A Complete Guide to Courses and Careers after B.Arch

Students approaching graduation often have their heads full of thoughts about their future. Like any other graduating student, BArch seniors may have questions related to choosing a career that would be perfect for them.
A Complete Guide to Courses and Careers after B.Arch

A Complete Guide to Courses and Careers after B.Arch

Students approaching graduation often have their heads full of thoughts about their future. Like any other graduating student, BArch seniors may have questions related to choosing a career that would be perfect for them. In this article, students will be able to check the different careers after BArch. By knowing the various domains to which they can head, students will be able to decide which path to take. Read to know more about Career after BArch.

What is BArch?

The Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) is a five-year undergraduate course during which students learn the art of designing, planning, and building physical structures. Students are trained to be able to supervise any type of construction and devise a plan to build any type of structure. After graduation, students typically work in the domain of architecture or planning.

Skills Required to Make a Career in B.Arch:

Career After B.Arch

Build Your Knowledge with Higher Studies

Students may choose to develop their knowledge in the field by choosing to pursue higher studies in Architecture. Several universities in India offer MArch to graduates and spending two more years studying can greatly benefit students. The most popular MArch entrance exam is GATE and scoring the exam can open the door for admission to top institutes. Along with GATE, students can also choose to attempt state level exams like MAH MArch CET, Karnataka PGCET, and more.

In addition to MArch, students can also choose to study Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Engineering and Building Management, Master of Planning (Environmental Planning / Housing / Regional Planning / Transportation Planning / Urban Planning) and other specialized specific postgraduate degrees.

Shift to a Familiar Domain – Design

In the four years of studying BArch, many design-related topics are also included in the curriculum. If the student feels more affinity for design, she can always choose to study design for graduate school. Some of the popular design courses selected by BArch graduates are Master of Urban Design and Master of Design (Industrial Design). With a background in architecture and design, students will be able to work in various fields in both domains.


One of the most popular career options after graduation is to become an architect. However, there are different types of architects and the student must choose according to their specialization and interest. Landscape Architect, Project Architect, Architectural Technician, Design Architect, and Restoration Architect are some of the career options that will be available to BArch graduates.

If students want to apply their knowledge in the world of design, they can apply for jobs as interior designers, product designers, production designers, fashion designers, and more. However, most companies prefer to hire design graduates. If a student wishes to work in this field, then she can begin to develop her skills and a resume that focuses on the design aspect to grab the recruiter’s attention. Internships are invaluable during recruitment.


Another field that BArch graduates can dabble in is Journalism. If the student has the ability to write, then a career as an architectural journalist would be suitable. It is one of the fast-growing sectors and students can apply to various magazines and publishers for recruitment. Having a portfolio or some written samples ready will help recruiters see the potential and become a huge asset during the interview session.


If the idea of working with someone else is not very appealing, BArch graduates can also take a chance and try to build their own company. Entrepreneurship is a popular choice among young graduates of late as it allows them to work according to their will. While it is risky and extremely difficult, the payoff is great. By starting an independent company, students will be able to discover the potential and direction they would like their career to take. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy, but dedication, hard work and ideas it is some of the best careers after BArch.

Government Jobs

After graduation, students can also choose to apply for government jobs. If a student is looking for a stable job with a good salary, then a job in the government is the best option. However, the level of competition for government jobs is increasing. Some of the public and governmental organizations offering jobs for BArch graduates are the Department of Railways, Department of Public Works, Department of Archeology, City Development Authorities, Housing Development Corporations, Ministry of Defense, Municipalities, Corporation of Housing and Urban Development, National Institutes of Urban Affairs. and Housing, National Construction Organization, Central and State Public Works Departments, State Housing Boards.


As an architect, you can earn a starting salary of approximately Rs. 4 lac to Rs. 5 Lacs per year. The salary will increase with your experience in this field. Candidates who have work experience of more than 5 years can earn a salary of Rs. 8 lac to Rs. 10 Lacs per year. The salary is high in the private sector compared to the government sector. In the US, Architect can earn a salary of around $ 95,000 per year. The salary will also depend on your job profile, company, location and work experience.

Top B.Arch Colleges in India

Presented here below are some of the famous B.Arch universities established across India –

Name of CollegeType of CollegeAverage Fee (In INR)
School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) VijayawadaPublic2,79,000/-
Parul UniversityPrivate4,60,000/-
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) RoorkeePublic10,51,000/-
Amity University, NoidaPrivate13,31,000/-
Integral University, LucknowPrivate6,00,000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is B.Arch about?

Answer. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) is a 5-year full-time program. It consists of 10 semesters. It focuses on subjects ranging from the fields of engineering, the arts, and technology to the professional practice of architecture. B.Arch is a generous mix of theory and study exercises. You can register with COA (Council of Architecture) after completing your Bachelor of Arch. You can also follow the advanced courses at B.Arch listed below: Advanced architecture courses: Master of Architecture (M.Arch) PhD in Architecture The Disciplines of Architecture are Transportation Planning, History and Pedagogy, Interior Design, Urban or Rural Planning, Construction Management, Architecture Theory, Landscape Design, etc. During the duration of the B.Arch Course and after completing this course, you can do an internship program with an architecture firm or with some professional Architects to increase practical experience and improve job prospects. B.Arch course content:

2. What is the salary after a B.Arch from IIT or NIT?

Answer. Salary after B.Arch depends not on your college, but on the kind of portfolio, you present and how your interview goes. The college you graduated from is just an added bonus, not primary criteria.

3. What are the jobs after B Arch?

Answer. Typical Job Profiles after B.Arch

4. Do B Arch students get good placements?

Answer. There are 'generally' no placements at B. Arch, but it by no means means that architects are unemployed. You have many options to earn as an assistant architect in good firms under reputable architects or start your own firm in any city (unlike B. Tech, where you depend on your multinational or firm.

5. Is the MBA good after B Arch?

Answer. Studying construction economics and quantitative studies on an MBA after architecture can provide you with a wealth of experience in various fields, including business management, financial management, and construction project procurement.

6. What is a good rank in B Arch?

Answer. A score of around 220-250 is optimal for B. Arch paper. A score of around 220-250 is optimal for a B.Arch paper.
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