Part-Time MBA

Many foundations offer normal full-time MBA or PGDM programs, however, it isn't feasible for all to seek after administration programs through customary study hall learning mode, with a program length of two years. As far as they might be concerned, a Part-Time MBA is a decent decision to seek after their fantasy about doing MBA. In like manner, numerous MBA schools have begun offering part-time MBAs in India.
Part-Time MBA

Many foundations offer normal full-time MBA or PGDM programs, however, it isn’t feasible for all to seek after administration programs through customary study hall learning mode, with a program length of two years. As far as they might be concerned, a Part-Time MBA is a decent decision to seek after their fantasy about doing an MBA. In like manner, numerous MBA schools have begun offering part-time MBAs in India. The career development through Part-Time MBA in India is rising quickly and presently the Best Part Time MBA Degrees in India 2019 are presented by MDI, IMT, Symbiosis, and NMIMS among others. Plus, Part Time MBA from IIMs has likewise fortified the idea of doing Part Time MBA Courses. According to MDI Gurgaon, “MDI’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive Management Program) is a thorough, requesting, and significant program for the functioning chiefs who have no earlier openness to formal administration schooling.”

Key Features of Part-Time MBA

A portion of the vital elements of seeking Part Time MBA from top MBA universities are:

  • Educational program: Part-time MBA has a comparative educational program to that of Full Time MBA.
  • Advantageous: Since classes are hung at the ends of the week and outside business hours on work days the part-time MBA program is more adaptable when contrasted with a full-time MBA.
  • Appealing: Adding an MBA degree alongside your present place of employment is one of the most appealing highlights of scrutinizing a part-time MBA course
  • Organizing: Networking is the embodiment of an MBA program and a part-time MBA offers extraordinary chances for systems administration both in your current association and with different experts you meet through the course.
  • High ROI: An enormous part of experts will most likely be unable to pay the fee of a full-time progressed MBA program. In this manner, a part-time MBA is less expensive and practical

Frequently Executive MBA is mistaken for 1 Year MBA. Both are very unique. Peruse Executive MBA in India

Benefits and Disadvantages of Part-Time MBA

Seeking a Part-Time MBA enjoys its own benefits too disservices relying on the prerequisites of MBA applicant:

Benefits of Doing Part-Time MBA: Pros

In the event that you are a functioning proficient, have less time, wish to acquire by spending less, or need to have career development inside the association, the part-time MBA is a decent recommendation for you:

  • Adaptable: Since classes are hung at the ends of the week and outside business hours on non-weekend days the Part-Time  MBA program is more adaptable when contrasted with the full-time MBA.
  • Low Fee: The fee for a Part-time MBA is low when contrasted with a full-time MBA and since you are chasing after MBA alongside the Job, you get to acquire while seeking a Part-Time  MBA.
  • Learning: Generally personnel for a Part-Time MBA is the same or at standard as the full-time MBA in a foundation, subsequently opportunity for growth is comparable with a full-time MBA.
  • Openness: Since you are chasing after MBA alongside the Job, you get to apply and clean your administrative abilities along the Part-Time  MBA
  • Career Growth: A Part-Time  MBA program, allows you to assess whether the career development you are expecting is as per the interest of the business or not, and assists you with fostering the essential abilities, meanwhile you hold down a task.

Weaknesses of Doing Part-Time MBA: Cons

Despite the fact that, MBA or identical capability places a competitor into quick track work profiles where they collaborate with clients and drive business objectives putting themselves on a development way, you might lose interest in doing an MBA because of the more drawn-out term of Part-time MBA, may feel tired in the wake of working hours, may not get advantages of friend learning or more all the top corporates may not give any weightage to the Part-Time  MBA. This multitude of focuses shared beneath may conflict with doing the Part-Time  MBA in the event that you can do the standard 2 years full-time MBA

  • Longer Duration: Generally Part-Time  MBA is spread over the term of 3 years; the span of the program is longer when contrasted with a long-term full-time MBA or Year Executive MBA.
  • Comprehensive: Working while at the same time seeking after Part-Time  MBA can be thorough some of the time and a piece dreary to adjust both things simultaneously.
  • Absence of On-Campus Experience: Despite having a similar educational plan, a Part-Time  MBA misses the mark on meticulousness and numerous other critical advantages of a full-time program. Students additionally miss out on useful homeroom meetings and intelligent conversations with peers.
  • Notoriety inside Corporates: Generally a full-time MBA is more ideal when contrasted with a Part-Time  MBA while enrolling competitors with comparable jobs and profiles.
  • Higher Dropouts: Institutes have likewise noticed countless dropouts over the span of Part-Time  MBA programs. Not the up-and-comers are all ready to commit and adjust to learning through a distance arrangement.

Part-Time  MBA from IIM

You can decide to seek the best Part-Time  MBA program from IIM too. IIMs are among the top Part-Time  MBA schools in India that proposition the best Part-Time  MBA degrees in India. Among the highest level IIMs, Part-Time  MBA from IIMs is accessible at IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, and other IIMs recorded beneath:

IIMs with Part Time MBAMinimum Work Experience RequiredExams AcceptedPart-Time MBA Fee at IIM ( Lakhs)Last Date to Apply
IIM Bangalore
2 years PGPEM
4 YearsCAT/GMAT/GRE/IIMB Test18,50,00016-Jan-19
IIM Lucknow
2 years PGPM-WMP
3 YearsCAT/GMAT/XAT/GATE/ WMP Entrance Exam13,55,00031-Jan-19
IIM Indore
2 years PGPMX at the Mumbai campus
5 Years —15,00,00020-Feb-19
IIM Kozhikode
2 Years EPGP (Kozhikode campus)
3 YearsCAT/GMAT/EMAT-Executive Management Aptitude Test10,00,000Aug-19
IIM Kozhikode
2 Years EPGP (Kochi campus)
3 YearsCAT/GMAT/EMAT-Executive Management Aptitude Test8,00,000Aug-19
IIM Tiruchirappalli (Chennai Campus)
2 years PGPBM
3 YearsCAT/GMAT/Own Test11,80,000Jun-19
IIM Kashipur (Dehradun campus)
2 years MBA WX
3 YearsCAT/GMAT/EMAT4-Apr-19

Top 10 Part-Time MBA Colleges in India

Among the main ten Part-Time  MBA universities in India with their Part-Time MBA Fees for various Part-Time  MBA courses are top PGDM schools like MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad, NMIMS Mumbai, SIBM Pune, K J Somaiya, and others. Here is the rundown of the top 10 Part-time MBA universities in India:

Part-Time MBA collegeMinimum Work Experience RequiredExams AcceptedPart-Time MBA Fee for 3 years (Rs. in Lakhs)Last date to apply
XLRI Jamshedpur
PGDM (BM) –Part Time
2 YearsWritten Aptitude Test10,72,00031 March 2019
MDI Gurgaon
PGDM (Executive Management Program)
2 YearsCAT/GMAT/MDI Test9,73,000February 15, 2019 (for April Admission)And August 23, 2019 (for October Admission)
FMS Delhi
MBA Executive
5 YearsGeneral Ability Test51,000Nov-19
IMT Ghaziabad
PGDM Part Time
2 YearsWritten assessment exercise6,00,000ONLINE APPLICATION OPENS ON: January 2019 last week
JBIMS Mumbai
Masters in Management-Part Time
2 YearsCommon Entrance Test1,53,000Nov-19
K J Somaiya Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
Masters in marketing management master in financial management master in HRD management master in information management
2 YearsOwn Test2,65,73423rd March 2019
School of Business Management –NMIMS, Mumbai
MBA Part Time
2 Years 4,75,0005th May 2019
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune
MBA Executive
2 YearsOwn Test6,10,00015th March 2019
LBSIM New Delhi
PGDM Part Time
2 Years3,25,000 
IFIM Bangalore
PGDM for Working Professionals
2 Years3,50,000Admissions Open for PGDM WP 2019 Batch

Part-Time  MBA Fee

The part-time MBA fee is substantially less than the normal MBA program fee. For instance, MDI Gurgaon offers 3 years Part Time PGPM at Rs. 9.73 lakhs as against full-time 2 years PGPM at Rs. 21.34 lakhs.

Part-Time  MBA Course Duration

Part-Time  MBA or PGDM is regularly spread over from 2 years to 3 years with end-of-the-week or night classes at the school grounds.

Part-Time  MBA, in spite of being of a late beginning, has turned into a favored administration program for working experts. Many working experts in the wake of following through with their tasks exchanged over to business which is considered the best Part-Time  MBA position. Thus, for the people who wish to set out on Entrepreneurship with administrative abilities, a Part-time MBA can end up being a decent choice.

The goal of choosing a Part-time MBA is more centered around administrative expertise improvement without leaving your place of employment than looking for new Placements. Albeit an ever-increasing number of up-and-comers, particularly working experts who don’t wish to stop occupations, are choosing Part-Time  MBA, the career development after fruition of Part-Time  MBA lies more inside the association where you are filling in as you get an additional capability.

With the ability improvement, there is no question that Part-time MBA Placements additionally go up inside your association, you are as of now working. Plus, numerous scouts additionally lean toward up-and-comers with working experience clubbed with Part-Time  MBA in positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Part-Time MBA

Q1: For whom is the Part-time MBA the most appropriate?

Ans. A part-time MBA is the most ideal for working experts who can’t bear to contribute the imperative time and assets expected for the full-time Executive MBA. This permits them to go to night or end-of-the-week classes, which would allow the students to go on with their positions close by redesigning their ranges of abilities and adding an ‘MBA’ tag to their profiles.

Q2: How is a Part-time MBA better in contrast with the full-time MBA/Executive MBA or Distance MBA programs?

Ans. While a full-time program would require 100 percent contribution and the greater part of the projects and private ones. Then again, Distance MBA programs are presented in an online mode wherein direct correspondence with the employees or individual students. The Part-Time MBA module deals with both these perspectives. Not exclusively is the program more reasonable, yet it likewise permits one to soak up the learnings in a study hall climate which is presented in a teaching method that is a blend of customary and current techniques. This mode additionally empowers students to connect with the teachers, visitor speakers from ventures, and individual students during or after the classes.

Q3: What is the term of a Part-time MBA?

Ans. The term of a Part-time MBA is adaptable. Students can finish the program according to their comfort and abilities within three to five years. Each organization has its particular length and some of them additionally permit students to take an expansion to finish the program. This is the adaptability presented by the foundations to the Part-time MBA students since they are seeking after the program while going on with their positions.

Q4: Is the educational program of a Part-time MBA as thorough as a full-time MBA?

Ans. When contrasted with the full-time Executive MBA program, the meticulousness is a lot lesser in a Part-time MBA. The educational program or the course configuration is substantially more adaptable to give the students give a breather to adjust their positions as well as concentrate proficiently. Since the classes are led on the nights or ends of the week, students can set up their timetable to review or finish tasks without hampering their expert obligations.

Q5: Shall I choose a specific Part-time MBA or a nonexclusive one?

Ans. This is a choice that an understudy ought to take in light of his/her career desire or objective. In the event that s/he means to work in a specific area, picking a reasonable specialization is ideal. Then again, if the understudy has any desire to succeed in the current work and get the administration examples on each capability to prepare up for a position of authority, then a general Part-time MBA would get the job done. Besides, there are a few electives to settle on in a general Part-time MBA program too, which an understudy can pick in view of his/her advantage regions.

Q6: Is there an age limit for the students keen on chasing after a Part-time MBA program?

Ans. Although there is no immovable basis for age limit, a portion of the establishments truly do have age limit standards, which go from 27 years to 50 years.

Q7: What sort of industry openness could an understudy at any point anticipate from Part-time MBA courses?

Ans. Owing to the course plan, there is no extent of industry preparation or visits. In addition, since the students are working experts, they are now mindful of the significant capabilities and activities engaged with an association. Nonetheless, the B-schools really do organize visitor addresses from industry specialists to give new experiences on the best administration practices and patterns. Additionally, there is an adequate extent of friends gained from individual students who come from different foundations regarding areas and capabilities.

Q8: Are position processes led after the result of the program?

Ans. No, the situation cycle isn’t led by the establishments after the program consummation. Since the program is gone to by working experts, who need to take their career at a higher level, situation support isn’t given by the foundations.

Q9: Since there is no situation presented by the foundations, what are the degrees for a student after the program?

Ans. The extension lies in taking a jump in the current career or work. To get elevated to a higher administrative post, a Part-time MBA would give him/her a truly necessary push to move up the professional bureaucracy. In the event that he/she needs to change her career way or investigate a really difficult influential position in an alternate industry type or association in a similar area, the Part-time MBA would be the guide to the new road, without enjoying some time off from the gig and suspending the procuring. Some may likewise prefer to wander into business after the course fruition.

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