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MBA Colleges in Canada with Fees Structure & GMAT Score

MBA Colleges in Canada with Fees Structure & GMAT Score

Canada is regarded as one of the top five preferred destinations for international students pursuing management programmes.

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 31/03/2022
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MBA Colleges in Canada

Canada is regarded as one of the top five preferred destinations for international students pursuing management programs. This is primarily due to the excellent track record of academic programs at Canada’s Leading Universities. MBA Colleges in Canada have attracted international attention for their ability to prepare students to meet the demands of the global market. Pursuing Management programmes in Canada is less expensive than in other popular global destinations.

MBA programs are available at 47 Canadian universities and colleges. Between March 1st and May 30th is the best time to apply to MBA colleges in Canada. A GMAT score of 550-720 is required for admission to the top MBA Colleges in Canada. GMAT scores can also be waived for applicants with a GPA greater than B+ or 85 percent. Within three months of completing the course, the employability rate for top b-schools in Canada is 90%.

Latest Update:

  • Registrations for MBA Finance Fall Registrations at UAlberta is going to close on April 15, 2022.
  • The third round of MBA registrations at UVic will end on April 30, 2022.
  • USask MBA applications are now available; apply by March 31, 2022. Apply Right Away
  • The Round 3 MBA application period at York University will end on March 31, 2022.
  • The MBA application deadline at the University of British Columbia is April 5, 2022.

MBA Colleges in Canada

According to the QS MBA rankings 2022, six Canadian business schools and universities make the top 100 list. In total, 21 of best MBA colleges in Canada made the top 200 rankings for Global MBA. The majority of graduates from top business schools, such as Schulich School of Business and McGill University, were offered jobs in Canada within three months of graduation. For Schulich, approximately 89 percent of the class was offered employment, and 90 percent of McGill’s MBA graduates were offered placement.

Here is the list of MBA Colleges in Canada is given below:

S.NoUniversityProgram Name2022 RankingGMAT Score | IELTS ScoreApplication DeadlineFees
1University of Toronto- Joseph L. Rotman School of ManagementFull-Time MBA#42 by QS
#28 by THE
#75 by FT
660 | 77-Mar-202238.8 Lakhs/Yr
2McGill University- Desautels Faculty of ManagementMBA in Business Analytics#74 by QS
#64 by THE
#91 by FT
700 | 6.515-Mar-202225.4 Lakhs/Yr
3Cape Brenton University- Shannon School Of BusinessMBA in Community Economic Development-560 | 6.51-Feb-20225.3 Lakhs/Yr
4University Canada WestFull-Time MBA-560 | 6.514-Feb-202214 Lakhs/Yr
5The University of British Columbia- UBC Sauder School of BusinessFull-Time MBA#84 by QS
#35 by THE
550 | 75-Apr-202254.9 Lakhs/Yr
6The University of Alberta- School of BusinessMBA In Finance#111-120 by QS
#101-125 by THE
550 | 715-Apr-202216.2 Lakhs/Yr
7Concordia University- John Molson School of BusinessMBA in Investment Management#131-140 by QS
#301-400 by THE
580 | 71-Mar-202217.9 Lakhs/Yr
8Dalhousie University- Rowe School of BusinessMS in Business#151-200 by QS
#301-400 by THE
550 | 71-Mar-202211.1 Lakhs/Yr
9University of Montreal- HEC MontrealFull-Time MBA#151-200 by QS
#76 by THE
630 | 6.515-Mar-202228 Lakhs/Yr
10McMaster University- DeGroote School of BusinessMBA With Co-op#151-200 by QS
#201-250 by THE
600 | 71-Apr-202265.5 Lakhs/Yr
11University of Ottawa- Telfer School of ManagementExecutive MBA#201-250 by QS570 | 731-Jul-202225.3 Lakhs/Yr
12University of Manitoba- Asper School of BusinessFull-Time MBA#250+ by QS
#401-500 by THE
550 | 71-Mar-202215.6 Lakhs/Yr
13University of Calgary- Haskayne School of BusinessMBA in Management#250+ by QS
#301-400 by THE
550 | 71-Mar202222.5 Lakhs/Yr
14Ryerson University- Ted Rogers School of ManagementFull-Time MBA#250+ by QS
#501-600 by THE
550 | 6.522-Feb-202228.6 Lakhs/Yr
15University of Saskatchewan- Edwards School of BusinessFull Time MBA#250+ by QS
#501-600 by THE
500 | 6.531-Mar-202233.2 Lakhs/Yr
16Western University- Ivey Business SchoolFull Time MBA#72 by QS
#125-150 by THE
680 | 7Rolling Basis76.1 Lakhs/Yr
17Laval University- Faculty of BusinessMBA in Business Analytics#401-500 by THE550 | 6.5Now Closed8.4 Lakhs/Yr
18Queen's University- The Stephen J. R. Smith School of BusinessFull Time MBA#64 by QS
#301-400 by THE
600 | 7.51-Sept-202277.8 Lakhs/Yr
19The University of Victoria- Peter B. Gustavson School of BusinessFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS
#301-400 by THE
550 | 6.530-Apr-202223.1 Lakhs/yr
20York University- Schulich School of BusinessFull Time MBA#81 by QS
#151-175 by THE
550 | 731-Mar-202230.6 Lakhs/Yr
21University of Guelph- Gorden S. Lang School of Business and EconomicsMSc Management#301-400 by THE600 | 6.5Now Closed7.8 Lakhs/Yr
22University of Quebec at Montreal- École des Sciences de la Gestion (ESG)MBA in Accounting#601-800 by THE57015-May-202215.7 Lakhs/Yr
23University of Alberta- School of BusinessMBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship#111-120 by QS
#101-125 by THE
550 | 715-Apr-202216.2 Lakhs/Yr
24Memorial University of Newfoundland- Faculty of Business AdministrationFull Time MBA#401-500 by THE590 | 71-May-20223.9 Lakhs/Yr
25Athabasca University- Faculty of BusinessMBA in Supply Chain Management-550 | 615-Mar-202214.8 Lakhs/Yr
26Thompson Rivers University- School of Business and EconomicsFull Time MBA-550 | 71-May-20228.4 Lakhs/Yr
27University of MonctonFull Time MBA-550 | 6.54-Mar-202216.7 Lakhs/Yr
28Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityMBA in International Business-550 | 61-May-202215.8 Lakhs/Yr
29Lakehead University - Thunder BayFull Time MBA-560 | 6.5Now Closed20.6 Lakhs/Yr
30Royal Military of CollegeFull Time MBA-650 | 8.51-Mar-202229.2 Lakhs/Yr
31Laurentian UniversityFull Time MBA-550 | 6.515-Jul-202223.2 Lakhs/Yr
32Vancouver Island UniversityFull Time MBA-Not Required | 731-Mar-202229.4 Lakhs/Yr
33Brock University- Goodman School of BusinessFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS550 | 7.51-Mar-202218.7 Lakhs/Yr
34University of Quebec at ChicoutimiFull Time MBA-5501-Mar-20228.9 Lakhs/Yr
35University of SherbrookeFull Time MBA-500 | 71-Sept-202210 Lakhs/Yr
36University of Quebec at Trois RivieresFull Time MBA-5501-May-202210 Lakhs/Yr
37University of Quebec at OutaouaisFull Time MBA-55030-Apr-202212.6 Lakhs/Yr
38University of Prince Edward IslandMBA in Global Leadership-550 | 71-Jul-202212.7 Lakhs/Yr
39Trinity Western UniversityMBA in International Business-Not Required | 7Rolling Basis20.6 Lakhs/Yr
40Wilfrid Laurier UniversityFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS550 | 71-Apr-202225.1 Lakhs/Yr
41Simon Fraser University- Beedie School of BusinessEMBA Indigenous Business Leadership#201-250 by QS620 | 76-May-202233.4 Lakhs/Yr
42Saint Mary's University- Sobey School of BusinessFull Time MBA#201-250 by QS550 | 71-Apr-202232.8 Lakhs/Yr
43University of New BrunswickFull Time MBA#501-600 by THE550 | 731-Mar-20227.1 Lakhs/Yr
44University of Windsor- Odette School of BusinessMBA in Professional Accounting#401-500 by THE550 | 6.51-Apr-202222.3 Lakhs/Yr
45Carleton University- Sprott School of BusinessMBA in Business Analytics#501-600 by THE550 | 6.51-Mar-202223.6 Lakhs/Yr
46University of Northern British ColumbiaFull Time MBA#801-1000 by THE550 | 6.5Now Closed10.3 Lakhs/Yr
47University of Regina- Kenneth Levene Graduate School of BusinessMBA in International Business#401-500 by THE500 | 6.51-Mar-20229.2 Lakhs/Yr

Top MBA Colleges in Canada with Fees Structure

Here is the list of Top MBA Colleges in Canada with Fees Structures which is given below:

College/UniversityDurationTuition Fee (for 1st year)
Rotman School of Management2 yearsCAD 59,450
Queen’s Smith School of Business1 yearCAD 91,000
York University – Schulich2 yearsCAD 52,040
McGill Desautel20 monthsCAD 44,500
University of Alberta20 monthsCAD 16,520
HEC Montréal1 yearCAD 49,000
UBC Sauder16 monthsCAD 60,045
Ivey Business School1 yearCAD 1,11,750

MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian Students

Achieving an MBA degree is a popular option, and Canada is an ideal location for obtaining an MBA degree from a reputable university. Companies are always looking for graduates who understand the market and can help them reach new heights. Because of their impressive skills and determination, Indian students have the highest acceptance rate in MBA Colleges in Canada. Furthermore, MBA programmes in Canada provide a good learning environment and educate students about the Canadian job market. It is advantageous to obtain your degree from one of the top MBA colleges in Canada because it gives your employers confidence that you will easily conquer the market. Here is the list of MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian Students which is given below:

UniversityGlobal RankUniversity Rank
Rotman School of Management451
McGill University592
Robert H. Smith School of Business663
Ivey Business School694
Schulich School of Business88=5
Sauder School of Business946
Alberta School of Business101 - 1107
John Molson School of Business121 - 1308
HEC Montréal141 - 1509
Dalhousie University151 - 20010

Cheapest MBA in Canada for International Students

The cost of an MBA in Canada varies according to the program’s duration, structure nature, , and popularity. Furthermore, because only a few provinces are French-speaking, the location and language of instruction affect the fees charged. Although the prices are low, the quality and effectiveness of the courses are not compromised. This is what draws students from all over the world to pursue a low-cost MBA in Canada. There are numerous options for pursuing the cheapest MBA in Canada for international students while also exploring this beautiful country on a tight budget. Renowned universities such as Laval University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the University of Calgary, among others, offer some of the most affordable MBA programs in Canada. In this blog, we cover a list of MBA colleges in Canada with low fees and different programmes offered to give a clear idea of the cheapest MBA in Canada for International Students. Here is the list of Cheapest MBA in Canada for International Students which is given below:

  • Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba
  • University of New Burnstick
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • University of Victoria
  • Laval University
  • Wilfrid Laurier University 
  • University of Calgary
  • Saint Mary’s University

Top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT score

These are some of the Canadian universities that accept GMAT scores as an eligibility criterion for admission to MBA degree programmes in the summer and fall. We’ve also included the minimum required GMAT scores as well as the average GMAT scores over the last few years.

  • University of Toronto: Required- 550, Average- 669
  • York University: Required– 550, Average- 660
  • University of Alberta: Required– 550, Average- 612
  • McGill University: Required- 550, Average- 660
  • University of Western Ontario: Required- 550, Average- 667
  • University of British Columbia: Required- 550, Average- 650

Top MBA colleges in Canada without GMAT

In Canada, where the business world is both competitive and rewarding, a Masters of Business Administration is considered a big deal. Given the excellent management of this country’s economy, the job market in Canada for MBA graduates is brimming with opportunities. Although the GMAT is required, many Canadian universities allow students to be admitted without it. Here are some of the best universities in Canada that offer MBA programmes without requiring the GMAT:

  • Lazaridis School of Business and Economics
  • Smith School of Business 
  • Ivey Business School  
  • New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)  
  • Thompson Rivers University 
  • Lakehead University 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the eligibility to study for an MBA in Canada?

Ans. To study MBA in Canada, you must meet two major requirements: Bachelor of Arts:
To apply for a master’s programme in Canada, you must have a four-year bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree in a relevant field, usually commerce.
Work experience: Most programmes will require you to show proof of at least 5 years of work experience.

2. How to get admission in MBA in Canada?

Ans. To gain admission to Canada, you must submit an application form, along with supporting documentation, and attend an interview. To do so, you must first determine when the annual intake for your preferred university begins.

3. How much does MBA in Canada cost?

Ans. The cost of pursuing an MBA in Canada ranges between $32,000 and $89,000 USD. This equates to between 24 and 67 lakhs for an Indian student pursuing an MBA in Canada. Tuition fees account for the majority of this cost. Furthermore, an international student must have sufficient funds to live in Canada, which ranges from 4,000 USD to 10,000 USD per month. This can rise to 7 lakhs per year for an Indian student.

4. Is MBA from Canada worth it?

Ans. Canada, as one of the world’s largest and most powerful economies, provides a variety of opportunities for MBA graduates. Furthermore, it is home to some of the top MBA recruiters and provides an amicable environment for international students interested in studying abroad.

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