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MBA Colleges in Gurgaon 2021 – Courses, Fees, Admission, Rank
MBA Colleges in Gurgaon 2021 – Courses, Fees, Admission, Rank

MBA Colleges in Gurgaon 2023 – Courses, Fees, Admission, Rank

Best MBA colleges in Gurgaon offer great career opportunities to MBA graduates. With ample opportunities for students thinking to kickstart their business education with MBA, Gurgaon is home to various MBA colleges which provide quality education and ensure high placement records each year.

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Best MBA colleges in Gurgaon offer great career opportunities to MBA graduates. With ample opportunities for students thinking to kickstart their business education with MBA, Gurgaon is home to various MBA colleges which provide quality education and ensure high placement records each year.

MBA colleges in Gurgaon offer affordable choices for Studies. 

MBA colleges in Gurugram are challenging but not difficult to graduate. Many potential students ask if a top MBA college in Gurgaon is too difficult for an average student. The easy answer is “most likely not”. But, as you’ll probably learn during your MBA in Gurgaon, your attitude makes up over 50% of your professional success, anyway.

Jobs after management colleges in Gurgaon in Banking and Finance offer a starting salary of 10 to 15 lakhs per year. Though these big figures are reserved for the graduates of the top tier schools in the country, even a Gurugram MBA college can start you off with a good 4 to 5 lakh per year package.

There are many business schools in Gurgaon providing MBA/PGDM courses. An MBA degree in business school with low credibility will neither help you learn nor get a decent job after graduation. Hence, make it a point to aim for a reputed MBA college in Gurgaon. You must not only focus on ROI but also the learning experience, the overall development while choosing an MBA institute in Gurgaon. 

What is the cost of an MBA for students in Gurgaon? Students seeking to pursue one of the programs, such as an MBA and/or Master of Business Administration are highly sought-after. The best MBA schools in Gurgaon offer a variety of job opportunities. It is possible to be employed by well-known companies following the completion of an MBA degree or, if determined enough, you can create your own business. To be a successful businessman or entrepreneur, you have to select the right MBA program that offers you the assistance and guidance you require. If you pick the best institution or college and program, you will be more appealing to prospective employers.

There are the best MBA schools across the major cities of India Students highly recommend their MBA in Gurgaon due to their outstanding facilities. Students can complete their MBA in Gurgaon due to the presence of many top MNCs. This is why there are numerous MBA institutions in Gurgaon that makes choosing the best one difficult. Below is a list of the best MBA schools in Gurgaon that will offer you a top-quality education. It will help you to narrow your choices.

The Top MBA Institutions within Gurgaon (Fee structure)

When choosing the best MBA institution in Gurgaon is mostly determined by the cost structure. The opportunities to get an MBA at Gurgaon are plentiful and you must always think about the affordability aspect prior to deciding on the top colleges in Gurgaon. 

Here are the cost ranges of some of the top MBA schools in Gurugram.

The Best MBA Schools in Gurgaon:

This is a list of the top MBA college in Gurgaon with fees that are affordable.

The list of business school in GurgaonOwnershipFee structure
Management Development InstitutePrivateRs 6.76 lakhs- Rs 23.33 lakhs
GD Goenka UniversityPrivateThe cost is Rs 4.15 8.15 lakhs 8.15 lakhs
JK Business SchoolPrivate5.50 lakhs at Rs 5.50 lakhs
The NorthCap UniversityPrivate6.73 - 7.73 lakhs. 6.73 -- 7.73 lakhs
IBS Business SchoolPrivate8.01 lakhs. 8.01 lakhs

The top 5 B-schools in Gurgaon comprises:

Management Development Institute

  • MDI Gurgaon, one of the top business schools located in Gurgaon completed placing 2021 for the class 2019-2021, which saw the 5% increase in the average wage from Rs.22.05 LPA in the previous year. The salary increased to Rs.23.15 LPA for this academic year. Amazon provided the highest pay of Rs.44 LPA during the 2021 placement in comparison to Rs.40.50 LPA in the previous year which was an improvement of 8.6 percent.
  • A few of the management institute in Gurgaon accepting CAT scores include: MDI Gurgaon
  • Another time, MDI Gurgaon recorded 100 percent placement offers from top recruiters for its job in 2021.
  • MDI Gurgaon is known to be among the top MBA institutions within Gurgaon their final year of placement 2021 The Important Highlights
  • MDI Placement 2021 has the following key points:
  • By 2021 the average income will increase from the current Rs. 22 LPA to the amount of Rs. 23 LPA.
  • The salary average will increase by five percent up to Rs.23.15 each month by 2021. This is up from Rs.22.05 per month the year before.
  • The highest salary in 2021 was provided from Amazon with Rs.44 LPA, which is an increase of 8.6 percent from Rs.40.50 LPA in the previous year.
  • The 2021 deadline is when 128 businesses are expected to join in the program, which is up from 126 last year.
  • MBA schools in Gurgaon especially MDI are recruiting more than 60 new employees in 2021. That’s up from 41 in the previous year.
  • In terms of the greatest amount of job offers the top recruiters have the highest number of job offers
  • The 2021 position consisted of Deloitte, PwC, Cognizant and ICICI Bank. A very high-paying offer was offered by Amazon.
  • The campus is located in Gurgaon Haryana’s industrial center. The program offers students an exceptional creative environment that is that is surrounded by professionals from the industry. MDI has built a network of experts that has gained prominence over time. Many of them are currently working for top businesses, are entrepreneurs and have served their country. The top schools in Gurgaon Each year 700 new members join through the alumni group, making it more powerful than ever before.

MDI Gurgaon Highlights 2021

The main points of MDI Gurgaon are as follows:

Year of establishment1973
It is locatedGurugram, Haryana
The Institute has been accredited.AICTE, NBA, AMBA SAQs
Kind of institutionPrivate
MDI Rankings3 for Private MBAs by Outlook 2020
10 for MBA in Private by the NIRF 2020
6 points for MBA by Times 2020.
No. of courses are offered.10 (approx)
The courses offeredPG Executive PG Doctoral, MDP
All faculty members65+
Foreign collaborationsWith more than 70 B-schools
Most prestigious placement package (2020)Rs 40.5 LPA
Average placement package (2020)Rs 22.05 LPA
The type of scholarship offeredScholarships based on merit for PGPM
Fellowships for FPM

MDI Gurgaon Rankings 2022/2021/2020/2019

A top among the highly regarded PGPM institutes in India can be found in MDI Gurgaon. Based on its ranking throughout time this claim is a fact that can be verified. Outlook was ranked MDI Gurgaon 3 for a Private MBA in 2020. NIRF has ranked the institute as 10th for a private MBA for 2020. Other MDI Gurgaon rankings are listed below:

  • MDI Gurgaon Ranking 6 for MBA by the Times 2020

  • MDI Gurgaon Ranking 3 for Private MBA by The Week 2019

  • MDI Gurgaon Ranking 5 for MBA by BW Business World 2019

  • MDI Gurgaon Ranking 6 for MBA by Business Today 2019

  • MDI Gurgaon Ranking 8 for MBA by Composite Rank for 2019

  • MDI Gurgaon Ranking 9 for MBA by Economic Times 2019

MDI Gurgaon Courses, Fees and Courses 2022

MDI Gurgaon offers various PG executive PG, level PG and PhD management programs for its students. Their PGPM program is recognized by the NBA as well as MDI’s PG Management programs are accredited and recognized through The AICTE, New Delhi. Find below additional details on MDI Gurgaon’s programs:

  • MDI’s most prestigious course is the two-year fully-time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM). Five specializations are available.

  • Furthermore, MDI Gurgaon offers a two-year PGPM program that focuses on Human Resource Management and International.

  • MDI Gurgaon offers a two-year PGP-IB course in partnership with ESCP Europe

  • AMBA The AMBA, which is the Association of MBAs (UK) has accredits for the National Management Programme (NMP) as an executive-level 15-month program.

  • MDI’s Post Graduate Programme in Energy Management (PGP-EM) is designed to prepare future leaders for the energy industry for a period of 15 months. Students who have completed this program earn an PGDM (Energy Management) degree, which is approved by the AICTE and accredited by the AMBA.

  • PGP-PPM is an alternative that is offered by MDI. It’s a full-time housing program, which also includes a 2-week period at an international school of public policy during its initial year.

  • In addition, the institute offers an MBA postgraduate program (Executive Management Program) with six specializations (electives). There are four periods (each lasting three months) in this demanding program.

  • Apart from the above in addition, the institute provides FPM and E-FM courses at the doctoral level in addition to a handful of Management Development Programs, as well as an Executive Business Management Program specifically for Armed Forces Officers.

MDI Gurgaon offers the following specializations and charges for all of its courses:

CoursesSpecializationsCourse Fee
PGPM GeneralInformation Management, Finance Marketing, Finance, Information Management21.34 lakhs at Rs 21.34 lakh
PGPHRM, IB, Energy Management, PPM
National Management Programme (NMP)-15.35 lakh. 15.35 lakh
PGDM (Executive Management Programme)Marketing, Finance, Operations, Finance9.73 lakhs at 9.73 lakh
E-FPM-2.33 lakhs at Rs 2.33 lakh

There is a 38,000 rupee cost for FPM that includes an amount of Rs 25,000 for security deposits in addition to the alumni fee of Rs 13,000.

MDI Gurgaon Admission 2022

Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon admission process generally starts in September when registration is made and classes start in July-August for all classes. The students must take the specific course entrance test in order to be admitted to all classes.

MDI Gurgaon Admission 2022: Weightage Parameters for the Final Selection

MDI Gurgaon Admission 2022 Final Selection ComponentWeightage Percentage
Results of CAT 202155%
Score (includes Score (includes Class X and XII results, diversity within academics, diversity of gender along with work-related experience)15%
Personal Interview (PI)30%

How do I apply to MDI Gurgaon Admission 2022?

MDI Gurgaon Admission 2022 gives applicants the convenience of utilizing a single online application form that can be used to apply to the three programs. MDI Gurgaon and MDI Murshidabad provide the form on their respective websites. The cost is Rs.3000 per application.

The admission process for MDI Gurgaon’s diverse PGDM courses will be made at CAT 2021, which will be held on November 28, 2021.

MDI Gurgaon Admission 2022 [ Eligibility Criteria]

MDI Gurgaon’s requirements for admission to its PGDM/PGDM HRM and PGDM-IB programs are different from one another

  • In accordance with the PGDM/PGDM-HRM eligibility requirements the applicant must have an undergraduate degree of three years with at 50 percent scores or an equivalent grade point

  • To be eligible for PGDM IB The candidate must possess the degree for four years and earn a minimum of 50% or an equivalent CGPA

  • The minimum requirement for work experience for admission to the PGDM-IB program is 1 (1) year (one one year) after completing the post-qualification (4 years of Bachelor’s degrees).

  • The applicants must also have at minimum 50% in the classes of 10 and 12 in order to be eligible for the three programs.

  • The candidates who’ve met their requirements for a degree and are waiting on results, as well as those studying for the final year bachelor’s exam are qualified to apply.

MDI Gurgaon Student Exchange Programme

In order to help students gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing industrial companies in a globalized world The Student Exchange Program (SEP) in this school helps students develop their skills. Alongside this, MDI Gurgaon has formed friendships that are mutually beneficial to more than 70 B-schools across the globe, across countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Greece, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, the United States, Russia, and South Africa.

MDI Gurgaon Placements 2022/2021/2020

The data for MDI Gurgaon placements 2020, the median salary increased by 9.5 percent, to 22.05 LPA. According to Amazon the highest amount is 40.50 LPA, which is slightly less than the one provided by Google in the previous year (2019). MDI places 2020 also provide the following benefits:

  • In the final selection process the 126 companies that were selected offered positions across a variety of fields

  • Amount of Rs. 22 LPA was the median salary.

  • The E-commerce industry offered the highest pay

  • A salary of 22 LPA or more was negotiated in more than fifty% of the batch.

  • There are numerous prominent recruiters within India such as Amazon, Airtel, Asian Paints, Bajaj Auto, BCCL Boston Scientific, Bridgestone, Castrol, Coca-Cola, Flipkart, Godrej Industries, Grofers, Hero Electronix, and JCB as well as other.

MDI Gurgaon Scholarships 2022/2021

MDI Scholarships 2022 offer some scholarships for the PGPM students. They include institute-level scholarships as well as international scholarships and external scholarships.

Here are the specifics:

  • Students in the second year can be eligible to apply to be considered for OP Jindal MDI Scholarships 2022 valued at around Rs 1.5 lakh

  • MDI Scholarships 2022 provides five merit-based scholarships worth $10,000 each for the best five applicants at conclusion of the second academic year.

  • Several international scholarships are offered to students of MDI participating in MDI’s exchange program at MDI’s partner universities/business schools, including Sciences Po Lille (Lille), University of Maribor, NUCB Business School (Japan), etc.

Along with the awards available to PG Students, MDI Gurgaon offers FPM scholarships for non-MBA-students with a maximum duration of four years. It also offers scholarships for MBA students with a maximum period of three years. The amount of the scholarship will be 24000 rupees monthly for the initial two years, and $26,000 per month for the next two years. Furthermore, FPM students receive a contingency grant to fund their fieldwork, the purchase of books and other costs.

The institute also provides the option of loans for education and has formed partnerships with several banks like Canara Bank, Allahabad Bank and Bank of Maharashtra, among others, to provide similar.

The NorthCap University

  • The best private MBA schools in Delhi
  • NorthCap University was previously known as ITM University and was founded in 1996 by the Educate India Society. This university located in Gurugram, Haryana, is recognized with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) 2016-2021. Postgraduate and undergraduate programs are available in areas like engineering, management sciences, law, and science at this university.
  • The companies at this university have different sizes from start-ups to multinationals, and are operating across a range of industries. Due to SPA (School of Professional Attachment) the majority graduates have been employed by firms like Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company, Fidelity International, Intel, Protiviti Consulting, Siemens, Daikin, Orange Business Services, Ericsson Global, British Telecom, Optum, and an internship at Gurgaon for an MBA.
  • It is the NorthCap University Admission Process 2022/2021
  • The undergraduate courses offered at the university consist of B.Tech, B.Sc (Hons), B.Com, and BBA. Candidates must be able to show at least 60% of the aggregate from the 10+2 (English Medium) exam with the Science track from an accredited university to be eligible for B.Tech. Others UG courses require minimum 50% of the four most popular subjects. Admission to universities is determined by merit.

The NorthCap University Placements 2022/2021

Many companies from the university are in various fields in various sizes including start-ups and multinational corporations. The SPA assists businesses in connecting with employers, and the students to get amazing jobs in firms like Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company, Fidelity International, Intel, Protiviti Consulting, Siemens, Daikin, Orange Business Services, Ericsson Global, British Telecom, Optum, and numerous others.

IBS Business School, MBA college in Gurgaon

IBS Gurgaon campus IBS Gurgaon campus forms part of the nine IBS campuses across the country that include Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Jaipur as well as other campuses. One of the IBS’s campuses that is independent, IBS Gurgaon was established in 1995. It is not affiliated with a school nor an off-campus campus. The institute offers a two-year all-year PGDM course in Gurgaon, a rapidly growing business city MBA colleges Gurgaon.

IBS Gurgaon has an alumni database that includes more than 37,000 professionals working in the middle and senior levels in top firms around the globe This is apparent in the ranks it has achieved over time. Alongside its summer internship program of 14 weeks the institute gives students the chance to gain an experience in the field.

IBS Hyderabad Highlights 2021

A few of the most important points of the ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad are listed below:

Year of establishment1985
Also also referred toIBS Hyderabad
Type of InstitutePrivate
Affiliated withIFHE Hyderabad
Campus siteHyderabad
Accredited byNAAC, AACSB
Industry partnersGenpact, Value Labs LLP, Aptus Data Labs and Intelligroup among other companies
The number of courses available30+
The types of courses availableDoctoral-level, UG, doctoral-level or certification
Criteria for admissionBased on merit or entry criteria
Accepted entrance tests for admission- For MBA IBSAT/CATGMAT/NMAT
To pursue a PhD degree: IBSAT/ GMAT/ IBSAT/ GMAT/
Application modeOffline and online
Gender intakeCo-ed
Total faculty170+
Flagship programMBA
Batch strength1,100 (for MBA)
The highest wage (2019)Prices 16.05 LPA (domestic)
It is 50.23 LPA (international)
Method of learningFull-time, Part-time
Top recruitersWipro, Zomato, Oracle, Google, Aditya Birla Group, TCS, Flipkart, American Express, Nestle and 99 Acres
Amount of scholarships offered2
Scholarship criteriaMerit-based

IBS Hyderabad Ranking 2022/2021/2020/2019

IBS Hyderabad has been a best-ranked B-school in the rankings of various agencies and organizations. The details of the total IBS Hyderabad rankings are listed below:

  • 8. Ranking 8 for the Private MBA in IBS Hyderabad by Outlook 2020

  • NIRF 2020 ranks IBS Hyderabad 25th for MBA

  • India Today 2020 ranks IBS Hyderabad 25th for BBA

  • Top 15 in BBA according to Times of India for IBS Hyderabad

  • The Economic Times ranks IBS Hyderabad 20th in MBA in the year 2019.

  • In BW Business World 2019, IBS Hyderabad is ranked 21st in the world for MBAs

  • NIRF 2019 ranks IBS Hyderabad 26th for Private MBAs

  • IBS Hyderabad Ranking 36 for MBA by Composite Rank for 2019.

  • The ranking is 37 according to Business Today for Private MBA by IBS Hyderabad

  • Business Today ranked IBS Hyderabad 29th among Executive MBAs in 2017.

IBS Hyderabad MBA Admission Dates (2022-23 Batch)

The majority of IBS Hyderabad undergraduate and MBA admissions for the session 2021 are already completed. In addition, IBS has released the schedule for IBSAT 2021 to be held on all IBS campuses to accept applicants for the MBA 2022 batch.

Check out the table below for further details:

Important Dates 
1 Jul 21 -
16 Dec '21
IBSAT 2021 registration
25 Dec '21 -
26 Dec '21
IBSAT 2021 exam
Jan 22,IBSAT 2021's result
8 Jan'22 -
16 Jan'22
Briefings on selection to be held for MBA admission 2022-23

IBS Hyderabad Admission Process 2022/2021

IBS Hyderabad offers various UG, PG, certificate, and Ph.D. courses including BBA, MBA, BA E-MBA PGPA as well as Ph.D. for Management. IBS Hyderabad admission process is determined by merit and an acceptable score on the specific admission exam. Candidates interested in admission are able to apply either online or offline. Information is as follows:

  • Acceptance into BBA as well as BA for Economics programs is based on merit.

  • To be eligible for admission to MBA candidates must submit an acceptable score on the ICFAI Business School Aptitude Test (IBSAT)or GMAT/CAT or through GMAC and then a group discussion (GD) and a Personal interview (PI) round

  • The final selection of PGPA is dependent on the academic record of the candidate , as well as relevant work experience.

  • A valid IBSAT/CAT/GMAT score and a PI is the requirement for admission for admission to PhD

IBS Hyderabad Courses 2022

We provide management education in the undergraduate, postgraduate certificate, doctoral, and postgraduate degrees within IBS Hyderabad, including BBA and BA degrees for undergraduates, two-year MBA programs and the 21-month Executive MBA program, and year-long PGPA programme at PG level. There are also part-time and full-time doctoral degrees.

  • The three years of the BBA as well as BA in Economics courses lasts for two semesters each year.

  • IBS Hyderabad offers a two-year MBA program that offers four electives. These include Marketing, Finance, HR as well as Operations Information Technology.

  • The PGPA is specifically designed for professionals who have at least three years of work experience. The course introduces concepts of data analytics as well as their applications in various domains and verticals, such as Finance, Banking, Insurance, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Retail, Healthcare, etc.

  • The program runs for 21 months, and it has seven terms of three months. The courses are only offered on weekends and are designed for professionals in the workforce with more than two years of experience.

  • For those who want to teach or conducting research as well as consulting in Management the Full-time Ph.D. program is a residence program on the campus. Part-time Ph.D. candidates complete the coursework within two years. In addition, they must make six campus visits lasting every two weeks.

GD Goenka University

A private institution, GD Goenka University Gurgaon (GDGU Gurgaon) was established in 2013 and provides many programs to students. Over 3000 pupils have enrolled at GDGU Gurgaon and over 285 faculty members work at the university. GDGU Gurgaon has an area that covers more than 60 acres. This University of Goenka in Gurgaon is approved by the UGC as well as the AICTE.

Gurgaon School Ranking – Ranked #1 by Times-B Schools in the top Emerging BBA schools in 2021. GD Goenka University Gurugram is ranked 1 Times-B School among the top Emerging BBA Schools in 2021.

Admission is open to take two classes on GDGU Gurgaon. The Diploma and the Postgraduate Diploma are available. Studying full-time is the only method of learning in GD Goenka University Gurgaon. The university also offers a wide range of services to its students and employees. There are numerous facilities available in GDGU Gurgaon which include hostels, medical facilities and hostels and transportation facilities, sports facilities, and libraries.

GD Goenka University Highlights 2021

Year of establishment2013
Size of the campus60 Acres
Recognized byUGC, Government of Haryana
Approved byAICTE, COA, PCI, BCI, and NCTE
MembershipAIU, IAU, ACU
2021 RankingsThe school was ranked 1 by the Times-B School for Top Emerging Business Schools (2021)
1 Times-B School was ranked as one of the top emerging BBA School (2021)
Courses offered100+
Student numbers3,000+
Faculty count200+
Scholarships are offered in various types and numbers. providedFive: Merit-based, Need-based
Companies for recruitingWipro, Genpact, To The New, etc.
None of the companies that offer placements450+
No. of students employed1,000+
No. of schools15
GD Goenka University International Collaborations 2021Lancaster University, Seneca University, Murdoch University, Arizona State University, University of Essex

GD Goenka University Courses & Fees 2022/2021

GD Goenka University offers a range of courses like BSc, BTech, BArch, BCom, BPharma, LLB, BALLB, BBA, BCA, BDes, and many more.. GD Goenka University has 15 schools within the region. Diploma courses are also available. The length and cost of various courses differ.

GD Goenka University has the below information in detail about the courses it offers and its fees:

Course NameSpecializationTotal Fee
The BScBiotechnology Chemistry As well as Forensic Science Maths +2 additional specializationsINR 3,15,000
BTechComputer Science & Engineering (AIMI, CS, Data Science, IOT),
Mechanical Engineering,
Civil Engineering,
Biomedical Engineering + 2 additional specialisations
INR5,56,000- 9,80,000
BALLB(Hons)NAINR 11,95,000
BPharmaNAINR 6,60,000
BAEconomics English and Political Science and Phycology plus 2 additional specialisationsINR 6,00,000
BBAFinance, General Management, International Business, Marketing Management and 4 more areas of expertiseINR 9,30,000
MScChemistry As well as Forensic Science Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry plus 4 more specialisationsINR 210,000
BDesCommunication Design and Product Design Interior Design Fasion Design Plus other areas of expertiseINR 9,96,000
MBAFinance, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, International Business + 4 more specialisationsINR 7,50,000
MCANAINR 2,58,000

GD Goenka University Admission 2022 dates have not yet been made public
GD Goenka University Admission 2022/2021

GD Goenka University admissions process for 2022 is available for applicants.

First thing to note is that the application must be received by the 13th of October. The form can be filled out application online or handwritten.

To be admitted to most programs, GD Goenka University conducts its own admissions exam, Goenkan Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA). When the application deadline has been met the GATA is administered.

Exam scores can also be considered as a criterion to be considered for admission into certain courses.

The following is a list of requirements for obtaining eligibility for various courses:

CourseEligibility CriteriaEntrance Examination
BTechCandidates must pass the 12th grade with at minimum 50% of their marks and must pass the compulsory subject being Science.JEE MainGATA GATA
B.ScCandidate must have passed Class 12 in Science stream from a recognized board.GATA
BBACandidates must pass the class 12 exam at a recognized boardGATA
MBAYou must have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized college or universityGATA, GATA or
MTechBachelor's degreeplus 50% overall in qualifying examGATA
BComHave passed Class 12 on an approved boardGATA
BCAAchieved the Class 12 mark from an official boardGATA

GD Goenka University Placements 2022/2021/2020

Each year the majority of students attending GD Goenka University get placed. Numerous multinational companies work with the school.

The GD Goenka University Placement Information:

Total number of firms that are offering participation450+
Top RecruitersrecruitersWipro, Genpact, To The New, L&T etc
percent of students received90%
Average packageINR 3.5 LPA
Highest packageINR 31 LPA

GD Goenka University Placement 2020 Highlights

Most lucrative salary offered31 LPA
Average amount of salary provided3.5 LPA
The number of companies that have visited (BTech)168
Students who meet the criteria for placement (BTech)96
Numerous companies have offered employment to MBA students122
Prominent RecruitersWipro, To The New, Genpact, NIIT and BYJU'S

GD Goenka University Scholarships 2022/2021

Academic as well as sports and arts awards are made to deserving students of GD Goenka University. GD Goenka University, MBA college Gurgaon offers a variety of scholarships. Here’s more information on these scholarships:

  • Amount of 11 crores of scholarships to be awarded in 2021.

  • GD Goenka University offers 100 100% scholarship for tuition for students who merit it.

  • More than a dozen categories of scholarship are available.

Below are the merit-based scholarships available based on outcomes of the GD Goenka university Aspire Scholarship Test 2021.

  • Waiver of the whole program cost

  • No cost accommodation in hostels

  • Transportation at no cost
Aggregate ScoreScholarships Offered (in percent)
92.1 marks100 % Scholarship
85.1 92 marks50 % Scholarship
80-85 % marks30% Scholarship
70 marks - 79.99 marks20% Scholarship
60 - 69.99 Marks of %10% Scholarship

JK Business School ranking in Gurgaon

A part of an important Indian private sector organization, JK Business School (JKBS) is situated in Gurgaon. It is a school of Business and Management Studies, the school provides BBA as well as PGDM programs which are part of Gurugram University. AICTE recognizes JKBS’s most prestigious program which is the PGDM. Different IIMs provide the same type of full-time two-year credit-based management course. The faculty is strong of the institute, which includes visiting and core faculties (from IITs and IIMs). Candidates are accepted by merit. Applications online are open.

JK Business School ranking in Gurgaon BW Business World ranked JKBS Gurgaon second among private B-Schools in Haryana in 2021. More than 70 original research articles have appeared in Indian and international journals. They have also been given at conference.

It was the MBA College Gurgaon, JKBS, which attended the college during its recruitment campaign in 2021, provided the best international packages of 24,500 INR. Ernst and Young, HDFC, Berger Paints, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra, Aditya Birla Group, etc. were among the most prominent recruiters. The institute is in partnership with three other universities in the world that include The University of British Columbia, California State University, and the Wroclaw University of Economics.

JKBS Overview of Gurgaon 2022

Year of establishment2006
Size of the campus10 acres
Student intakeUG: 60
PG: 120
Affiliated withGurugram University
The number of teaching faculty27
RankingsIt was ranked 2 among the top private B-Schools in Haryana in the rankings of BW Business World in 2021
- Ranked 79th for private MBA in Business Today in 2020.
Courses offered (count specializations too)2 courses over 8 streams
Scholarships are offered in various types and numbers. provided- Entrance exam based scholarship
Dean's Rolling scholarship
-- Govind Hari Singhania Global Immersion Scholarship
Scholarships rangeINR between 20,000-40,000
Top recruitment companiesErnst and Young, HDFC, Berger Paints, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra, Aditya Birla Group
The highest pay package (2021)International Package INR 24 LPA
Domestic Package INR 16 LPA
Complete collaboration3
MoUs/collaborationsUniversity of British Columbia, California State University, Wroclaw University of Economics

JKBS Gurgaon Course and Fees 2022

There is an BBA program as well as the PGDM program at the institute. There are a variety of specializations available in students in the PGDM program. In contrast to the BBA program requires three years to finish The PGDM program takes about two years to finish.

In the following table, we have listed the best JKBS Gurgaon-based courses as well as their specializations and costs:

CourseSpecializationTotal Fee
BBANAINR 2,89,000
PGDMThere are the following areas of specialization offered The following specializations are available: Finance, Marketing Human Resources, and Business AnalyticsINR 6,99,100

JKBS Gurgaon Admission 2022

JKBS Gurgaon Admission 2022 consists of merit-based and entrance-based admissions based on the most recent qualifying exam.

PGDM applicants are selected by their performance in the entrance examor national-level admission exam (CAT/ ATMACMATMAT/GMATXAT/ equivalents) and MSG-WAT-PI. BBA admissions are determined by the screening process based upon results from Class 12 results which are followed by a group Discussion (GD) as well as a personal Interview (PI) and the Written Aptitude test (WAT). Exam (WAT). Applications are evaluated based on AICTE guidelines.

A selection of the most sought-after courses that are offered by JKBS Gurgaon, along with the requirements for admission are the following:

CourseEligibility CriteriaEntrance Test
BBAA degree as an undergraduate in any field from an accredited university, with an average grade of 50%.JKBS Written Aptitude Test (WAT)
PGDMA minimum of 50% is required in the class 12 streams of any streamCMAT/ MAT/ CATATMA/XAT GMAT

JKBS Gurgaon Placements 2022/2021

JKBS Gurgaon Placement 2022 data is not yet available and, in JKBS Placement 2021 offered the most international salary of INR 24 LPA in the JKBS placement program. The college has its own placement cell that gives students many jobs.

Below are some of the key points about JKBS Gurgaon’s positions in 2021

JKBS Gurgaon Placement 2021 Highlights 
The highest salary package available (International)INR 24 LPA
The highest salary package available (Domestic)INR 16 LPA
Top recruitersErnst and Young, HDFC, Berger Paints, Axis Bank, Mercury Solution, Kotak Mahindra, Aditya Birla Group, Calvin Klein, LIDO, Learning Routes

JKBS Gurgaon Scholarships 2022

The school offers three kinds of scholarships. These include Entrance Examination Based Scholarship, Govind Hari Singhania Global Immersion Scholarship as well as Dean’s Rolling Scholarships. JKBS Gurgaon’s scholarship details for 2022 are listed below:

Entrance Exam-Based Scholarship

Entrance ExaminationPercentiles RequiredScholarship Amount
>80INR 50,000
>90INR 70,000
CMAT/MAT> 80INR 35,000
>90INR 40,000
>95INR 50,000

Dean’s Rolling Scholarships

Scholarships that are equivalent to six-course credits are granted to the top 5 percent of students during each period by JKBS. The tuition fees are waived up in the amount of INR 224,000 each.

Govind Hari Singhania Global Immersion Scholarship

By utilizing this scholarship program students will be eligible to attend an international university (for one semester). Students who are selected must have an outstanding academic record. The scholarships are awarded to students who contribute significantly to the cost of foreign study programs. The program covers topics like Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Venture Formation, Finance, International Comparative Management, Cross-Cultural Analysis, and more. 

ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad

In 1985, the school was established. ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad is a part of the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) and is considered a university under the UGC Act 1956. Rated 25 for MBA by the NIRF in 2020 and 8 for private MBA according to Outlook 2020, and 25 for BBA in India Today 2020, IBS Hyderabad is regarded as the best business school in India. It is an affiliate of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)-USA Accredited to NAAC with an ‘A’ rating It has been accredited again through SAQS (South Asian Quality Standards) and is rated as with an A-grade by the CRISIL (national-level) and is awarded EB2 IN from ICRA.

The institute is known for its most prestigious MBA program, IBS Hyderabad also offers BBA, BA, E-MBA, and Ph.D. degrees in the discipline of Management. This institution offers one of the biggest MBA programs in Asia with a total enrollment of 1,100 students (2020 session). In order to provide a safe learning environment for this huge number of students, the institute has more than 170 professors (all are Ph.D. holders) within the institute. They have published more than 300 articles in national and international journals over the last three years.

These academic departments of the institute are divided into five departments, which include Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Strategy, Economics, Operations & IT, and Human Resources and Soft Skills. IBS Hyderabad also has a Case Research Centre which develops business case studies with an average of more than 100 cases a year that are used all over the globe for teaching in textbooks and in industry. In addition, to providing advanced technology teaching facilities for its learners, IBS Hyderabad has a Center for Management Development that provides opportunities for faculty members to interact with the industry. The emphasis is on learning that is student-centric that is accompanied by continuous feedback and evaluation It mainly offers the pedagogy of case studies for its flagship program.

The institute also provides students with the latest technology with a huge library comprised of 75,582 files and 62 national journals along with 46 foreign journals. Additionally campus, it is also equipped with connected to high-speed Wi-Fi. To provide the opportunity to be exposed on a global scale, IBS Hyderabad has formed MoUs with 15 universities in the USA, UK, Australia and Malaysia, and Australia, which allow their students to participate in a nine-month visit scholar program abroad.

IBS Hyderabad Highlights 2021

Some of the chief highlights around ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad are mentioned below:

Year of establishment1985
Also known asIBS Hyderabad
Institute typePrivate
Affiliated toIFHE Hyderabad
Campus locationHyderabad
Accredited byNAAC, AACSB
Industry partnersGenpact, Value Labs LLP, Aptus Data Labs and Intelligroup among others
Number of courses offered30+
Type of courses offeredUG, PG, doctoral-level, certificate
Admission criteriaEntrance-based or merit-based

IBS Hyderabad Ranking 2022/2021/2020/2019

Different organizations and agencies have ranked IBS Hyderabad as one of the top B-schools. Below are the details of all IBS Hyderabad rankings:

  • Outlook 2020 ranks IBS Hyderabad eighth for private MBAs

  • IBS Hyderabad ranked 25th for MBA by NIRF 2020

  • India Today’s ranking of IBS Hyderabad’s BBA program for 2020

  • The Times ranks IBS Hyderabad 15th for BBA in 2019

  • Economic Times ranks IBS Hyderabad 20th for MBA in 2019

  • BW Business World ranks IBS Hyderabad 21st for MBAs in 2019

  • NIRF 2019 ranks IBS Hyderabad 26th for Private MBA

  • IBS Hyderabad Ranking 36 for MBA by Composite Rank for 2019

  • Ranking 37 for Private MBA by Business Today 2019 for IBS Hyderabad

  • Business Today ranks IBS Hyderabad 29th for Executive MBA in 2017

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