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Online MBA in the USA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are among the most prestigious and coveted educational programs in the United States. Having an MBA degree boosts your career prospects in a wide range of industries, including academics and business, as well as healthcare and IT.

 Saurav Anand 15/12/2021
Online MBA in the USA
Online MBA in the USA

1. General Management

One of the most popular MBA specializations of all time is General Management. Almost every industry sector can benefit from the skills and knowledge students gain through this course. It enables learners to develop skills like critical thinking, problem-solving mindsets, and risk management, which are useful for a variety of administrative and management roles.

Course topics include Business Analytics, Thought Leadership, Professional Development, Project Management, Marketing Management, and Organizational Behavior.

2. International Management

MBAs in International Management are a good choice for candidates who wish to work in multinational companies or abroad. Students learn about a variety of topics, including finance, business strategy, operations management, and international business. This course will give you the skills you need to do business with people and organizations around the world.

3. Marketing

An MBA in Marketing is the perfect choice for aspirants who wish to scale up to managerial or senior executive positions. The subjects covered in this course are Product Development, Marketing Research, Branding, Advertising Management, Digital Marketing, etc.

Students learn how to strategize on product development, promote products/services, plan and implement marketing campaigns, and communicate with customers. These skills are relevant to both B2B and B2C companies.

4. HR Management

Human Resource Management is designed to help learners take their interpersonal and people skills to the next level. It focuses on teaching students how to deal with matters on business administration and people management.

The course curriculum includes Organisational Behaviour, Business Law, Managerial Finance, Management Principles, etc. HR skills are versatile since they apply to all sectors.

5. Management Consulting

Management Consulting focuses on training students to help organizations improve their overall performance. Students learn subjects like Marketing, Consulting & People Skills, Enterprise Resource Planning, Leadership & Managing Change, Managing People & Organizations, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Managerial Economics, among other things. This course is ideal for candidates possessing a knack for communicating with people and influencing them positively.

6. Finance

MBA candidates with an analytical mind and a love of numbers should consider an MBA in Finance. Portfolio Management, Corporate Budgeting, Investment Analysis, Fund Management, etc. are covered in depth in this course. MBAs in finance can land rewarding jobs such as Investment Bankers, Finance Managers, Financial Controllers, and Chief Financial Officers.

7. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship MBAs are designed for those who are passionate about starting their own business and becoming their own boss. It covers a wide range of topics, including Product Design, Marketing, Business Innovation, Business Development, Venture Feasibility, Resource Management, and Entrepreneurial Strategies.

8. Operations Management

An MBA in Operations Management course focuses exclusively on planning, organizing, managing, and optimizing business operations and production activities to achieve maximum efficiency. Students are taught how to apply analytical skills and use statistical models to improve system performance, enhance product quality, and reduce production costs.

9. Business Strategy

Students in a Business Strategy program learn how to diagnose business challenges and develop solutions. This course covers a wide range of topics, such as business planning & development, risk management, consulting, and making actionable business decisions. Among the subjects offered are Business Policies & Strategic Management, Modern Business Organization and Management, Accounting & Financial Management, Strategic Marketing Management, and Strategic Human Resource Management.

10. IT Management

Those who are passionate about technology are best suited to IT Management. Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, Business Communication, System Analysis and Design, and Information Technology Management are among the topics covered. By gaining knowledge in these areas, candidates can find innovative IT solutions to help companies stand out in the market.

Learn MBA online: The upGrad advantage

The growing popularity of online MBA programs is largely due to their affordability, flexibility, and worldwide recognition. MBA courses can be pursued online as they allow you to balance your education and work commitments while simultaneously upskilling. Studying online for an MBA does not have to compromise your personal or professional life.

Here are a few online MBA programs to consider if you’re looking for a graduate degree

1. MBA (Global), Deakin Business School (DBS)

In collaboration with Deakin Business School and IMT Ghaziabad, this is a two-year Global MBA program. Curriculum topics include Business Growth Strategies, Financing Strategies, Strategic Thinking, Design Thinking, Change Management, and International Business.

Business Development/Strategy, Management Consulting, Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management are all areas where you can succeed. Candidates will receive 360-degree placement support from upGrad.

2. MBA, Liverpool Business School (LBS)

Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad offer this 20-month MBA course jointly. Six specializations are available to students: Finance, Operations, Marketing, Business Analytics, and Strategy & Leadership.

Different subjects are covered, including Business Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Digital Business Innovation, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Risk Management, and Project Management. Further, learners take part in a week-long immersion program on the campus of the university. After completing the program, students receive an MBA degree from LBS and a PMP in Management from IMT Ghaziabad.

3. MBA (Business Analytics), NMIMS Global Access School

The program focuses on Business Analytics for Executive MBAs. Students gain an in-depth understanding of Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Supply Chain in 15 months. The learners also learn how to use Big Data and Machine Learning technologies in addition to developing core management skills across these domains.

Candidates who earn this certification can work in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Management Consulting, Business Development, and Business Analytics roles.

4. MBA in Digital Finance & Banking, Jindal Global University

Aspirants can build a successful career in BFSI with an MBA in Digital Finance & Banking program. It is a 24-month program. The course is designed by upGrad in partnership with O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU), an internationally acclaimed institution.

In addition to topics specific to the finance industry, the course covers topics such as Fintech Ecosystems Management, Data Visualization in Finance, Business Leadership, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, and Digital Fraud and Risk Analytics.

Skills Required for MBA

By combining business sense with professional competence, an MBA combines the best of both worlds. Candidates must possess a set of hard and soft skills to succeed in the job market. Among the most desired MBA skills are analytical thinking, problem solving, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills.

Globally, employers look for candidates who can

  • Be able to prioritize and manage multiple projects
  • Be able to build healthy relationships in the industry.
  • Collaborate with colleagues from various departments
  • Employ the right mix of business tools in solving complex problems
  • Analyze the digital impact on businesses in the current market.
  • Team members, stakeholders, and executives should be able to understand your ideas clearly

In addition to these skills, the MBA skill set includes many more. As industry needs and technologies continue to evolve across different sectors, employers expect MBA graduates to possess new-age skills, such as

  • Using social media channels and tools
  • Knowledge of risk management and market research.
  • Expertise in Big Data analysis and financial forecasting.
  • Skill in brand storytelling and digital marketing.
  • Making ethical business decisions that adhere to a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Team members, stakeholders, and executives should be able to understand your ideas clearly

If an MBA graduate possesses these skills, he or she will be a valuable asset to any business.

These online MBA courses are all designed to meet global MBA standards. They are introduced to theoretical concepts, work on case studies and real-world projects, and participate in live discussions, mock interviews, resume-building sessions, and offline networking events. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for the job market.

The Global MBA Program at Deakin Business School and upGrad may be of interest to you if you are looking to advance your career. The program is designed to compete with the best on-campus MBA programs worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is MBA from Upgrad recognized worldwide?

Ans. When judged on the basis of the Course Curriculum, Faculty, and Metrics, a Global MBA from Upgrad is fine. However, when it comes to India, these Online MBA Programs at Global B Schools have a somewhat lower corporate and employer outlook.

Q. Is an online MBA accepted?

Ans. Companies recognize online MBA programs if the degree is from a reputable and recognized institution. For students to improve their career prospects, they should also have earned good grades or marks in the program.

Q. Is UpGrad UGC approved?

Ans. In partnership with universities, upGrad offers young Indians a 360-degree university experience online with University Grants Commission (UGC) accredited and World Education Services (WES) accredited degree courses.

Q. Is an online MBA worth valuable?

Ans. An online MBA program is a good choice for people planning to work while earning their MBA degree due to its flexible structure.

Q. Is an online MBA difficult?

Ans. Online MBAs are the Easiest Option for Many, although the work itself can be challenging. The work you put in will pay off handsomely once you have your MBA. Nevertheless, the easiest way to earn an MBA is by far online.

Q. Is upGrad MBA Aicte approved?

Ans. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), an undertaking of the Ministry of Human Resources Development, has selected upGrad to make topics like AI and machine learning accessible to all. Programs offered by the company are accredited by NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation).

Q. Does UpGrad provide a job guarantee?

Ans. You can find some of the best online learning courses at UpGrad. Make note that Upgrad courses come with a 100% job guarantee for new graduates and first-time job-seekers.

Q. How many hours a week does an online MBA take?

Ans. Although 100% of Online MBA degree students do not physically attend classes, they should plan to devote at least 12 to 15 hours per week to reading, reviewing course materials, participating in discussion boards, working on assignments, and generally studying.

Q. Are foreign online degrees valid in India?

Ans. The degrees awarded by foreign universities on offshore campuses are only valid in India if the offshore campus is approved by the government of that country. The AIU does not recognize foreign degrees awarded by pathway or diploma-level institutions.

Q. What is the salary after MBA?

Ans. The starting salary for MBAs in Banking and Finance is between 10 and 15 lakhs per year. Even if these figures are reserved for graduates of the top tier schools in the country, an MBA from a non-top tier school can start you off with around 4 to 5 lakhs.

Q. Is it worth doing a global MBA?

Ans. An MBA can help you broaden your career opportunities by opening doors to a range of exciting job prospects. MBA is an internationally recognized postgraduate program, so acquiring one from a renowned institute can add value to your portfolio.

Q. How hard is it to get an online MBA?

Ans. Online MBA programs are almost certainly easier to get into than traditional MBA programs. A 2012 study by the Graduate Management Admission Council found that conventional MBA programs had a higher median acceptance rate than full-time MBA programs at 45 percent.

Q. Which online MBA program is the best?

Best Online MBA Programs

  • Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
  • University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)
  • Indiana University–Bloomington (Kelley)
  • University of Southern California (Marshall)
  • University of Florida (Warrington)
  • Arizona State University (Carey)
  • Pennsylvania State University–World Campus

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