), Ranchi614.2
Vidyavardhaka College Of Engineering (Dept. Of Management), Mysuru613.1
28Eastern Institute For Integrated Learning In Management (EIILM), Kolkata609.2
Xavier Institute Of Management & Enterpreneurship (XIME), Bengaluru607
29Chandragupt Institute Of Management (CIMP), Patna600.8
GIBS Business School, Bengaluru595.1
Bharathidasan Institute Of Management, Tiruchirappalli592.3
30Training And Advanced Studies In Management (TASMAC), Pune588.7
31CMR Institute Of Management Studies, Bengaluru585.4
SCMS Cochin School Of Business, Kochi585.3
32ASM’s Institute Of Business Management & Research Centre, Pune584.3
33Prestige Institute Of Management And Research, Indore583
34Christ University, Institute Of Management, Bengaluru582
35ICFAI Business School (IBS), Dehradun577.6
36Mittal School Of Business, LPU (Jalandhar)575
37SDM PG Centre For Management Studies And Research, Mangaluru573.8
Global Business School And Research Centre, Bengaluru573.4
38Rajagiri Centre For Business Studies, Kochi572.1
Indore Management Institute (IMI), Indore570.3
39MyRA School Of Business, Mysuru566.4
Symbiosis Institute Of Operations Management, Nashik557.6
40Presidency University, Bengaluru555.8
Dayananda Sagar University (School Of Commerce & Management), Bengaluru553.8
41KLE Technological University (School Of Management Studies And Research), Hubli551.3
ITM University Gwalior545.8
42Faculty Of Management Studies (Manav Rachna Institute Of Research And Studies), Faridabad544.9
Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bengaluru544.3
43Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Hyderabad543
St. Joseph’s Institute Of Management, Bengaluru522.8
44Kirloskar Institute Of Advanced Management Studies, Pune522.8
Institute Of Management Studies, Noida522.5
45KLS Institute Of Management Education And Research, Belgaum521.8
JSS Centre For Management Studies, Mysuru518.3
46JK Business School, Gurugram513.1
PSG Institute Of Management, Coimbatore503.4
47Indira School Of Business Studies, Pune502.9
Apeejay School Of Management, New Delhi502.9
48Ramaiah Institute Of Management Studies, Bengaluru500.7
Suryadatta Institute Of Management And Mass Communication, Pune499.3
49Gitam School Of International Business, Visakhapatnam498
G H Raisoni School Of Business Management, Nagpur485.9
50G.L. Bajaj Institute Of Management And Research, Greater Noida459.8
MODy University Of Science And Technlogy (School Of Mgmt Studies), Lakshmangarh457.1

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Top MBA Colleges in India with NIRF Rankings

We have listed the top MBA colleges in India with NIRF ranking 2021 based on post-MBA salary based on the most recent NIRF ranking 2021. The all-India ranking is given to the top 100 MBA colleges in India based on a variety of criteria, including teaching, learning, and resources, research and professional practises, graduation outcomes, outreach and inclusivity, and perception. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), XLRI, ISB, IIT, SPJIMR, FMS Delhi University, MDI, IMT, and many more are among the top MBA colleges in India.Here is a list of the top 10 MBA colleges in India with NIRF ranking 2022:

NIRF 2021 RankingCollege NameNIRF Score
1Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad83.69
2Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore83.48
3Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta80.04
4Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode73.34
5Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi72.15
6Indian Institute of Management, Indore71.1
7Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow71.02
8Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI)69.93
9Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur69.5
10Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay68.08

Top Executive MBA Colleges in India

Many of India’s top business schools offer specialised Executive MBA programmes for professionals in senior executive and managerial positions. While most of these institutes require 5-10 years of full-time work experience, some accept candidates with only 2-3 years of experience. In addition to the GMAT/GRE, these colleges accept the results of other MBA entrance exams or conduct their own tests.

Here is a wider range of top 20 Executive MBA Colleges in India. The following list presents institute rankings as published by reputable sources such as The Week, NIRF-MHRD, and India Today. The list is compiled based on average GMAT/other test scores, EMBA programme quality, top recruiters, placement success, and other factors. The table below shows Executive MBA courses offered by top Executive Colleges in India, as well as their criteria and other features.

Top Executive MBA Colleges in India

InstituteProgramme/sDuration & FormatEntrance TestMinimum Work Exp. (years)
Indian School of Business (ISB)PGPpro18 months (weekends)-5-12
PGPMAX15 months (part-time)-10
IIM Kashipur, DehradunMBA-WX2 year (weekends)CAT/GMAT score3
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), UdaipurMBA in
Global Supply Chain Management

Digital Enterprise Management
1 year (full-time)GMAT/ GRE
CAT score (taken in 2018 or later)
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), BangaloreEPGP1 year
PGPEM2 year (weekends)GMAT/ GRE/ CAT/ IIMB test4
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), AhmedabadMBA-PGPX1 year
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), CalcuttaMBAEx1 year
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), LucknowWMP / PGPWE2 years (weekends)GMAT/ CAT/ XAT/ GATE/PGP-WE Entrance Exam3
IPMX1 year full-timeGMAT5
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), KozhikodeEPGP2 years (weekend/evening/online)GMAT/ EMAT/ CAT3
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), IndoreEPGP1 year full-timeGMAT5
PGPMX2 years (weekends)Aptitude Test5
Xavier School of Management (XLRI), JamshedpurPGDM (GM)15 months full-timeGMAT/ XAT5
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), DelhiMBA Executive2 years full-time (evening)General Ability Test5
SP Jain School of Global ManagementE-MBA18 months (part-time)Aptitude Test3
Management Development Institute (MDI), GurgaonPGDM-EMP3 years
GMAT/ CAT/ MDI test3
Institute of Management Technology (IMT), GhaziabadPGDM Executive15 months full-timeGMAT/ CAT/ XAT5
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), DelhiEPGDIB18 months (weekends)-3
EPGDF18 months (weekends)-3
NMIMS School of Business ManagementEMBA15 or 24 months (part-time)GMAT/ NMAT/ Written Test5
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), PuneMBA Executive30 months (weekdays/
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), PuneMBA Executive30 months (weekends)Online Exam2
Great Lakes Institute of Management, ChennaiPGXPM20 months (part-time)CAT/ XAT/ EA by GMAC8
International Management Institute (IMI), DelhiExecutive PGDM15 months full-timeGMAT/ CAT/ XAT5
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), ShillongPGPEx-MBEE1 year (full-time)GMAT/ CAT5
MBA (Working Executives)2-3 years (weekends)-3-5
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), TiruchirappalliPGPBM2 years (weekend)GMAT/ CAT/ Written Test3

Top MBA Colleges in India Eligibility Criteria

The MBA course requires a graduation or equivalent from a recognised university; however, the minimum score requirement may vary for niche specialisations. Here are the Top MBA Colleges in Inida with eigilibility criteria:

  • As a basic eligibility requirement for MBA, candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline or its equivalent from a recognised university (full-time)
  • Most institutes adhere to the AICTE’s graduation minimum score criteria, which are 50% aggregate or equivalent and 5% relaxation for students from reserved categories.
  • Professional degree holders such as MBBS, CA, CS, and ICWAI, among others, are also eligible to pursue an MBA.

Top MBA Colleges in India with Fees Structure

We divided Top MBA colleges in India with Fees in two parts. First one is Top 10 Private MBA Colleges in India with fees Structure and other one is Top 10 Public or Government MBA Colleges in India with Fees Structure.  

Top 10 Private MBA Colleges in India with fees Structure

Private CollegesCourse Fee (in Rs)
XLRI Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur23.60 L
MDI Gurgaon21.34 L
NITIE, Mumbai11.33 L
SPJIMR, Mumbai17.87 L
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune10.20 L
SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies10.42 L
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai11.81 L
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi8.85 L
International Management Institute, Delhi18.34 L
ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad14.14 L

Top 10 Public or Government MBA Colleges in India with Fees Structure

Public CollegesCourse Fee (in Rs)
IIM Ahmedabad23.00 L
IIM Bangalore18.70 L
IIM Calcutta10.10 L
IIM Kozhikode20.50 L
IIT Delhi-DoMS8.80 L
IIM Indore17.06 L
IIM Lucknow5.69 L
IIT Kharagpur-VGSOM9.26 L
IIT Bombay-SJMSOM8.67 L
IIT Madras-DoMS8.00 L

Top MBA Colleges in India ROI

The Return on Investment (ROI) of the course is a major factor that influences any management institute’s ranking. But what exactly is ROI? ROI is defined as the difference or balance between the course fee and the salary offer after completing the course.

Top MBA colleges in India ROI is higher than the rest, which is why they are included in all-India rankings by agencies and business magazines. The top MBA colleges in India with NIRF rankings 2021 are listed below, along with the average annual fee and average placement package, its mean here are the Top MBA Colleges in India ROI:

Name of the CollegeAverage Annual Fee (in Rs)Average Placement Package (in Rs)
IIM Ahmedabad23 L26 LPA
IIM Bangalore23 L25 LPA
IIM Calcutta23 L27 LPA
IIM Kozhikode20 L22.50 LPA
IIT Delhi9.6 L18.47 LPA
IIM Indore15 L22.92 LPA
IIM Lucknow19 L24.25 LPA
XLRI Jamshedpur23 L18.80 LPA
IIT Kharagpur10 L18.00 LPA
IIT Bombay8.67 L21.96 LPA

Top MBA Colleges in India with Cut Off

In Top MBA Colleges in India with CUT off, IIM colleges CAT cut off are the highest. So we are listed IIM colleges name with CAT Cut Off score.

Name of the IIM collegeExpected CAT cut-off in percentile
IIM Ahmedabad100-99
IIM Bangalore100-99
IIM Calcutta99
IIM Lucknow97-98
IIM Indore97-98
IIM Kozhikode97-98
IIM Amritsar95-96
IIM Nagpur95-96
IIM Sambalpur95-96
IIM Tiruchirappalli94-95
IIM Raipur94-95
IIM Ranchi94-95
IIM Kashipur94-95

Best MBA colleges in India Placement wise

Here are the listed of Top MBA colleges in India Placement wise (Government Sector):

RankName of the CollegeHighest SalaryAverage SalaryNumber of Companies Visited
1IIM AhmedabadINR 39.81 LakhsINR 15.88 Lakhs125
2IIM BangaloreINR 01.00 CroreINR 26.00 Lakhs135
3IIM CalcuttaINR 75.00 LakhsINR 15.32 Lakhs393
4FMS DelhiINR 20.10 LakhsINR 15.40 Lakhs93
5XLRI, JamshedpurINR 26.00 LakhsINR 16.20 Lakhs48
6IIM IndoreINR 34.00 LakhsINR 12.10 Lakhs92
7NMIMSINR 30.00 LakhsINR 14.40 Lakhs140
8MDI GurgaonINR 22.80 LakhsINR 12.80 Lakhs74
9IIM LucknowINR 22.00 LakhsINR 15.80 Lakhs213
10IIM KozhikodeINR 33.00 LakhsINR 12.31 Lakhs146

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the No 1 MBA college in India?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad tops the list of India’s top MBA colleges, followed by IIM Bangalore, IIM Kolkata, and so on. NIRF rankings showcasing the top MBA colleges in India 2021 include the three mentioned above, as well as IIM Kozhikode, IITs such as IIT Delhi, and XLRI MDI Gurgaon, to name a few.

2. Between a private and a government MBA college, which is better?

Ans. Any MBA college that is UGC recognised and AICTE approved is a good choice because they provide the most up-to-date curriculum. However, the candidate must decide which MBA college to attend from among private and public institutions. Private institutions have better infrastructure, but government institutions have lower fees.

3. How much does MBA in India cost?

Ans. The average tuition fee for top MBA colleges in India is approximately INR 10,68,413 per year.

4. What is the duration of an MBA program?

Ans. The length of an MBA programme can range from one to two years.

5. What all changes can students make in CAT Application Form this year?

Ans. The form correction window for the CAT 2020 Application form has been extended until 5:00 PM on September 29 at IIM Indore. Students can make three changes with the permission of the IIM Council:
Try Out Your City Preferences
Any other changes will not be considered.

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