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Is UpGrad degree valid and is it good..?

UpGrad has partnered with IIIT-Bangalore for the PG programme in Data Science to provide learners with bespoke data knowledge and make them aware of market data trends, and it has been assisting learners in transitioning into tomorrow’s careers.

 Saurav Anand 04/02/2022

What makes UpGrad quite a brilliant option?

UpGrad has partnered with IIIT-Bangalore for the PG programme in Data Science to provide learners with bespoke data knowledge and make them aware of market data trends, and it has been assisting learners in transitioning into tomorrow’s careers. UpGrad is one of India’s largest online education companies, and its courses have helped employees bridge the gap between their skills and industry data requirements. It is providing opportunities to advance one’s career through rigorous online programmes that provide personalised support from world-class faculty and industry experts. This explains why UpGrad and IIIT-PG B’s programme in Data Science has assisted over 400 working professionals in managerial positions in transitioning to a Data Science role, with placements at companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, and Adobe. It’s also amazing to see how UpGrad’s Data Science programme is seeing an increase in enrolments from professionals outside of the IT industry. In fact, professionals from non-IT backgrounds make up 20% of the current batch of students, and this number is expected to rise by 25% QoQ. UpGrad has been extremely successful in establishing the credibility of data skills among a large talent pool, thanks to its deep understanding of how businesses use data. In 2018, Analytics India magazine ranked the programme as one of the top five.

There have been over 400 successful career transitions-

UpGrad has been extremely successful in providing all professionals with 360-degree career support. Learners receive mentorship on how to approach interviews, mock interview calls with experts, and placement drives such as Hiresmart and Accelerate from time to time, in addition to receiving resume feedback and helping them build an impactful resume. Notably, UpGrad recently reported 400+ successful career transitions with pay increases of up to 200 per cent.

According to statistics, the number of persons enrolling in the prestigious UpGrad courses is growing with each term. These courses have been built with the demands of the industry in mind so that by the end of the term, professionals will have the specific skills they need to reach the top. As a result, a student is always up to date on industry-specific requirements. The fact that two of India’s top ten data scientists are among UpGrad’s faculty members makes it an ideal destination to pursue data-related courses.

A customised learning environment over the internet-

 UpGrad stands out as a unique learning environment since it dispels the idea that high-quality education cannot be obtained online. UpGrad’s tech-savvy alternative learning environment provides working professionals with a tailored learning environment. Learners can mix their employment commitments with their data learning in these courses since they are flexible.

With powerful handholding, committed mentorship, individualised feedback, and 360-degree career aid, UpGrad gives individualised support to learners. This is why a large number of working people select the PG programme in Data Science with UpGrad and IIIT-B.

There’s no greater motivation to boost your education, job, and life than UpGrad, which provides you with the opportunity to be mentored by industry leaders.

Here’s a brief rundown of a few things you should be aware of about this new method of higher education:

1.  Who is able to provide online degree programmes? Any higher education institution that satisfies one of the two requirements below is automatically qualified to begin and run their current degree programmes (with at least one batch of graduates) in an online format – A. HEI should have been in the top 100 at least twice in the previous three years, and B. HEI should have an A+ NAAC grade.

If a university does not satisfy the above criteria but still wishes to operate its programme online, it can submit an application and all accepted programmes will be launched in an online format. There are almost 200 institutions in India that are qualified to offer their programmes online!

2. Who is eligible to participate in the programme? The institution may provide online programmes to students from all around India and is not bound by territorial jurisdiction.

3. What methods will students use to study online? The institution can offer the programme on SWAYAM or any other learning platform that complies with UGC’s four clear standards.

4. Who will be in charge of these initiatives? To manage and operationalize these programmes, all institutions that plan to offer their programmes online must establish a Center of Distance and Online Education.

5. What will learners receive if they complete the programme successfully? All students who have finished the programme and cleared all credits and tests will get degree certificates from the institution.

6. Who will be in charge of creating the programme? The UGC has established a very defined 4-quadrant approach to programme development, and the institution is expected to create and generate e-content in precise accordance with it.

7. What method will students use to take exams? To evaluate the applicants, the university will conduct a computer-based or pen-and-paper test in an online proctored setting.

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