How Job Oriented Courses Can Change Lives?

Having a job during this pandemic is very challenging. In the wake of the pandemic, we are left high and dry. The financial sector is forecasting a crisis with unprecedented financial consequences, including job losses and salary cuts.
How Job Oriented Courses Can Change Lives (1)

How Job Oriented Courses Can Change Lives

Having a job during this pandemic is very challenging. In the wake of the pandemic, we are left high and dry. The financial sector is forecasting a crisis with unprecedented financial consequences, including job losses and salary cuts. It is difficult to find a job in India. Due to an extremely difficult job market in 2020, the current unemployment rate is the highest in just the last 45 years. Research shows that from the last two years, India’s unemployment rate has averaged 9.21 %.

 An accelerated job-oriented training program can provide you with the edge you need. . Students can choose what they want to learn and get the latest skills. Through these courses, you will also gain an insight into the field of study you wish to pursue. 

Here we are going to discuss about some of the best Job Oriented Courses that that present in India today, which are:

  • Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)

 Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a course that is similar to an MBA in that it focuses on postgraduate studies. Students taking this course can learn about several advanced specializations while taking the course through many colleges and institutes.

 The two types of PGDMs that a student can choose are the Human Resources PGDM and the Banking and Finance PGDM. According to the student’s choice, they will learn either HR basics or Banking and Finance advancements. These are both two-year courses.

It is mandatory that the student has completed a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, and they must also pass an entrance test followed by a personal interview session. In order to apply, the students must complete all these steps.

 Students will gain knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields including bankers, HR professionals, and more.

  •  Accounting And Taxation

  Short-term courses are becoming the most popular course today since they are designed to promote students into the more specific realm of business accounting and taxation. In this course, students complete the requirements to become professional accountants.

 This course provides an in-depth look into the intricacies of accounting and taxation in business and helps students to understand the practical applications of the subjects. As a result, they gain a better understanding of their fields and can then apply the same to their careers and enhance their profile ahead. SAP, Quickbooks, Sahaj, and much more can be learned here. Generally, the course lasts three months.

 The course is open to students at any level, including undergraduates, graduates, and others with an interest in taxation and accounting. An individual wishing to advance their career within the taxation field.

  •  Financial Risk Manager

The Financial Risk Manager course is geared towards those with some level of expertise in finance or commerce. This is a popular choice among those with managerial degrees or graduate degrees in the related field. Students can learn about internal controls, risk management, and other aspects of the financial aspects of this course. Compared to full-time degrees, this course is a certificate course that takes much less time.

 This two-level course offers a professional educational experience where you need to complete the first level before you can progress to the second level. Finance students have to learn in-depth about financial risk management and internal controls. There are many opportunities for career advancement with this course.

  Individuals who have a degree in risk management can pursue careers as financial analysts, risk managers, internal auditors, financial risk planners, and many other opportunities.

  •   Digital Marketing

 The face of marketing has changed dramatically with the rapid expansion of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing today is an omnipresent truth that cannot be ignored.

 People who want to edge out their competition in the digital marketing industry should take digital marketing courses. Topics covered include SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing, Branding, and Marketing Analytics. Throughout the course, you will use more than 20 digital marketing tools on fifteen real-life case studies and projects. 

 Digital marketing skills are essential for any company that wants to grow. Any company that needs growth needs a team that specializes in digital marketing.

  •  JAVA

 Java is one of many object-oriented courses you can take. As a result, the person gets a sense of what it would be like to develop a real-world application. In addition, they can use a universal programming language. Small and large computers alike can benefit from its use. A good deal of money can also be earned from this course for those looking for their stock to rise.

 With this course, you will learn an oriented language called Java, which you will then be able to use to build software for real-world use. The course is designed to last on average 3 to 6 months. This course also teaches the programming language that is universally applicable to all computer applications for getting the application and using it.

There are no specific prerequisites for this course; however, if an individual shows some familiarity with C++ language and a bit of computer coding then they can go for this course and acquire the skills quickly.

Java developers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the world, and the knowledge of Java is crucial to obtaining good jobs. In the long run, it will assist you in becoming a successful software field instructor and application developer.

  •  Business Analytics

In the finance world and beyond, you can see that stakes are constantly getting higher every day. This course is extremely important and vital because you must be analytical in order to progress in life. One of the most popular courses of modern times, this course enhances careers.

It is a short-term course that covers all the tricks and trades of business analysis within three to six months. Among the programs taught here are decision tree, clustering, market basket analysis, Salesforce, and many more. All of these contribute to business analysis and improve it.

Students do not have to meet a bunch of eligibility criteria for this course since it is a certificate course. It is suitable for those who are into accounting or finance, so they can further their careers and learn new skills.

This course focuses on a wide range of careers and you will definitely learn a great deal. Information technology, logistics, and a host of other fields can be pursued.

Benefits Of Choosing Job Oriented Courses:

  • Rather than simply providing knowledge, these courses provide one with the relevant skills. These pieces of training fill the knowledge gaps you have and help you stay current. In addition to getting a rewarding job, it helps you build a rewarding and fulfilling career.
  • You can get a competitive edge in the workplace by taking short-term courses to learn new skills. Your competitive, developmental, and learning spirit will be reflected in this. A quality that employers look for in their employees. Any organization benefits from having you as an indispensable resource.
  • It is possible to be interested in something but never gets a chance to pursue it. job oriented courses allow you to explore what interests you and become highly skilled at it. The courses are rich in practical training and projects, which allow you to learn by doing instead of just reading
  • High-paying jobs abound in the market, and you need the right skills to acquire them. Companies are always on the lookout for talented individuals with different technical skills. Their goal is to find skills outside the conventional curriculum. High-paying courses with job prospects can help you reach financial independence fast.
  • You can demonstrate your expertise through multiple projects in career-oriented training courses. Making fast progress is also made possible by the constant support of a mentor. Hands-on training with current technologies is included in these courses. 

 To conclude, after 10+2+3, the best courses to help you get a job are skill-based jobs, which help you meet the skills demand of national, regional, and international companies. Each of these degrees, which belong to different educational domains, can offer the candidates a great chance to succeed in their careers. Putting together your goals and choices can be daunting and tiresome, but it will help you make a better understanding of who you are. From the aforementioned degrees, you should pick the one that is most suitable for your interests and educational qualification

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What job oriented skills are?

Ans. Skills of importance for job-related performance include relationship-building skills, listening, communication, time management, product knowledge, and the ability to demonstrate products and negotiate.

2.  How can I get into job-oriented courses?

Ans. One can apply for the course online if one is eligible. One can pursue these courses after high school. 

3. Which is a short-term job-oriented course after the 12th?

Ans. A diploma in courses like digital marketing, designing, or event management is short-term job-oriented courses a candidate can take up after their 12th.

4. How much money can I expect to earn after I have completed these job-oriented short-term courses?

Ans. You can earn a high salary after completing job-oriented courses that are offered by an institute and company of your choosing. In addition, it is also dependent on the skills used to select the candidates. You can earn a minimum of Rs 40,000 to 3 (LPA).

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