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IMT Hyderabad Placement Details 2022

In the IMT Hyderabad placement 2022, more than 50 recruiters participated till now out of which 20 were first-time recruiters and 98% students were placed. IMT Hyderabad highest package stood at INR 16 LPA whereas the IMT Hyderabad average package stood at INR 9.4 LPA

 Saurav Anand 05/05/2022
IMT Hyderabad Placement Details 2022

IMT Hyderabad Placements 2022: Highlights ; Placement percentage. 98% ; Highest package. INR 23.5 LPA ; Average package. INR 9.53 LPA

In the  IMT Hyderabad placement 2022, more than 50 recruiters participated till now out of which 20 were first-time recruiters and 98% students were placed. IMT Hyderabad highest package stood at INR 16 LPA whereas the IMT Hyderabad  average package stood at INR 9.4 LPA.

Over 80 recruiting companies participated in the IMT Hyderabad 2021 placement drive on campus. Half of the recruiting companies had never participated before. Ninety-nine percent of the graduates were placed after the placement drive. These recruiters made 17 pre-placement offers. In 50% of the offers made, they would work with global teams and in 35% of the offers, their exposure would be rotational. 

IMT Hyderabad Placement offers were dominated by the Consulting sector. Students were offered various positions including Investment Banking Knowledge Manager, Product Consulting, Credit Analyst, Management Trainee, Product Analyst, etc.

In contrast, the average student received a CTC of INR 7.64 LPA, the highest CTC being INR 20 LPA. The IMT Hyderabad average package for top 10 offers stood at INR 13.10 LPA, top 20 offers stood at INR 10.91 LPA, top 50 offers stood at INR 9.16 LPA & top 100 offers stood at INR 8.24 LPA.

Some of the major recruiters involved Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Deloitte, D.E Shaw, Berkadia, Guardian Capital, Tresvista Financial Services etc.

In its latest placement report for the batch 2022, Institute of Management and Technology, Hyderabad released an excellent placement record. The placement rate for this year was 100%. 

A total of 255 students were placed in the Consulting sector in the 2022 placement drive. The highest CTC was 23.5 LPA, the average CTC was 9.65 LPA, and the median CTC was 8.55 LPA.

Also released is the final placement report for 2022. CTCs for the highest level of employees increased by 16% & stood at 23.5 lakhs per year. IMT Hyderabad offered an average package of INR 9.65 lakhs per annum. 14 pre-placement offers were made to the students.

The summer internship placement report for the 2020-22 cohort has also been made public. Stipendiary internships accounted for 57% of all internships. The highest monthly salary was INR 60 K, while students got an average monthly stipend of INR 11.946 K.

Compensation, number of offers per recruiter, repeat recruiters, quality and variety of recruiters, and upgraded job positions all improved in campus placements.

IMT Hyderabad Placement in the Past Years

  1. The placement trends at IMT Hyderabad are improving year after year.
  2. The average number of bids per firm increased from 1.86 in 2017 to 2.56 in 2021 and 3.0 in 2022.
  3. The average package (in LPA) has risen from 6.5LPA in 2016 to 7.33LPA in 2021 and 9.65LPA in 2022.
  1. Similarly, there has been a continuous improvement in pay YoY across functions.
  2. Average CTC (in LPA) has risen from 6.63 LPA to 9.4 LPA in Marketing, 7.19 LPA to 9.4 LPA in Finance, 6.8 LPA to 11.66 LPA in HR, 8.25 LPA to 10.84 LPA in Operations, and 6.26 LPA to 8.82 LPA in IT & Analytics.
  3. Recruiters
  1. The number of recruiting companies has increased to 80+. Apart from regular recruiters such as Arcesium, Deloitte, ICICI Bank, Amazon and so on, we have seen a host of new recruiters such as Genpact Analytics & Research, PWC, Wipro Digital Operations & Platforms, DHL, D.E. Shaw, Tata AIG General Insurance, Medicover, WhiteHat etc. Keeping with the image of being in the top 5 emerging Business Schools, the Institute has steadily been attracting more of new age recruiters.

IMT Hyderabad placement 2022

IMT Hyderabad has shown an outstanding performance in its Placement 2020 drive with 95.9% placements. Some of the IMT Hyderabad Placement 2020 Highlights is as follows:

  • The Institute witnessed overall 65 reputed companies including the new recruiters visiting this year.
  • The BFSI sector has recruited the highest number of students.
  • The Operation sector offered the highest domestic CTC of INR 16.5 LPA.
  • 46% of students from the Marketing field were offered jobs while 31% were from Finance specialization

IMT Hyderabad Highlights

NameInstitute of Management Technology, Hyderabad.
Established in2011
IMT Hyderabad CoursesPGDM

PGDM Executive

IMT Hyderabad Placement rateAbove 95%
IMT Hyderabad average package7.64 INR LPA
IMT Hyderabad highest package20 INR LPA
IMT Hyderabad lowest package6 INR LPA
Total faculties32
IMT Hyderabad rankingNo. 1 in top Private Business Schools in Hyderabad.

No. 9 in top 52 Private Business Schools in Telangana.

Course-wise Placement 2020

Tabulated below are the details of the course-wise placements in 2020 at IMT Hyderabad:

CoursesHighest CTC (INR)Average CTC (INR)Lowest CTC (INR)
Marketing10 LPA7.35 LPA5.61 LPA
Finance9.77 LPA6.84 LPA5.64 LPA
Human Resources Management7.35 LPA6.76 LPA6.25 LPA
Operations16.5 LPA10.59 LPA7.11 LPA
IT & Analytics7.50 LPA7.11 LPA6.75 LPA

Sector-wise Placement 2020

Tabulated below are the details of the sector-wise placements in 2020 at IMT Hyderabad:

SectorsPlacement Percentage

What is new about IMT Hyderabad 2022 placements? The first round of the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Hyderabad 2022 placements has finished with 98 percent placements. The most expensive bundle is INR 23.5 LPA. Furthermore, the median and average packages observed are INR 8.5 LPA and INR 9.53 LPA, respectively. According to the intermediate placement report for IMT Hyderabad 2022, 50+ organizations participated in the placement drive. PPOs were also offered by Deloitte, Marico, Advance Auto Parts India, and ACKO General Insurance.

IMT Hyderabad Placements 2022:

  1. The most expensive bundle has climbed by 42% from 2021.
  2. From 2021, the average package will have increased by 25%.

IMT Hyderabad Placements 2022: Highlights

IMT Hyderabad 2022 Phase One placement report has been released officially. The key highlights of phase one of placements are tabulated below:

Highlights of Phase One of Placements
Placement percentage98%
Highest packageINR 23.5 LPA
Average packageINR 9.53 LPA
Median packageINR 8.5 LPA
No. of companies participated50+
Average of top 10 OffersINR 15.95 LPA
Average of Top 20 OffersINR 14.41 LPA
Average of Top 50 OffersINR 12.52 LPA
Average of Top 100 OffersINR 10.85 LPA

IMT Hyderabad Placement Trends Comparison: 2020 Vs 2021 Vs 2022

According to the interim placement report, the top package has increased by 42%, while the average package has increased by 25%. The placing data for the last three years are shown in the table below:

ParticularsStatistics (2020)Statistics (2021)Statistics (2022)
Highest packageINR 16.5 LPAINR 20 LPAINR 23.5 LPA
Average packageINR 7.64 LPA--INR 9.53 LPA
Median packageINR 7 LPA--INR 8.5 LPA
Companies participated8080+50+
PPOs received--17

IMT Hyderabad Placements 2022: Roles Offered

Some of the profiles offered during the 2022 IMTH placement drive are mentioned in the following table:

IMT-H Placements 2022: Profiles Offered 
Business AnalystInventory Planner
Business Development AnalystAssociate Solution Advisor
Quality ConsultantDAAI Consultant
DOP Process ConsultantProgram Manager
Manager Product ComplianceManagement Trainee

IMT Hyderabad Placements 2022: Top Companies

Every year, many top companies take part in the Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad campus placements. The participating companies list include industry giants from different sectors. Some of the recruiters that participated in the IMTH placements 2022 are mentioned below in tabular form:

IMT-H 2022 Placements: Recruiters  
AccentureWiproErnst & Young
AmazonHDFC LimitedInfosys
CognizantDeloitteICICI Bank
Aditya BirlaHexaware TechnologiesICICI Prudential
Oxane PartnersSchneider ElectricTata Advanced Systems Ltd

IMT Hyderabad average package | IMT Hyderabad Placements 2022

IMT Hyderabad has recorded consistently top placements throughout the years.

Key 2022 Placement highlights are as below:

  • The average salary goes up 30% to Rs.9.58 LPA, up from Rs.7.34 LPA the year before.
  • The Salary for the Highest Paying Position goes up to Rs.23.50 LPA, up from Rs.20 LPA the previous year.
  • More than 50 companies participated in the Placements 2022
  • PPOs were received through Marico, Deloitte, Acko General Insurance, Advance Auto Parts
  • Consulting was ranked as the top recruitment sector with 31% of offers
  • 24 companies have launched deals with a salary package greater than Rs.12 LPA
  • Median Salary goes up at Rs.8.50 LPA, up from 6.75 LPA in the previous year.
  • The top recruiters for the 2022 year of placements include Arcesium India, Advance Autoparts India, Amazon, Bain & Company, Cognizant, D.E.Shaw, Deloitte, Genpact, KPMG, HCL, Oracle, Wipro, Xiaomi and many more.

IMT Hyderabad Placements Highlights 2021

IMT-H 2022 Placements: Recruiters  
AccentureWiproErnst & Young
AmazonHDFC LimitedInfosys
CognizantDeloitteICICI Bank
Aditya BirlaHexaware TechnologiesICICI Prudential
Oxane PartnersSchneider ElectricTata Advanced Systems Ltd

IMT Hyderabad Salary Statistics 2021

IMT Hyderabad Placement 2021 Highlights 
IMT Hyderabad Placements 2021 Statistics95.9 percent
Number of IMT Hyderabad Placements 2021 Recruiters65
IMT Hyderabad placements highest packageINR 20 Lacs per annum
IMT Hyderabad placements average package 2021INR 7.56 lacs per annum
IMT Hyderabad placements lowest packageINR 5.92 lacs per annum

IMT Hyderabad Placements and Salary Comparison of Past Years

Set off table are mentioned below comparing the IMT Hyderabad average package, IMT Hyderabad highest package, IMT Hyderabad lowest package in different fields like marketing, financial management, operations and more:-

IMT Hyderabad Placements Records in the Year 2019

FunctionsPackages Provided (In LPA)  
IMT Hyderabad Highest package 2021IMT Hyderabad average package 2021IMT Hyderabad lowest package 2021
IT and Analytics7.57.116.75

IMT Hyderabad Placements Records in the Year 2019

PackagesIn MarketingIn FinanceIn HROperationsIn It and Analytics
Highest packages in each fields17.33 lakhs per annum14.90 lakhs per annum6.50 lakhs per annum8.76 lakhs per annum7.00 lakhs per annum
Lowest packages in each fields6.00 lakhs per annum6.00 lakhs per annum6.00 lakhs per annum6.00 lakhs per annum6.50 lakhs per annum
Average packages in each fields7.96 lakhs per annum7.69 lakhs per annum6.25 lakhs per annum6.82 lakhs per annum6.72 lakhs per annum

IMT Hyderabad Placements Records in the Year 2020

PackagesIn MarketingIn FinanceIn HROperationsIn It and Analytics
Highest packages in each fields10.00 lakhs per annum9.77 lakhs per annum7.35 lakhs per annum16.5 lakhs per annum7.50 lakhs per annum
Lowest packages in each fields6.61 lakhs per annum5.64 lakhs per annum6.25 lakhs per annum7.11 lakhs per annum6.75 lakhs per annum
Average packages in each field7.35 lakhs per annum6.84 lakhs per annum6.76 lakhs per annum10.59 lakhs per annum7.11 lakhs per annum

IMT Hyderabad, also known as the Institute of Management and Technology, Hyderabad, has a strong placement record and has recently released its interim placement report for batch 2022. Ninety-eight percent of students were placed this year.

In the IMT Hyderabad placement 2022, the IMT Hyderabad highest placement was INR 16 LPA, the IMT Hyderabad average placement was INR 9.4 LPA, and the median CTC was INR 8.5 LPA. The highest number of students were placed in the Consulting sector.

Also released is the final placement report for 2021. According to the report, the highest CTC hiked by 21% & stood at INR 20 LPA. IMT Hyderabad average package stood at INR 7.64 LPA. 17 pre-placement offers were made to the students.

Additionally, the summer internship placement report for the 2020-22 batch has been released. This batch featured 57% stipendiary internships. The highest stipend was INR 60 K per month and students received an average of INR 11.946 K per month.

IMT Hyderabad Summer Internships 2023

The Internship Programme (IP) is an essential component of the PGP curriculum at IMT Hyderabad. These internships assist students in gaining knowledge by putting their abilities to use in real-world circumstances. The summer internships brochure for 2021-23 has been officially issued. For internships, this MBA class is made up of 38% females and 62% males.

IMT Hyderabad Summer Placements 2023: Recruiters Report

Some of the top brands that recruit from the IMT-H summer placements are mentioned in the following table:

IMTH Summer Placements: Top Recruiters 
Indian OilGland Pharma Limited
SBI Life InsuranceReserve Bank of India
Maruti SuzukiDE Shaw & Co
ConvergenceAdvance Auto Parts

IMT Hyderabad Fees

IMT Hyderabad offers following AICTE approved 2 year full-time program for PGDM:

  • PGDM (General)
  • PGDM (Marketing)
  • PGDM (Financial Management)

In its PGDM programs, IMT Hyderabad offers specialization in Finance, Marketing & Accounting, HRM, General Management, Analytics & IT and Operations Management. In a discussion with about the variety of electives available in PGDM programs Professor Dr. Venkata Chakrapani C, Professor and Dean (Academics) stated, “The PGDM Programs at IMT Hyderabad caters to the diverse needs of students through offering a wide range of electives. The program follows the cafeteria model which gives students the option of choosing classes based on their goals for the future”.

CourseCourse EligibilityCourse Fee( In INR)
PGDM (General/ FM/ Marketing)Graduate with minimum 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA from any recognized university. Final year Graduation students are also eligible to apply
Duration: 2 years
Admission Criteria: Valid CAT/XAT/ GMAT/CMAT /GMAT scores +PI (Applicants need to submit Profile Detail Form and SOP (300 words Appx)
Intake: 240
INR 14 Lacs
Executive PGDMGraduation with at least 50% marks in aggregate from any recognized university with Min. 5 years of relevant work experience.
Duration: 15 Months
Admission Criteria: Valid CAT/GMAT scores +PI Intake: 60
INR 8 Lacs
FPM (Doctoral)Master’s degree or its equivalent in any discipline (minimum 60%) /Five-year integrated Master’s Degree Program in any discipline (minimum 60%)/ A graduate degree with a professional qualification-CA/CMA/CS
Duration: 4 Years
Admission Criteria: Research Proposals +PI

IMT Hyderabad Cutoff

IMT Hyderabad offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Program for Executives (PGDM Executive) and FPM. The PGDM application to IMT Hyderabad is open till January 31st 2022. The college will open the admission process on February 5, 2022. The programs are equivalent to the degree of an MBA granted from AIU and the college is recognized with AICTE along with SAQS as well as NBA. The institute also offers degrees and research-related programs sponsored by the institute.

Based on the information collected the data shows that not all Commerce or Management students enroll in the PGDM program at IMT Hyderabad. In reality, more than 30% of the students enrolled come of Engineering backgrounds. Although the majority of candidates are students, a few of them have previous work experience , which is considered to be an advantage in screening. 

In addition to its flagship program IMT Hyderabad also offers Executive FPM and PGDM programmes. The selection of applicants for Executive PGDM depends on CAT/XAT/MAT CMATATMA/ GMAT tests, followed by PI. In the case of FPM the institute will accept GRE/ CAT/ GMAT and GATE or UGC-NET test scores. Candidates must also submit an application for research of 5500 words within their field of study for FPM.

IMT Hyderabad is one of the top business schools in India and is recognized with the AACSB. The school has international collaborations with a variety of Universities. A few of them are Charles Darwin University, Universite de Quebec in Montreal, IESEG School of Management, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ecole de Management and many more.

IMT Hyderabad Cut off

The Cutoff 2020 for admission to its PGDM program has been mentioned below.


What is the cut-off of IMT Hyderabad Courses? IMT Hyderabad Cat cut off

The cut off percentiles for the courses at IMT Hyderabad are given below.

Entrance exam Cut-off XAT90% | CMAT80% | CAT75%

NOTE: Final Merit List Generation

The final merit of the candidate is a cumulative weighted average of the following components:


Academic performance (Xth, XIIth, and graduation), as well as the quality, prestige, and ranking of the graduating college/institute/university

Performance on the Critical Thinking Test and in the Personal Interview

Work experience, both in terms of length and quality (for working candidates)

For profile-based admission, exceptional academics and appropriate job experience are required.

IMT Hyderabad PGDM Cut off

Given below are the percentile cutoffs accepted for the PGDM course at IMT, Hyderabad.

Entrance examCut-off

IMT Hyderabad Executive PGDM Cut off

Given below are the percentile cutoffs accepted for the executive PGDM course at IMT, Hyderabad.

Entrance examCut-off

IMT Hyderabad FPM Admission 2022

IMT, Hyderabad provides a FPM program in seven specializations after the completion of a postgraduate degree.

FPMEconomics and Business Environment, Finance and Accounting, Operations Management and Quantitative, Strategy and General Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Marketing, Information Technology and Analytics Techniques

IMT Hyderabad FPM Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who are applying for admission to FPM in IMT Hyderabad must have one of the following degrees with 60% and above qualification:

  • Five-year integrated Masters degree in any discipline
  • A postgraduate degree
  • Masters Degree or equivalent degree in any discipline
  • Any professional qualification example: CS/CA/CMA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a candidate submit multiple scores at IMT Hyderabad with no further cost?

Ans. Yes, candidates can offer several scores on a single application form without incurring any additional expenses. IMT takes into account the best result from all of the test scores supplied by the candidates. If the candidate is applying only on the basis of the GMAT OR CMAT exam and has not yet registered for the exam, he or she should just include the test name in that part.

Q. How many students can be enrolled in IMT Hyderabad courses?

Ans. IMT Ghaziabad has the following seats as per the courses tabulated below:

PGDM (Overall)120
PGDM Financial Management60
PGDM Marketing60

Q. How is the placement situation at IMT Hyderabad?

Ans. IMT obtained a 90 percent placement rate for the 2020 recruitment drive, with the highest CTC of INR 16 LPA and an average CTC of INR 7.26 LPA. The top recruiters identified were from a variety of industries, including IT/ITES, Consulting, BFSI, Sales & Marketing, Analytics, and so on. Among the top firms are Deloitte, Genpact, HDFC, SBI, IDFC, PwC, Federal Bank, WIPRO, Dun & Bradstreet, Hexaware, and Lido Learning.

Q.Is there a scholarship program at IMT Hyderabad?

Ans. Yes, IMT Hyderabad provides the following scholarships to PGDM students:
Smt. Leela Nath Memorial Scholarships for female candidates
Merit scholarships are awarded to individuals who get good marks on entrance examinations.
Scholarships for students from the EWS category
Scholarships in memory of Shri Mahendra Nath

Q. Is it possible for students to obtain a bank loan at IMT Hyderabad?

Ans. Yes, the institute provides students with a financing option. Students can obtain loans from IMT Hyderabad through partnerships with Oriental Bank of Commerce and Credila. In addition, the institute offers specific papers that are essential during the process.

Q. Is it required to transmit documents/transcripts to IMT Hyderabad during this pandemic?

Ans. No, no paperwork or transcripts are necessary to be sent to the institution during the present Covid 19 pandemics. However, it is recommended that you fill out the application online in order to prevent any form of mail/upload/transportation of papers.

Q. How are placements at IMT Hyderabad?

Ans. Just like the past few years, IMT Hyderabad had an excellent campus placement for the class of
2020. The class managed to get 192 offers by the total eligible 193 students The highest package offered is Rs 16.5 Lpa. The average package is Rs 7.64 Lpa and Median is Rs. 7 Lpa.

Q. Which campus of IMT is best?

Ans. IMT Ghaziabad and IMT Hyderabad are best because of its infrastructure and placements and rankings.

Q. Which is better IMT or IBS Hyderabad?

Ans. The IBS, Hyderabad and IMT Ghaziabad, both are well renowned colleges in the field of management. The IBS is ranked 8th in best institutes for management, whereas the IMT is ranked 6th. Talking about the reviews and rating, the IMT has obtained a bit better reviews and rating than IBS.

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