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Differences between MS in Finance & MS in Financial Engineering

Differences between MS in Finance & MS in Financial Engineering

Master’s in Finance gives vast opportunities which is specially created to give you have higher opportunities and less time taking then MBA in finance the subject which is as follows personal Finance advisory service, insurance, investment, money management, property business

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 11/04/2022
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Masters in Finance

Master’s in Finance gives vast opportunities which is specially created to give you have higher opportunities and less time taking then MBA in finance the subject which is as follows personal Finance advisory service, insurance, investment, money management, property business management, taxation, risk management, corporate bank.

 We are all aware of the fact that this business management provides higher earning opportunities to the aspirants. Higher earning opportunities Come with it belongs for an individual. In comparison with MBA in Finance and Masters in finance, unlike students tend to opt for Masters in finance which is very much more opportunities, less time taking, pocket friendly, unlike any Other MBA course.

MS is finances expensive than any other traditional MBA course for which it’s gaining popularity day by day. New aspirants are getting privileged of the course which gets complete belong year or 18 months of time duration which depends upon the university it belongs to.

Eligibility for Masters in Finance

Candidates with a good Bachelor in accounting, finance, business, engineering, economics, mathematics can apply for MS in finance. Along with their GMAT and GRE score which is 700 Plus in GMAT and 320 in GRE. By which a student can get an opportunity to get into other competitive universities.

One has to complete his or her graduation 10 + 2 and other criteria’s which are microeconomics, macroeconomics, maths, statistics, accountancy, business studies.

Job Faculty in MS in Finance

After a Master’s in finance, one can have higher job opportunities which are as similar as provided by other universities under MBA in finance which are


Accountant performance his duties of account analysis, auditing, financial statement analysis. Accounting firms or large businesses hire accountants the financial set-up of an accountant depends on the type of educational background they have received a traditional background will be dealing with corporate. But to move up they required a letter of certification. But after MS in Finance, one gets wide opportunity to grab, with management and financial knowledge background.


A stockbroker can work as an individual to buy and sell stocks. Or work for a company to provide the service and to get financial support through that.  It may look glamorous and wealthy but one never knows when the investment goes wrong and have to face it by all. If an individual is working alone then he/she will go through it only but when it’s hired by a company then the comp will face all loss or profit and no loss will be faced by the stockbroker.

Investment Management

The investment manager is an organisation for an individual who invests on others portfolios and deals with investment another money-related financial planning. 

An investment manager can deal with a person's day to day buying and sell of portfolios, transaction settlement, performance measurement.

University in India Providing Master's in Finance

  • Jambalaya l Balaji Institute of Management and studies
  • Xavier Institute of Management
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management and studies
  • Gokhale Institute of politics and economics
  • Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

Masters in Engineering

Masters in engineering which is 2 years of course which is done after the completion of Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology. MS in engineering provides Engineering and Management skills to the student together. Even MBA is considered equivalent to Masters in engineering.

With a Masters in engineering wide range of scopes open up to an individual who is way much more opportunistic than civil, mechanical and Electronical engineering.

  • Environmental engineer
  • Health and safety engineer
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Marine engineer

2 year’s of time course may differ from University to university with their specific rules.

Eligibility for Master in Engineering

For enrolling in in Masters in engineering one have to graduate with an engineering degree, with an aggregate of 55%, the admission process can be held through entrance exam or college exam other exams that are accepted are BITS ME, DASA PG, GATE, etc.

One must have completed his or her 10 + 2 with science, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biotechnology, computer science.

Job Faculty Under MS in Engineering

As there is a wide range of opportunities gets to open up with help of Masters in engineering one come to know with management along with his or her engineering degree. The difference between normal engineering and Masters in engineering is that a variety of scopes comes to an individual which is equivalent to an MBA course.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers use their engineering skills, soil science, chemistry, to develop solutions relating to the environmental problem. By which the waste in our surroundings will get reduced and protect the environment.

Environmental engineer read their career happiness AC 2.9 out of 5 which put them bottom of 23% for the job opportunities. But the hand environmental engineers get a median salary of $83000+  in the year 2019.

Health and safety engineer

Health and safety engineer typically works in offices the provides design and proceed yours from protection from illness, injury or property. 

3 job duties of Health and safety engineer

  1. Interpret legal requirement
  2. Deploy automation and control solution
  3. Investing incident determining root cost

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers primary live design aeroplane spacecraft satellites design then to check whether the design is working or not, they create and test prototypes whether there to check whether their designs are working or not.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineer deals with planning creating operating constructing new Infrastructures while keeping in mind not to harm infrastructure and environmental health

Marine Engineer

Marine Engineering is a study ship and other sea-going vassals. Come to learn everything related to creating ships, submarines, vessels and even aeroplane carriers.

University in India Providing Master's in Engineering

  • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
  • Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Government College of Technology

The Distinction Between MS in Finance and MS in Engineering

By doing MS in finance one can gain the specific qualities which are as follows

  • Knowing and understand the varieties of business organisations we are surrounded with.
  • Wide knowledge of Finance sector
  • Increasing knowledge relating with Global finance issue
  • Potential to pursue PHD in finance
  • Management skill

By pursuing MS in engineering one can game specific qualities which are as follows

  • Enhancing business and management skills
  • System analyst who provides new designs to apply new changes
  • Operations manager
  • Technical management

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