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IIT Varanasi: Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi Scholarships Details

  • Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Government
  • 13th by NIRF under Engineering Category

Aditi Chaurasia

IIT-BHU Varanasi Scholarships

Is there any scholarship for BHU students? IIT-BHU offers financial aid to its needy students on the basis of different conditions. IIT-BHU scholarships are granted to deserving candidates who fulfill the eligibility of the scholarships so that they can perform satisfactorily in the institution.

Here are the details of Scholarships/ Financial aid provided by the Indian Institute of Technology-BHU:

Merit-cum-Means (MCM) Scholarship/Free Studentship

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Based on the score weightage of 50% JEE score and 50% qualifying examination score/marks.
  • The Gross Annual Income of a student’s parents/ guardian must not exceed Rs.4,50,000.

Application Process:

  • Fill up the online Scholarship Application Form
  • Attach relevant documents
  • Attach annexures/forms related to parental income certificates
  • Print out the hard copy of the forms and documents
  • Parents'/Students' signatures should be put and then submitted

Documents Required:

  • Salary Certificate for the Financial Year
  • Copy of Income Certificate from local District Authorities
  • Annual Income Affidavit for the financial year
  • copies of ITR Form/IT Return
  • Annual Pension Payment Certificate (For Pensioners)
  • Copy of PPO, Superannuating/Retirement/Termination letter (For Pensioners)


  • Scholarships based on merit are provided at a rate of Rs. 1,000 per month with free tuition per semester to a maximum of 25 percent of sanctioned undergraduate students.

Top Class Education for Schedule Tribes (ST) and Schedule Caste (SC) Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students belonging to ST/SC Category
  • Parental income is less than INR 6.0 LPA

Application Process:

  • Apply online at National Scholarship Portal
  • Fill up the form and upload the necessary documents
  • Hard copies of forms and documents should be submitted before the tentative date
  • Original certificates should be kept in hand at the time of verification

Documents Required:

  • Parental Income Certificate
  • 12th Marksheet and Passing Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Adhar-based Bank Account Details
  • Aadhar Card
  • Undertaking by students to the effect that he/she is not in receipt of any other scholarship from any source


  • Exemption of Tuition Fees
  • The scholarship amount of INR 300 per month / Exemption of Hostel Fees / Exemption of Mess charges
  • Special facilities for library books

Government Sponsored Scholarships

  1. National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students 
  2. Prathibha Scholarships
  3. N.C. Jain Scholarship to First year B. Tech/IDD/IMD students

IIT-BHU Varanasi Scholarships Guidelines

  1. In general, scholarships should be given to students from low-income families who have a high CPI (for example, students whose families make up to Rs. 5 Lakh per year).
  2. There are two ways to start a scholarship: by creating an endowment or by paying the student directly. Something other than a person, like a trust, a group, an agency, etc. Here are the terms and conditions for both: a) Recurring Scholarships: At least Rs. 3,000 per month for at least 10 months in an Academic Year. If the number of awards or the amount of awards goes up, so will the amount of the fund. The minimum endowment amount for a single giver will be Rs. 30,000 Lakh, while it will be Rs. 50,000 Lakh for everyone else. b) One-time award scholarship: It will pay back half or all of the student's tuition fee after he or she has successfully registered for each term. For this reason, the Senate Scholarship Committee of the Institute will decide on the amount of the gift.
  3. There will be two ways for scholarships to be paid: a) Payment by the Institute: The donor will give the endowment money to the Institute, which will then spend it wisely. Institute will make the bill and pay the grant at the end of each semester with interest from endowment funds. b) Payment by the Donor: An endowment fund doesn't have to be set up by the giver. The scholarship amount will be paid straight to the student's account by the donor, who will let the Institute know.
  4. The amount of the fund will be good for five years from the date it was set up. After that, it will be looked at again to see if it needs to be increased since interest rates are always going down.

IIT-BHU Varanasi Scholarships FAQs

Q. Is there any scholarship for IIT students?

Ans. Students from the relevant states are granted National Scholarships. The applications are transmitted via IIT. Annually awarded/renewable scholarships for which students must submit a progress report at the beginning of each school year.

Q. Can I study at IIT for free?

Ans. You can basically study for free in NITs/IITs, however, schools do provide a variety of scholarships and reimbursements based on family income. Thus, you must pay a negligible amount over a period of four years.

Q. Does IIT BHU Varanasi provides scholarships?

Ans. Yes, scholarships/financial aids are available at the Indian Institute of Technology-BHU.

Q. Do IIT students get scholarships?

Ans. The students from the relevant states are given national scholarships. IIT is used to forward applications. Every year, these scholarships are given out or renewed, and to be considered, students must submit a progress report at the start of the academic year.

Q. What are the tuition fees of IIT BHU?

Ans. IIT Varanasi average Tuition Fee is INR 46,398 per annum

Q. What are the hostel fees at IIT BHU?

Ans. IIT Varanasi Hostel Fee is INR 4.70 K. All Hostelers are required to deposit a Mess Advance Charge of Rs. 12000/- in each Semester (Odd and Even) and Rs. 6000/- for the Summer Term.