Ankur verma MBA (Batch 2012)

Jaipuria Institute of Management

Great experience, and what I’m today is a direct result of the school and their supportive idea and experience which let me consider out the container.

Course Curriculum Overview 10/10

Arranged and extremely fair and select construction alongside the viable, visitor address and graduated class meeting. There were such countless exercises which we have gone through under the modern information, had a number of modern visits and got to know such a huge amount about the MSMEs and SMEs.

Placement Experience 10/10

Placements were around 7.0LPA with so many reputated associations, even organization is having a placement cell, which is considered to give all the placement sort of things.

School Events 10/10

Modern visits, workforce gatherings, Guest addresses, and Alumni meet Activities are a lot of cycles situated on the functional ground. Gone to such a lot of graduated class meet and got to be familiar with their own insight and contemplated the functional life and corporate culture

Fee Structure And Facilities

The fee structure is alright, according to the school positioning and market cap, the fee is decent to pick an open door, things were in every case particularly straightforward and forever been told pretty much every one of the costs and had an extremely definite dee structure likewise got the authority receipts constantly,

Advance/Scholarship Provisions

Not benefited as the school doesn’t give the said offices, we have no grants direction program.

Grounds Life 10/10

The orientation proportion was 50:50 and grounds life is truly carefree and has agreeable air, the organization is a lot of cycles situated and there were no any space for the governmental issues, even at my third semester, I was the inn and wreck in charge for my hostel and wreck administrations.

Lodging Facilities 8/10

Indeed, I have selected the lodging and wreck offices for the whole term of my school, I have been relegated as an inn and wreck in Charge. The Hostel rooms and the air is generally excellent and straightforward to carry on with life.

Outside Expense : Rs.2000 – Rs.4000

Graduated class/Alumna

Indeed, every one of the seniors and super seniors was a lot of strong and consistently prepared to help. The graduated class were likewise on a solitary summon constantly.


With a fitness test, I have a chance to get admission at jaipuria, consequently, I have been presented for Golgotha foundation too considerably more great universities however along of all I have decided to go with jaipuria, as a result of its solid market notoriety and extraordinary openness to upgrade my capacity and furthermore get a platform to investigate my capacities.

Staff 10/10

Staff are particularly agreeable and have great information about their forte, all are especially strong and consistently make the talk carefree and make it straightforwardness to comprehend, personnel and HOD both have their own liability, and all our research and reasonably arranged.

Samriddhi Anand MBA, General (Batch 2020)

Jaipuria Institute of Management

Course Curriculum Overview 10/10

It’s a benefit. We are shown well by our instructors and they focus on us also. The test design is great in light of the hypothetical subjects and prospectus. In some cases, it becomes furious when there isn’t a sufficient hole between 2 tests.

Placement Experience 10/10

It’s OK alright. I mean average. It isn’t excessively great and neither really awful. The students some way or another get to put so it’s fine like that. The staff invests amounts of energy equivalent to a well. They assist us with all the essential prepping, introductions, and arrangements.

School Events 10/10

1. Spardha fest 2. Yearly games day 3. Mercato fest 4. Worldwide meeting 5. Banter rivalry 5. Entomb house social fests 6. Road plays 7. Instructors day festivity 8. Finance club exercises

Fee Structure And Facilities

It is doable. I would agree as per the examinations and every one of the offices given to us, thinking about the placement cycle too, the fee construction of the college is doable and reasonable

Lodging Facilities 10/10

90000 without AC offices and 110000 with AC offices. I’m not a hosteller so I can’t make sense of another 200 words. Yet, to the extent that I have heard the hostellers are not exactly content with anything offices are given to them.


The first round was a GD meeting and afterward a last meeting round with the Director.

Staff 10/10

The staff is great. They focus on us well and deal with our examinations moreover. Each of the educators has one of a kind showing style and can make sense of all the substance well. We can depend on them without any problem.

Sana bari MBA, General (Batch 2017)

Jaipuria Institute of Management

Course Curriculum Overview 9/10

I viewed the course educational plan as sufficient to grasp the subject. The routine of the classes was useful customary classes helped the students in understanding the subject as educators are truly learned we use to get to know such countless things about the market.

Placement Experience 8/10

Indeed they give me both temporary jobs as well as placements from my bunch the majority of the understudy got set. Yet, some of the ways that there is an issue with organization CTC is their fixed compensation is something different, and the variable is unique.

School Events 10/10

Mercato-understudy set up slow down they get the great possibility of communication with individuals, we sell our slow down and procure benefit. Notwithstanding dance, singing, and incline walk program are additionally there. Spandana-understudy is welcomed from different universities to partake in the occasion, for example, tests, games, business, and contextual analysis. Direction It gets everything rolling at the earliest reference point when the students join the school. Week by week program-Every Wednesday there are programs in our school like discussion contests, News examinations.

Fee Structure And Facilities

As indicated by me the fee structure is practical according to the office they give are adequate. The school sets up for various modern visits and openness as these are expected of students. I view the workforce as the best they are just perfect.

Inn Facilities 6/10

Inn was great yet the food assortment was not there even the cleanliness was not excessively kept up with. Timings of going out and it was so restricted to bring back. Indeed, even we were not around to wander in that frame of mind after 9:30 in the evening.

Admission through my MAT score

Personnel 10/10

In our school personnel is awesome to be looked at prior to taking admission, they guide us and help us in each issue any time one can go to pose any inquiries from the point. Not simply they are prepared to assist formally in examinations with a night they help us in a private matter.

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