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1 Year Online MBA Admission, Important Dates

1 Year Online MBA: Admission, Important Dates

On the off chance that you are a functioning proficient and searching for precise data around 1Year MBA programs presented by IIMs, ISB, XLRI, SPJIMR, Master’s Union and other top B-schools.

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 25/03/2022
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1 Year Online MBA

On the off chance that you are a functioning proficient and searching for precise data around 1Year MBA programs presented by IIMs, ISB, XLRI, SPJIMR, Master’s Union and other top B-schools.

1 Year MBA Admission 2022: Important Dates

A large portion of the top B-schools are unguarded with their 1year confirmation process 2022 and their meeting initiates soon. Many top MBA schools with 1year MBA programs like IIMsISB among others have reported their application interaction for 1year MBA affirmation 2022. To assist the competitors with choosing the important scholastic meeting, we share underneath the 1 MBA application dates for affirmation 2022 independently.

Shared beneath are the significant dates for 1year MBA affirmation 2022 in top B-schools where application process is open:

1Year MBA collegeLast date to ApplyApplication Fee (In Rs.)
ISB Hyderabad/MohaliJanuary 30, 2022Rs.7500
SPJIMR MumbaiAugust 15, 2022Rs.1500
Masters’ Union, GurugramJanuary 23, 2022Rs.2000
K J Somaiya, Institute of Management, MumbaiJuly 30, 2022Rs.2850
Great Lakes Institute of ManagementMarch10, 2022Rs. 2000
FORE School of Management, New DelhiJuly 31, 2022Rs.1416
LBSIM New DelhiJuly 31, 2022Rs.1250
SOIL GurgaonOpenRs.2000
SDMIMD MysoreJuly 31, 2022Rs. 500
ISB HyderabadJan 30, 2022Rs.7500
IIM AhmedabadAug 20, 2022Rs.5000
IIM BangaloreAug 20, 2022Rs.3000
IIM CalcuttaAug 30, 2022Rs.2000
IIM LucknowComing SoonNo Application Fee
IIM KozhikodeApril 30, 2022Rs.3000
IIM IndoreComing SoonRs.5900
XLRI JamshedpurDec 10, 2021 (Through XAT); Dec 31, 2021 (Through GRE/GMAT)Rs.1800+300
Masters’ UnionJanuary 23, 2022Rs.2000
MDI GurgaonJanuary 2022Rs.3000
IMI New DelhiFebruary 2022Rs. 2596/-
Great lakes Institute of Management, ChennaiMarch10, 2022Rs. 2000
IIM UdaipurFebruary 2, 2022Rs.1000
Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB)December 20, 2021Rs.1600

1 Year MBA in India Vs Executive MBA: Clear the Confusion

How about we initially get the contrast between 1Year MBA and Executive MBA (EMBA). In US, Europe, China and Singapore EMBA is by and large a measured, parttime program presented for senior chiefs who don’t wish to leave their well-paying regular positions for procuring MBA credentials. Executive MBA in India.

Coming to India, there is some outlandish disarray between these two projects. To dispel any confusion, some verifiable point of view is helpful.

In 2001, in the same way as other European MBA programs, ISB Hyderabad sent off its one-year full-time private MBA identical program called Post Graduate Program (PGP). This expected a required work-insight of a couple of years, and accordingly pointed solely as working chiefs. Following its prosperity, in 2006, IIM Ahmedabad sent off its ‘Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives’, its one-year, full-time, private projects prevalently known as PGPX. IIM Calcutta too sent off its ‘Post Graduate Program for Executives’ or ‘PGPEX’. In 2009, IIM Bangalore sent off ‘Chief Post Graduate Program in Management’ or ‘EPGP’. Both IIMC’s PGPEX and IIMB’s EPGP were one-year, full-time, private MBA Equivalent projects.

Subsequent to passing of IIM Act 2017, presently a portion of the IIMs have begun granting Master of Business Administration degree to the understudies of their 1year program on its fruitful consummation rather than prior recognition.

Considering that word ‘Chief’ is essential for basically each of the 1-year MBA programs by IIMs, media and overall population began calling these 1Year MBA comparable projects as Executive MBAs. Obviously, the one-year private MBA programs by IIMs are NOT secluded EMBA programs as known worldwide.

This disarray was maybe additionally intensified when AICTE, the administration instruction controller in India, allowed PGDM B-schools to offer ‘Chief PGDM’ – likewise a full-time private 15-months MBA comparable program. So XLRI offered PGDM (General Management) and MDI offered National administration Program, etc – all prompting ‘Leader PGDM’ or PGDM Executive. Today in excess of 25 B-schools are offering this program in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and different urban areas.

Particulars1Year MBAExecutive MBA
MBA colleges for ExampleISB’s PGP or IIMA’s PGPXISB’s PGPMAX
Full TimeYesNo
Duration12-15 monthsVaries from 15 months to 36 months
Minimum Work Ex Required5 Years for IIMs, 2 Years for ISB/Great LakesMuch higher, generally 10-15 years
AdmissionGMAT/GRE required. Rigorous process.Profile based. GMAT generally not required
Fee compared to 2-yr programHighMuch Higher
Placement AssistanceYesNo

1Year MBA: Types of Organizations

1 year MBA by IIMs including IIMA, IIMB, IIMC and others

‘Leader PGDM’ presented by AICTE endorsed top B-schools like XLRI, MDI, SPJIMR, Great Lakes and others

1Year MBA comparable program presented by ISB, SOIL and others

While this multitude of three 1Year MBAs might seem same, 1nearer examination, you will see numerous distinctions because of the situating and main interest group of these projects.

InstitutionDurationBatch SizeBatch Average Work ExperienceMinimum Work Experience RequiredFees (Rs Lakhs)Average Placement (Rs Lakhs)Month of Programme Commencement
IIM Ahmedabad - PGPX12 Months1408.3 Years4 years28,00,00033,36,247April
IIM Bangalore - EPGP12 Months757.42 Years5 years27,50,00029,88,000April
IIM Calcutta – MBA Ex12 Months798.1years5 Years27,00,00028,75,000April
IIM Indore - EPGP12 Months688.6 Years5 Years20,10,00020,65,000April
IIM Lucknow - IPMX12 Months1018.3 Years5 Years23,50,000-April
IIM Kozhikode-PGP BL12 months80--3 Years22,50,00024,20,000April
B-school - Program NameDurationAverage Work Experience of the BatchMinimum Work Experience RequiredFeesAverage PlacementMonth of Programme Commencement
ISB Hyderabad - PGP12 Months4.3 Years2 Years35,99,00024,36,000April
Masters’ Union School of Business, Gurugram-PGP-TBM16 Months4 Years0-8 Years20,00,00029,12,000May

Top 1 Year MBA equivalent PGDM Executive offered by AICTE B-schools & Universities

B-school - Program NameDurationAverage Work Experience of the BatchMinimum Work Experience RequiredFeesAverage PlacementMonth of Programme Commencement
SPJIMR Mumbai - PGPM15 Months6.7 Years5 Years20,50,00019,50,500January
XLRI Jamshedpur – Ex-PGDM15 Months6.5 Years5 Years20,00,00018,00,000April
MDI Gurgaon - NMP15 Months7.8 Years5 Years15,35,00019,00,000February/March
Great Lakes Chennai, Gurgaon – PGPM,12 Months3.4 Years2 Years192500013,63,000May
IMI New Delhi15 Months--5 Years12,00,000--April
K J Somaiya, Institute of Management Mumbai- Eeecutive-MBAitute of Management Mumbai- Eeecutive-MBA15 Months-5 Years8,17,2909,43,000September
FORE School of Management, Delhi15 Months-5 Years12,00,000--August
LBSIM, New Delhi15 Months-5 Years5,70,000--July/August
XIM Bhubaneswar (XIMB): EMBA-BM12 Months3.5 Years3 Years16,21,000NAJuly
SDMIMD Mysore - PGCM15 Months1.6 YearNone5,90,000NAAugust
SOIL Gurgaon12 Months2 years2 years15,03,00010,70,000August

Comparison of 1 Year MBAs by IIMs, ISB, SPJIMR, XLRI: At a Glance

Program Duration12 months15 months12 months
Minimum Work Ex Required4-5 Years5 Years2 Years
Average Batch Work Experience7.8 Years6.55 Years4.3 Years
Average GMAT690-710650-700709
Fee27-28 lakhs20-21 lakhs36 lakhs
Average Placements28-33 lakhs18-20 lakhs24.36 lakhs

Top 1 Year MBA Programs in India

Which are top 1 Year MBA programs in India? Assuming you are searching for the best 1year MBA, kindly note that these 1 year MBA programs in India are presented by the 1year MBA schools in India as well as other top MBA universities. The main 1year MBA programs presented by ISB (1 year MBA is the lead program at ISB), IIMs, XLRI, Masters’ Union are the instances of the absolute best 1year MBA programs in India. Around the world, these are just 1 year MBA program rankings d1by top worldwide offices. Albeit out of 3500 MBA universities in India, the majority of them offer 1year MBA courses yet looking with the viewpoint of picking the main 1year MBA.

1 Year MBA in Delhi NCR

1 year MBA in Delhi NCR is presented by many top MBA schools. A portion of the top Management Institutes offering 1year MBA in Delhi NCR incorporate MDI Gurgaon; IIM Lucknow-Noida grounds; IMT Ghaziabad; IMI New Delhi; FORE School of Management New Delhi, LBSIM New Delhi among others.

Institutes Offering 1Year MBA in Delhi NCRName of 1Year MBA Programme in Delhi NCRMinimum Work Experience Required for Admission
MDI GurgaonNational Management Programme (NMP)5 Years
IIM Lucknow-Noida CampusInternational Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX)5 Years
Masters’ Union School of Business, GurugramPGP in Technology & Business Management (PGP-TBM)0-8 Years
IMT GhaziabadPGDM E5 Years
IMI New DelhiEx PGDM5 Years
Great Lakes Institute of Management, GurgaonPost Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)2 Years
FORE School of ManagementExecutive PGDM (PGPX)5 Years
LBSIM New DelhiPGDM E5 Years

The confirmation cycle for one-year full-time private MBA in India requires least qualification of an advanced education alongside proficient or innovative experience of 5 years. Competitors are shortlisted based on the passing grade like GMAT/GRE and the general profile of the up-and-comer. After short posting different characteristics, for example, individual meeting, mission statement, composed capacity test and letter of suggestion are assessed for conclusive admission to the program. 

1 Year MBA Colleges Fee

1Year MBA programs by ISB, IIMs, XLRI, SPJIMR, MDI, Masters’ Union and other top B-schools are pointed toward working experts with 2-10 years of work insight. As 1 year MBA programs are full time private projects with educational plan at standard with long term MBA, the workforce related with these projects is first class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is better-1 year MBA or 2 years MBA?

Answer. Both 1year and long term MBA programs are great as far as the educational plan and situations advertised. Both of the projects are planned remembering the vocation objectives and requests of the understudies.
The 1year MBA program is a superior choice for those people who have a reasonable vocation objective and have the work insight in the corporate world, they simply need to develop and speed up their profession.
The long term MBA program is a superior choice for those people who are new to the corporate world and have work insight of less than 2 years, such people need more inside and out hypothetical information alongside the pragmatic perspectives and furthermore need to encounter a decent business college climate.
As far as devotion and difficult work, 1year MBA programs require more commitment as a speedy course covers every 1of the viewpoints instructed in a long term MBA program.
As far as the course expense, both 1year and long term MBA programs are equivalent.

Q. Could it be said that 1is year MBA worth the effort?

Answer. Indeed, the one-year MBA merits your time, gave you have the right stuff and information expected for this course. As 1year MBA is dynamic, it requires a great deal of difficult work and commitment, yet it is speedy, requires significantly less time, and assists you with getting a perfect proportion of help and edge you really want, to speed up your vocation.

Q. Which are the best schools in India for a 1year MBA program?

Answer. Here are the rundown of the best schools in India for a 1year MBA program-

  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IIM Bangalore
  • IIM Calcutta
  • IIM Indore
  • IIM Lucknow
  • IIM Kozhikode
  • IBS Hyderabad
  • Great Lakes Gurgaon
Q. What is the extent of a 1year MBA in India?

Answer. There is a decent extent of a 1year MBA program in India in light of the fact that the situations presented in this course are taken care of one’s singular requirements, that matches their corporate foundation as well as the future profession objectives. The universities help you with a superior vocation choice and different areas like Banking, Finance, Consulting, IT recruit the understudies.

Q. Which is better-leader MBA (EMBA) or full-time MBA?

Answer. Both leader MBA (EMBA) and full-time MBA are great. A superior choice relies upon the understudy’s work insight and objectives. On the off chance that you have work insight of over 10 years in your field, and you really want to have development in your vocation, the leader MBA is the ideal decision, since it doesn’t expect you to leave your everyday work. Assuming that you are new to the corporate world and have to have a piece of inside and out information, and a superior position a potential open door, the full-time MBA program is the ideal decision for you.

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