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Online B.Com Courses (B.Com Distance Program 2022-23)

Online B.Com Courses (B.Com Distance Program 2022-23)

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a three-year undergrad program. BCom is one of the most well known and most pursued courses for students who wish to seek after their careers in the field of commerce. In India, BCom courses are presented at the undergrad level as BCom and BCom Honors.

Online BCOM Course

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)is a three-year undergrad program. BCom is one of the most well known and most pursued courses for students who wish to seek after their careers in the field of commerce. In India, BCom courses are presented at the undergrad level as BCom and BCom Honors. BCom is a passage to a career in commerce, finance, bookkeeping, banking and protection. The course is presented in full-time, parttime, distance-advancing as well as online methods of study.

Online BCom has acquired a ton of fame lately and with the Covid pandemic, it is progressively acquiring unmistakable quality. Online BCom is an advantageous, simple and reasonable method for acquiring a guaranteed graduation degree. The course is exceptionally intended for students to concentrate on the course without the limitation of reality.

The length of an online BCom degree is three years and it familiarizes the students well with the information on Business Communication, Accounting, Finance, Business Law, and so on. The degree gives general data about the business world and inside and out information about funding and bookkeeping.

Students who complete a BCom degree, have the chance to pick their career in different fields like administration, reporting, publicizing, regulation, plan, and so forth

Many such subjects of Bachelor of Commerce are shown online which turns into a significant assistance for students. There are both paid and free courses relying on the understudy. There are Diploma and Certificate Courses as indicated by the need of the understudy.

BCom Online is likewise a long term course which assists students with promoting their insight about Business Communication, Financial and Corporate Accounting, Business Law and Accounting. There are very little choices for BCom Online Program as this is given by a small bunch of universities.

Why Study BCom Online?

A portion of the fundamental motivation to concentrate on BCom courses online are referenced beneath:

The understudy will be familiar with a great deal of subjects which won’t be important for the schedule.

No movement time required which will assist the understudy with centering with more energy.

The course is self-guided which permits the students to learn at his own speed and along these lines there is no additional tension of rivaling different students.

The fees are less contrasted with disconnected class which is helpful for the students.

Assist the students with widening their brains in the field of trade and have a superior comprehension of what’s going on around them.

The admission cycle for BCom Online Course are referenced underneath:

The online admission process is available to all students all through the year on a moving admission premise, in spite of the fact that there might be application cutoff times fixed for each bunch separately.

The competitor should top off the form and submit with required records and photographs.

The competitor should go through the qualification measures for admission and pick the course in like manner.

The installment should be possible through charge/Mastercard or through DD to the concerned location.

After installment the understudy can begin the class right away or when the foundation says.

Online BCom Eligibility Criteria

Investigate know the qualification rules for the Online BCom course:

Candidates probably finished Class 12 or identical in any stream from a perceived board

Candidates more likely than not scored somewhere around half total in Class 12. This rate might differ from one foundation to another yet it stays inside the scope of 50- 65%.

Online BCom skills

Online BCom Skillsets Required
Analytical ThinkingBusiness Valuation
Financial IntelligenceExcellent Communication Skills
Relationship ManagementNegotiation Skills
Good Technical SkillsStrong Networking Skills
Leadership SkillsConfidence
Team PlayerSelf-motivated
Highly OrganisedProficiency in MS Office
Business DevelopmentResearch and Quantitative Skills

Syllabus for online BCom

Important Topics in Online BCom Syllabus
Business MathematicsFinancial Accounting
Environmental StudiesFundamentals of Corporate Law
Business CommunicationPrinciples of Marketing
Business Organisation and ManagementPrinciples of Micro Economics
Corporate AccountingCost Accounting
Direct TaxBusiness Statistics
Research MethodologyAuditing
Income Tax LawsIndian Economy
Banking and InsuranceFinancial Analysis and Reporting
Computer Applications in BusinessAdvertising
International BusinessConsumer Affairs and Customer Care
Entrepreneurship & Small BusinessIndian Polity and Governance
Fundamentals of InvestmentCyber Crimes and Laws
Management AccountingOrganisational Behavior

Online BCom specializations

List of Online BCom Specialisations
BCom in Advertising and Sales ManagementBCom in Computer Applications
BCom in Foreign TradeBCom in E-Commerce
BCom HonorsBCom in Office Management
BCom in Tax ProcedureBCom Honors in Accounting and Finance

Online BCom Scope and Top Recruiters

Numerous students subsequent to seeking after BCom frequently opt for higher studies. They might opt for courses like MCom, MBA, CA, CS, and so forth. Some get ready for government serious tests, while some opt for occupations or organizations. Students who wish to enter the work world have a plenty of chances to browse. Applicants can decide to investigate open positions in different fields like trade, bookkeeping, banking, finance, and other related fields. Look at the table beneath to know a couple of open positions alongside normal compensation bundles in India that online BCom students can browse:Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

Job ProfileAverage Salary (Per Annum)
Junior AccountantRs 1.84 lakh
AccountantRs 2.49 lakh
Account ExecutiveRs 2.69 lakh
Financial AnalystRs 4.14 lakh
Tax ConsultantRs 5.19 lakh
Business ExecutiveRs 3 lakh
Accounts ManagerRs 5.85 lakh
Business ConsultantRs 9.9 lakh
Financial AdvisorRs 3.83 lakh

Showing 1 to 9 of 9 entries


Online BCom Top Recruiters

Some of the top companies offering jobs to online BCom graduates are mentioned below:

List of Online BCom Top Recruiters
NestleMcCANN Erickson
GE CapitalNIIT
Citi BankWipro
HCLTimes of India

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is the qualification rules for chasing after an online BCom course?

Ans: Candidates who wish to review online BCom more likely than not passed Class 12 from a perceived board. They ought to have scored somewhere around half total (fluctuates from one foundation to another).

Q2: Why would it be a good idea for me to select Online BCom?

Ans: The Online BCom program gives the information on the business world to the students. Online BCom degree has arisen as the most reasonable and advantageous method for concentrating on BCom. The course additionally permits the students to learn at their own speed, hence decreasing the tension of rivalry.

Q3: Can I do BCom online? Which are the best schools?

Ans: Yes, one can seek after a BCom course online. The best schools which give BCom online are Jain University, Amity University, Mysore University, and so on.

Q4: Is an online BCom degree legitimate?

Ans: Yes, online BCom degrees are legitimate and have been perceived by the University Grants Commission of India.

Q5: Are there any specializations for the online BCom course?

Ans: There are various specialization proposed to students who wish to seek after online BCom like BCom Honors, BCom in Advertising and Sales Management, BCom in Taxation, BCom in Foreign Trade, BCom in E-Commerce, and so forth.

Q6: What are the career opportunities accessible after online BCom?

Ans: Online BCom course extends to a plenty of open positions. Applicants can settle on callings like Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor, Junior Accountant, Accountant, Tax Consultant, Business Executive, Account Executive, and so on.

Q7: What is the term of an Online BCom course?

Ans: The term of an online BCom course is three years yet a few organizations likewise give an online BCom degree in one-year span.

Q8: Who are the top enrollment specialists for Online BCom graduates?

Ans: Companies like SBI, Wipro, Citibank, Canon, Nestle, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Infosys, AT&T, IBM, and so on are a portion of the top enrollment specialists who employ online BCom graduates.

Q9: What is the typical bundle of an online BCom graduate?

Ans: The typical compensation bundle of a BCom graduate in India is roughly Rs 4.3 lakhs. Nonetheless, students who land up in administrative positions have the chance to get a higher bundle.

Q10: What are the subjects educated under the online BCom degree? Is it true or not that they are equivalent to the schedule for normal BCom?

Ans: The online BCom course incorporates subjects, for example, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Environmental Studies, Principles of Marketing, Auditing, Business Statistics, Indian Economy, Direct Tax, Income Tax Laws, and so on. The schedule of a full-time BCom degree is pretty much like the online BCom degree.

Q11: Is the online BCom degree legitimate from Amity University?

Ans: Yes, an online BCom degree from Amity University Online is viewed as substantial as it is licensed by NAAC as well as Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Q12: Can I do BCom online?

Ans: Yes, competitors in India can seek after online B.Com courses. Coming up next are a portion of the colleges from where the competitors can seek after the B.Com courses.

  • Amity University
  • Jain University
  • College of Mysore.
  • Pondicherry University

The up-and-comers should see regardless of whether they are supported by the UGC prior to taking admission.

Q13: How would I finish BCom in one year?

Ans: BCom Course span is by and large for a time of three years for certain universities offering BCom Online course for length of 2 years. Notwithstanding, the applicants can finish their B.Com courses in the span of 1 year by profiting the most optimized plan of attack course. In this the up-and-comers should give every one of the tests of the course in somewhere around a year to get the testament. In any case, the qualification models shifts starting with one college then onto the next.

Q14: Can I concentrate on BCom at home?

Ans: Yes, the up-and-comers can concentrate on BCom courses at home. They need to choose either B.COm online or B.Com distance course for this reason.

Q15: What is the complete fees of B Com?

Ans: The complete fees of the BCom course fluctuates starting with one college then onto the next. In India the typical BCom fees ranges between INR 7500-INR 100,000.

Q16: How would I finish BCom?

Ans: Candidates need to initially finish their twelfth test with somewhere around half stamps. The competitors from the business streams are liked for the course. The competitors need to score well in the placement test (whenever expected) to acquire admission in the B.Com course. Subsequent to getting admission the up-and-comers need to score well and pass all the semester to finish the BCom course.

Q17: Is BCom is intense?

Ans: If the up-and-comers set up their review material as per a timetable then the B.Com course can be extremely simple to finish.

Q18: What are the subjects in B Com first year?

Ans: The principal years subjects in the B.Com Course changes as indicated by the prospectus of different colleges and furthermore specialization. Notwithstanding, the normal subjects are Financial Accounting , Economics (Both Micro and Macro), Business the executives , Business Computing, and so on.

Q19: Is IGNOU BCom degree substantial?

Ans: Yes B.Com from IGNOU is legitimate The course is recognized by the Distance Education Board (DEB)- UGC. It tends to be utilized for advanced education and business purposes

Q20: Is Amity online degree substantial?

Ans: Yes, the online BCom presented by Amity college is authorize by the .NAAC and the Association of Indian Universities.

Q21: Can I do BCOM without maths?

Ans: Yes, the majority of the colleges keep maths as a pass subject for the BCom educational plan. Anyway the up-and-comers need to be aware of the fundamental numerical activities.

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