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UGC, AICTE: Online PhD Programmes

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 30/10/2022
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UGC, AICTE: Online PhD Programmes:

People have been warned not to enroll in online PhD programmes provided by edtech companies in collaboration with foreign educational institutions, according to a notice from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the ‘All India Council of Technical Education’ (AICTE), which claims such programmes are not recognised by it.

The higher education regulators stated in the notification that advertisements in this respect should not deceive students or the general public. The Education Ministry has cautioned edtech players numerous times against running deceptive marketing. UGC, AICTE: Online PhD Programmes by edtech firms with foreign varsities not recognised.

UGC, AICTE: Online PhD Programmes

“The UGC has announced the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of MPhil, Ph.D degrees) Regulation 2016 in order to maintain the standards for awarding Ph.D degrees. According to a joint directive from the UGC and AICTE, all higher education institutions must adhere to UGC Regulations and its revisions in order to confer Ph.D. degrees.

These online doctoral programmes are not accepted by the UGC. Before applying for admission, prospective students and the general public are urged to confirm the legitimacy of Ph.D. programmes in accordance with UGC Regulation 2016 (the notice).

The ministry had issued a warning last December asking individuals to use caution while enrolling in online courses provided by edtech companies. It had also stated that it would create a policy to control the industry, but after a few edtech businesses established a consortium for self-regulation, it changed its mind and chose to wait and see. UGC, AICTE: Online PhD Programmes update keep a check on

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