NEET PG 2021- How to Prepare at Home

The National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance examination in India for admission into the course. A student's rank determines whether he or she is admitted to various government and private colleges through NEET, an All India Common Entrance Exam.

The National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance examination in India for admission into the course.  A student’s rank determines whether he or she is admitted to various government and private colleges through NEET, an All India Common Entrance Exam.

Because of the huge number of applicants, NEET is regarded as a tough exam. The cutoff has thus risen too much over time. During my preparation for NEET 2014, if the candidate scored more than 450 marks, their admission was guaranteed in a government medical college. However, in the present scenario, even if the candidate scores 550 marks, their candidacy might also be held up in the counselling process. In these modern times, the toppers often score over 700 out of 720 marks, which is highly impressive. Clearly, this is a very high standard. In order to secure a seat, the candidate must prepare and work hard.

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), formally named the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT), is the entrance test used by Indian medical and dental colleges. The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers this test.

The test was conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) before NTA, which is an independent and autonomous premier testing organisation. Every year, the exam, which offers 90,000 seats in MBBS and BDS colleges in India, takes place in May.

Students who wish to study medical courses must have Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Biotechnology as compulsory subjects in Class 10th and 12th and must have passed these subjects. At the time of the counselling round, the candidate must present their passing certificate. Mathematics marks are not considered in the NEET-undergraduate exam (NEET-UG).

In addition to undergraduate classes, NTA administrates the NEET post-graduation (NEET-PG), an eligibility-cumulative examination that is used as the single entrance exam for a number of MD/MS and PG diploma courses.

A candidate must answer 180 questions during the examination, which lasts three hours. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology) are the three sections of the exam paper.

NTA announces the counselling process as soon as NEET results are announced. Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) makes NEET counselling schedules available on their website.


The following tips will help you boost your preparation for the NEET 2021 exam if you are experiencing difficulties understanding how to prepare for the test:

The following tips will help you boost your preparation for the NEET 2021 exam if you are experiencing difficulties understanding how to prepare for the test:

  1. Establish a realistic timetable
  2. Starting From Scratch
  3. Practicing regularly is essential
  4. Examine full-length mock tests
  5. Regularly revise

1. Make a Realistic Timetable for NEET Preparation

Focus is crucial when it comes to starting NEET preparation for 2021. If you’ve targeted a specific college, it will give you the necessary motivation. All that remains is for you to devise a proper study plan now that you have a target. By following a fixed schedule, you will stay focused on your studies and achieve your goals. Creating a realistic timeline is very important if you want to prepare for the NEET in 2021. Having a realistic goal means achieving it. You do not have to write as you studied for 20 hours because we all know that is impossible. Determine your strongest and weakest points first, and allocate time for each subject accordingly.

2. Start from the Beginning When Preparing for NEET

NEET Syllabus must be followed by candidates. After you’ve completed all the concepts, you can start focusing on the important chapters and concepts of NEET. For effective preparation, it is also essential to read the best books for NEET. You can learn related topics and save time by looking at Embibe’s Knowledge Tree.

3. Practicing Regularly is Key to NEET Preparation

Practicing regularly is essential to your NEET preparation; otherwise, you will never be able to remember what you have studied and what you still have to learn. Your exam will ask questions of a similar type, so you will be on track. You should practice the areas in which you are weak every day.

4. Mock Tests are the Best Way to Prepare for NEET

Building your confidence is easier if you take mock tests regularly. You will come across the Advanced Feedback Analysis while taking a NEET mock test on Embibe. Taking tests in this way will boost your confidence and help you improve your test-taking skills. Your score will improve from one test to the next, helping you score high marks in the NEET.

5. NEET Preparation Tips: Revise Regularly

Regardless of whether you have mastered a particular topic, concept, chapter, or subject, you must constantly revise it. A crucial aspect of your NEET preparation is revision. Your priority, for now, should be NEET 2021. 

To prepare for NEET, follow these general guidelines:

The following are some general guidelines on NEET (Physics) preparation:

A general guide to preparing for the NEET in Biology:

The following are general guidelines for getting ready for NEET (Biology):

General guidelines to prepare Chemistry for NEET:

You can find some general advice below on how to prepare for the NEET (Chemistry):

These ideas will help you prepare for NEET at home in a much easier and more efficient manner.

1. Take Online Classes

Despite the pandemic, we have one important tool we were given much before it struck – the 4G network. The NEET online classes have already begun for some of you. Congratulations! The game is in your favour. You do not need to worry if you had never taken online classes before. 

As a consequence of the lockdown and the social distancing, most coaching classes and institutions have switched to online teaching. The time is now to switch to online classes at your institution if you have not done so already.

2. Take Part in Live Sessions and Discussions

On the NEET online platforms, students will be able to participate in live classes and help out with tests. Be sure to attend every now and then the live sessions, especially during the test discussions. If you spend three hours on a test and do not review it, then your efforts will be in vain. It is equally important to review the test and learn from your mistakes. You will always remember the pearls the teachers share during the live discussions.  

3. Set Up a Virtual Study Group

It can be challenging to prepare for the NEET at home—there is no one standing on your head who will push you to complete chapters and take the test. You need someone to hold you accountable so that you follow a routine. A study group of like-minded people is the best way to achieve this.

It’s because your study buddies have to have a similar goal to yours, only then can you work well together. If you are aiming to get an all India rank of 10000 and you are studying with someone who wants to be in the top 1000, this isn’t the best arrangement for both of you. A similar approach to studying is also important. 

There should be 3-4 people (not more than that) who have the same target and the same level of seriousness about studying.

The topic can be covered in a day by all of you, then you can address each other’s questions, teach each other a few concepts, and more. By doing so, you will be able to learn better and find it more enjoyable. Be kind to each other. You’re competing with lakhs of students. Your friends aren’t competitors. Due to the pandemic, you won’t be able to meet your friends in person, but you can call them or have a video conference. During the calls, stick to your studies.

4. Limit Your Social Media Use

With the pandemic, we have all become accustomed to scrolling endlessly through Instagram.

I know you need a break from studies, but social media is like a slow poison, you won’t even realize how much it harms you. You will limit your time on social media to 30 minutes a day and only use it after you have met your daily goals. 

5. Blocking Time is a Good Practice

Last but not least, block your time. The chances are that you are staying with your family or friends in a hostel, which may cause some disturbances between your study sessions. You just can’t prepare for what’s going to happen even when your friends and family are supportive.

By blocking your time, you can avoid this dilemma. Decide which hours of the day are best for you to study, and inform your family and friends that you will not be available during those hours. Please inform everyone around you of your studying purpose before you sit down. It is very unlikely that they will even enter your room if they wish you well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to prepare for the NEET 2021 at home?

Answer. Preparing for NEET 2021 requires a minimum of 12 hours of study per day. In order to achieve a 650+ on your NEET 2021, you must devote 50 per cent of your day to studying.

2. How many hours should be spent studying for NEET PG?

Answer. 15 hours is enough for Cracking NEET, but you should have a proper schedule. Take a seven-hour nap.

3. Which is the fastest way to revise for NEET PG?

Answer. Keep a watch on the clock and practice a minimum of 100 questions (Any topic/Mixed) daily. Avoid taking breaks, mark your answers on paper, and check them later. Use a Marker pen to make a note of the incorrect answer. You should gradually increase the amount of time spent on MCQs as you approach the Exam date.

4. Can you crack NEET PG in 3 months?

Answer. When you think you don't have time to prepare, you forget that if you are eligible to take the NEET PG exam, that means you are already familiar with 50% of the syllabus, and, on top of that, you have passed all of the university exams. In just 3 months, it is definitely possible to pass NEET PG.

5. Do questions in NEET PG repeat?

Answer. It is common to repeat questions between NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER.
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