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Distance MBA at IIMs in India

First, let’s get our facts straight. The IIM distance MBA does not even exist, nor are the courses offered through MBA distance education equivalent to MBA learning courses. What the IIMs do offer are certain programs through remote mode.

 Saurav Anand 14/04/2022
Distance MBA at IIMs in India

Introduction : Distance MBA at IIMs

First, let’s get our facts straight. The IIM distance MBA does not even exist, nor are the courses offered through MBA distance education equivalent to MBA learning courses. What the IIMs do offer are certain programs through remote mode.

There is no better way to prepare for senior management positions within the business environment than to develop expertise in both business and ethics.

An advanced degree gives you the opportunity to accomplish just that. Best IIM’s distance education programs in India allow you to gain a broad understanding of business and earn a degree without interrupting your work or family life.

The programs offer many ways that you can advance your career by equipping you with the entrepreneurial mindset crucial to achieving your stated goals.

Candidates planning to do distance learning MBA often ask, which university is the best for MBA distance education? “Can I do a distance MBA from IIM? Indian Institute of Management or IIM is the most sought after B school by MBA aspirants. However, IIMs do not offer Distance MBA Courses Therefore, candidates planning to pursue an IIM Distance MBA can opt for Diploma and Certification courses for working professionals offered in distance learning mode.

The IIMs offer various executive management programs and distance management programs (blended and online learning) for mid-level and higher-level working professionals. These programs should not be confused with the distance MBA and students must attend some classes on the weekends.

While the Graduate Program (PGP) and Executive Graduate Program (EPGP) offered by the IIMs are full-time residential programs and require candidates to stay on campus and attend daily classes, the combined management and Online short-term (distance MBA) courses, on the other hand, have online classes, offline lectures, attend seminars, and projects that students can access anytime, anywhere at their convenience. Online classes are held in the evenings or on weekends so students don’t have to compromise on their official duties. The lectures can also be accessed later as they are recorded and stored in the Learning Management System (LMS).

Distance MBA from IIMs in India – Scope

The distance that the MBA covers has a very wide scope. After completing the management programs provided above, a working professional can opt for higher-level management positions. They can also strengthen your skills, which will improve your career prospects. Most entrepreneurs seek a distance or online MBA to learn the methods of running a business or organization and apply those techniques to maximize their income. Here are some of the benefits of IIM’s distance learning programs.

  • Those who are working with an organization and want to work in a higher-level profile can follow an IIM distance learning program. Through this they will learn the latest methodologies, leading a team, etc.
  • These programs are specially designed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset so that business decisions can be made in top management.
  • To obtain a high-level management profile, it is necessary to follow the previously provided distance learning courses offered by IIM.
  • Aside from working professionals, an average student can pursue a remotely MBA to further their management careers.
  • The IIMs offer several general and specialized distance learning MBA programs for working executives. Read all about IIM’s distance learning courses, fees, scope, and locations.

Distance MBA from IIMs in India: Overview

Applicants should note that not all IIMs offer distance learning programs. In this article, we will share information about the IIM Distance Learning MBA, such as:

Course name

  • Course pedagogy
  • Total course fees
  • Scope of these courses
  • Placement opportunities after completing these courses
IIM CampusCourse NamePedagogy
IIM AhmedabadePost Graduate Programme (ePGP)The course is imparted through technologically abled online classes conducted in your city
IIM LucknowWorking Managers’ Programme (WMP)On-campus classes from Friday-Sunday
IIM IndoreGeneral Management Programme for Executives (GMPE)Classes are held on Sundays
IIM RanchiCertificate Programme in General Management (CPGM)On-campus classes for 9 days [consecutive] per term (5 terms)
IIM RaipurPost Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives (PGPMWE)Classes for one weekend in a fortnight over a period of 24 months.

What is the Duration for Each Course?

The duration or program duration of each program varies depending on the institution to which you apply.

However, most programs run for 12 months, while schools like IIM Ahmedabad allow you to complete the ePost Graduate Program in up to three years.

Distance MBA from IIMs in India: Scope of IIM Distance Learning Programmes

The scope of these distance MBAs or IIM distance learning MBAs is enormous. These advanced management programs help working professionals prepare for senior management positions. They can further strengthen their already acquired skills on the job to enhance their career prospects and broaden the scope of possibilities. Entrepreneurs can learn advanced methods of managing a business organization and apply modern mechanisms to maximize revenue and improve business performance.

Listed below are some of the benefits of following IIM distance learning courses:

  • For working professionals, it is extremely important to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. Learning the latest ways and methodology to run a business, perform management tasks, and lead the team is necessary to stay relevant in the job market.
  • To be able to observe high-level managerial roles, one must be well above their peers and on a par with recent MBA graduates joining the workforce.
  • A distance education MBA offers knowledge and training in traditional and modern methods that will be applied in the workplace for best results.
  • These programs also develop a business mindset crucial to making important business decisions in top management.
  • Knowledge of textbooks and practical experience gained during a distance MBA course or any such course go a long way towards improving efficiency.

What are the eligibility criteria for these courses?

Depending on the particular course you wish to take, the eligibility criteria will always be different. However, an overview of the eligibility criteria is mentioned below for further discussion.

IIM courses are intended for working professionals. As such, your eligibility for any course depends on the amount of progressive work experience you have. This is what you need to know:

Eligibility for IIM details

  • Junior level program At least one year of work ex
  • Higher-level program Up to 10 years of work experience
  • It follows from the above that the course you can join depends on your work experience.

Distance MBA from IIMs in India: Fees

Listed below are the total fees of IIMs Distance Learning MBA courses

IIM CampusCourse NameTotal Fees (approx.)
IIM AhmedabadePost Graduate Programme (ePGP)Rs 17.44 Lakh
IIM LucknowWorking Managers’ Programme (WMP)Rs 13.55 Lakh
IIM IndoreGeneral Management Programme for Executives (GMPE)Rs 3.50 Lakh
IIM RanchiCertificate Programme in General Management (CPGM)Rs 3.00 Lakh
IIM RaipurPost Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives (PGPMWE)Rs 12.61 Lakh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does IIM offer a distance MBA?

A: No, the IIMs do not offer distance MBA courses. The programs offered by the institutes are mostly short-term career enhancement programmers taught in distance learning mode.

Q. Is the distance MBA valuable?

A distance MBA has the same value as a full-time MBA because ultimately, both courses offer you a recognized university degree that is acceptable throughout the industry.

Q. Is a cat required for a distance MBA?

Candidates are admitted to the distance MBA degree program based on their performance at graduation, in which in the eligibility criteria of the regular and full-time MBA program, candidates must have a valid score on XAT, CAT, MAT, CMAT. But in some institutions, an entrance exam is done at the institute level.

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